|Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Unconstitutional Senate Intelligence Authorization Act

Freedom in America is being systematically destroyed one police state law at a time – with most people ignorant and/or indifferent about what happening. Washington’s criminal class is bipartisan – in lockstep against government representing everyone equitably and fairly, serving privileged interests only. S. Res. 1705: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 compromises free expression and privacy rights already gravely eroded. If enacted, Section 603 will require online ...Read full article...

Vasculitis and Vaccines: A Parent’s Primer

By NORMA ERICKSON | SANEVAX | OCTOBER 15, 2012 What is vasculitis? Vasculitis is considered a rare group of disorders caused by inflammation of blood vessels. It is a condition which is easy to miss, or misdiagnose, because inflammation of blood vessels is capable of causing a wide range of symptoms which can be vague, generalized and/or non-specific depending upon whether veins or arteries are affected, where these blood vessels are located, how wide-spread ...Read full article...