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cancer treatment

The Causes of Cancer are well-known and so are the Cures

by Luis R. Miranda The Real Agenda February 7, 2012 It is not uncommon to see essays from so called cancer experts or doctors who privately or through foundations promote the old know-how when talking about cancer, cancer prevention and treatment. But articles that talk about cancer rates and the best methods to prevent and treat this disease are usually filled with half truths and often with plain bold ...Read full article...

Mammograms: The Tool of Choice to Recruit New Cancer Patients

NaturalNews.com October 18, 2011 According to mainstream medicine, mammograms are the key to surviving breast cancer because they supposedly catch the disease early for quick treatment. What this advice invariably leaves out is evidence that exposure to the radiation used in the tests may actually cause breast cancer in some women. For example, a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) concluded ...Read full article...