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Monsanto, Dow and Biotech Firms Unite to Launch Disinformation Site

If you had a question about how to protect yourself from a criminal known to break into houses in your neighborhood, would you ask him how to protect your home and then take his suggestions, or would you be suspicious he might be answering them in a way that would make your home even easier to encroach? If you had a question about the honesty and integrity of a ...Read full article...

‘What are the bees telling us?’

Rady Ananda Activist Post April 11, 2011 While industries continue to pollute the planet with their toxic chemicals, toxic waste and toxic spills, Earth’s pollinators sing a swan song that leaves no doubt as to the folly of modern civilization.  Our ability to hear and appropriately respond to the crisis of declining pollinators will determine humanity’s survival. “In 1923, Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist, philosopher and social innovator, predicted ...Read full article...