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bailout money

Does Germany Intend to Leave the Eurozone?

The Economic Collapse March 12, 2012 For a long time, most analysts have believed that if someone was going to leave the euro, it would be a weak nation such as Greece or Portugal.  But the truth is that financially troubled nations such as Greece and Portugal don’t want to leave the euro.  The leaders of those nations understand that if they leave the euro their economies will totally ...Read full article...

U.S. Supreme Court: Bailout Records Must Be Released

Reuters March 21, 2011 The Supreme Court let stand a ruling that the U.S. Federal Reserve must disclose details about its emergency lending programs to banks during the financial crisis in 2008. A group representing major commercial banks had asked the high court to reverse a ruling by a federal appeals court that required disclosure of the lending records. The justices rejected the banks’ appeals. The Obama administration said ...Read full article...