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Gulf Rescue Alliance

BP Gulf Oil Spill Revisited

Corexit Plus Oil Is A Continuing Threat, Says Gulf Rescue Alliance. GULF RESCUE ALLIANCE | APRIL 20, 2012 Sunday, April 22nd is not only Earth Day, it also marks the 2nd anniversary of the unprecedented Macondo Prospect oil gusher into the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) which began the infamous BP Gulf Oil Spill – a triggered geological anomaly separate from the Deepwater Horizon disaster on 20 April 2010. The Gulf Rescue ...Read full article...

Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons

Oil and gas are still seeping unabated, says expert. Toxic leakage poses significant public health risks. by Luis R. Miranda The Real Agenda October 10, 2011 The Gulf of Mexico disaster has not gone away. In fact, it has grown exponentially since the main stream media stopped talking about it. According to the Gulf Rescue Alliance, an organization composed of scientists, medical professionals and seafood industry professionals, among others, ...Read full article...

The BP Oil Spill Conspiracy Continues in the Gulf of Mexico

by Luis R. Miranda The Real Agenda July 10, 2011 There is not a big scandal that lasts more than a few weeks on the main stream media’s scope of attention. In the case of the BP oil catastrophe, it is incredible that after the size of the deadly disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, neither the main stream media nor the alternative news media followed up on what ...Read full article...
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