|Monday, July 25, 2016
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NYC: The most Surveilled City in the World!

Excuse? Testing New Technology Aimed At Reducing Traffic Congestion CBS July 18, 2011 What if you could fix a traffic jam with a push of a button? It might be just wishful thinking or it could become reality under a new high-tech traffic monitoring system unveiled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg — optimistically called “Midtown in Motion.” Traffic engineers in the city’s new high-tech Traffic Management Center don’t look like wizards, ...Read full article...

The New Prison Industrial-Complex

The use of non-original content in this site is protected by the Fair Use Clause created in 1976, which allows for the reproduction of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education. Global Research There is a new technological trend in the United States that promises to use advances in Internet, GPS, and chemical detection technology to manage states’ surging prison and parolee populations. Several states, particularly ...Read full article...

‘Smart dust’ aims to monitor everything. No Joke.

CNN In the 1990s, a researcher named Kris Pister dreamed up a wild future in which people would sprinkle the Earth with countless tiny sensors, no larger than grains of rice. These “smart dust” particles, as he called them, would monitor everything, acting like electronic nerve endings for the planet. Fitted with computing power, sensing equipment, wireless radios and long battery life, the smart dust would make observations and ...Read full article...
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