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scare tactics

Governments tighten rules on Vaccine exemptions

“Against the body of a healthy man, Parliament has no right of assault whatever, under pretence of the public health.” – Professor F.W. Newman of Oxford. “Vaccination is a delusion, its penal enforcement a crime!” – Professor Alfred Russel Wallace in “The Wonderful Century” By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | OCTOBER 9, 2012 Despite the fact that vaccines are only supported by unscientific pseudoscience, governments around the ...Read full article...

Fake terror plots and paid informants: Welcome to the FBI

FBI targeting vulnerable people by luring them into fake terror plots. by Paul Harris Guardian.co.uk November 18, 2011 David Williams did not have an easy life. He moved to Newburgh, a gritty, impoverished town on the banks of the Hudson an hour or so north of New York, at just 10 years old. For a young, black American boy with a father in jail, trouble was everywhere. Williams also ...Read full article...

U.S. looking for alliance with Radical Islam

Russia Today May 19, 2011 The assassination of Osama Bin Laden, whether true or staged, is part of the US big plan to turn radical Islam from its greatest enemy to a close ally and tool, believes General Vladimir Ovchinsky, former head of Interpol’s Russian bureau. ­The general, who has dealt with the fight against terrorism for many years, spoke to the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda about the high-profile ...Read full article...
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