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Bio-weapons Expert: Zika Virus is a Genetically Engineered Disease 


Francis A. Boyle warns that Zika is an example of how the United States uses bio-warfare against vulnerable populations with the complicity of their governments.

As we have been reporting for the past week, the disease known as the Zika virus, which purportedly causes microcephaly in unborn children, continues to gain tones of being a genetically engineered weapon that has been spread via GE mosquitoes.

On Monday, International law professor Francis A. Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, revealed the Zika virus was souped up as a bio-weapon by the United States Federal government and non-government organizations. If Boyle’s suspicion is true, and he has a strong background in bio-weapons to support his views, the current outbreak of the disease would be yet another case of government partnering with non-governmental organizations to produce and spread a disease on vulnerable populations.

Professor Boyle’s statement on the Zika virus is now being reinforced by two separate investigative journalists. One of them is Jerome Corsi, who writes for WND.com. Corsi however, raises another caveat to the Zika virus case as he explains that Zika could be another case of a disease being spread by illegal immigrants that have entered Latin America, the United States and Europe and whose origin is Africa and the Middle East.

In a bulletin published on the website of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, last updated on Jan. 25, 2015, the CDC acknowledges the transmission of the Zika virus in the United States is expected to increase, not only from travelers returning from certain areas of Central and South America – including Brazil, the Caribbean and Mexico – but also through mosquitoes in the country,” writes Corsi.

On Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika outbreak a health emergency due to its link to thousands of birth defects. According to Reuters, “WHO Director-General Margaret Chan told reporters that coordinated international action was needed to improve detection and expedite work on a vaccine and better diagnostics for the disease, but said curbs on travel or trade were not necessary.”

According to professor Boyle, the declaration issued by the WHO is a direct recommendation of the Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States, which he says is an organization with “nefarious intentions”. “We don’t believe anyone should be travelling to Latin America, until we know exactly what is going on here,” said Boyle during an interview on the Alex Jones Show.

Boyle explained that given the fact that Zika can be transmitted via sexual intercourse demonstrates that “we have in our hands another example of bio-warfare.” Another characteristic that points to Zika being a genetically engineered weapon is the fact that it can be transmitted through saliva.

In its official announcement, the WHO stated that “in assessing the level of threat, the 18 experts and advisers looked in particular at the strong association, in time and place, between infection with the Zika virus and a rise in detected cases of congenital malformations and neurological complications.” The head of the WHO admitted indirectly that there is still no scientific connection between the mosquito that supposedly transmits the Zika virus and the thousands of cases of microcephaly, but said that it was not a good idea to wait for that proof to act. ““Can you imagine if we do not do all this work now, and wait until the scientific evidence comes out?” Chan told reporters. “Then people will say that, ‘Why don’t you take action because the mosquito is ubiquitous?”

Last week, the National Institutes of Health warned the Zika had the potential to spread to 60% of the most populated areas of the United States, although it did not explain exactly how that would happen.

Meanwhile professor Boyle reminded the audience that both Harvard and MIT were responsible for the Ebola outbreak that killed thousands of people last year and that in the same way, there are similar organizations involved in the spread of Zika virus. “The United States government has spent $100 billion in researching bio-weapons since 9/11 2001.” remembered Boyle. “It is clear that the United States government is running an offensive biological weapons program,” he stated.

“This is population control and reduction,” said Boyle, when asked about the agenda behind the current Zika outbreak. They are using Ebola and now Zika against mostly black populations, explained Boyle.

The declaration of international emergency by the World Health Organization intends to promote more research into the origin of the Zika virus as well as a potential treatment for the disease in the form of a new vaccine.

In Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff explained that there is no chance to cancel the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro due to the appearance and spread of Zika. “We have to explain to those coming to Brazil, the athletes, that there is zero risk if you are not a pregnant women,” added Jaques Wagner in Brasilia.

According to the WHO, the current “lack of vaccines and reliable diagnostic tests as well as the absence of population immunity in the newly affected countries were factors that contributed to the declaration of emergency.

It is important to remember about the existence of the National Security Memorandum 200, a document produced during the tenure of Henry Kissinger in the Defense Department. The paper states that it is the intention of the United States government to study the impact of population growth up until the year 2000. The goal of the study was to provide ‘solutions’ to any negative effects that population growth may present to American interests.



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