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Bt cotton

Genetically modified (GM) foods are inherently unsafe

By Jeffrey M. Smith Institute for Responsible Technology January 3, 2014 Genetically modified (GM) foods are inherently unsafe, and current safety assessments are not competent to protect us from or even identify most dangers. Overwhelming evidence to support this conclusion is now compiled in the book Genetic Roulette: The documented health risks of genetically engineered foods, which presents an abundance of adverse findings and theoretical risks associated with GM ...Read full article...

GM Crops May Spell Death to Bio-Diversity

by Wan A.Hulaimi NewStraitsTimes October 3, 2011 If you wake up in the morning to find that your brinjals are no longer yours, what would you do?Take a case in point. Prabeer Kumar, a farmer in Karnataka, India, suddenly discovered that he had no seeds to sow and for his next crop he had to buy from a giant multinational. Farmer Kumar doesn’t exist — I have just made him ...Read full article...