|Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Bolivia’s Resources up to the Highest Bidder?

UPI | MAY 4, 2012 As confusing signals go, Bolivia achieved a double whammy by seizing a  Spanish power generation company hours before welcoming Spanish energy giant  Repsol into the country. Bolivian President Evo  Morales went to some length to indicate that his order to the military to  take over the Red Electrica de Espana’s local operations wasn’t to be compared  with Argentine appropriation of YPF Repsol’s energy assets in that country. He was ...Read full article...

Spain readies ‘nationalization’ of Cajas

The Spanish government is preparing a plan to outsource the control of the people’s banks by demanding larger reserves in a short period of time.  The result?  Banks will probably not make it and the government will ask foreign investors to take control of the Cajas. AFP March 6, 2011 Spain’s ailing regional savings banks are scrambling to raise billions of euros of fresh funds to meet strict new ...Read full article...