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Who will be the next President of the United States?

large number of candidates play off against one another in the primaries. The media pay attention only to the Democrats and the Republicans, ignoring all the others, given that the system is devised so that they can never win. The US primaries offer a depressing spectacle during which the main candidates do not seem to be aware that their reckless judgements and demagogic declarations will have consequences, both interior ...Read full article...

No More ‘Miraculous’ Obama

The Holy President highlights his petty list of achievement that is way short than the one he filled with empty promises four years ago. The American dream has gone from owning a home to renting By Erica Werner Associated Press February 21, 2012 This time around, President Barack Obama’s message can sound decidedly down-to-earth. Four years after winning the White House, Obama is dealing with a different economic and ...Read full article...

What’s the US like today? More taxes, more Unemployment, more Homeless, more Alcohol Sales

by Luis R. Miranda The Real Agenda February 1, 2012 Often times, people want to know what exactly is the United States like. Most people have the wrong idea as it turns out. In many countries, where people believe that having it all is what life is all about, they still see the US as the bright house on the hill. “It is very different from when I used ...Read full article...
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