|Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Google secrecy

Google Warning Users against State-sponsored Cyber attacks

This move by the technology giant shouldn’t be understood as an attempt to keep user information safe. Google, a government-sponsored data mining operation is perhaps the largest violator of privacy on the Internet. By JOHN ROGIN | FOREIGN POLICY | JUNE 6, 2012 A senior Senate aide confirmed that this evening he received a warning on his Gmail account that Google suspected he had been the target of a state-sponsored cyber attack. ...Read full article...

Google’s Unlimited Secrecy and Unaccountability Grow Unchecked

Fascism occurs when a society loses control of Government and Corporations are not accountable for their actions. By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | MAY 24, 2012 Someone once said there would come a time when people would be made to enjoy a state of affairs they would not normally enjoy, a time when people would beg for it and then a time when they would kneel down ...Read full article...