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weather manipulation

U.S. Government ordered DHS to work on Manipulating Hurricanes

By MELISSA MELTON | INFOWARS | OCTOBER 31, 2012 While the debate rages regarding whether or not the U.S. government uses weather manipulation technology to steer storms like Hurricane Sandy, further evidence shows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been engaged in research to do just that for years. In 2008, an article in New Scientist discussed a new DHS project that funded research into guiding and directing ...Read full article...

Government Study: Geoengineering Too Dangerous

The potential negative consequences of geoengineering are still too unclear. Geoengineering has been used for decades in forms known by the public as chemtrails, electromagnetic waves and laser beams. by Luis R. Miranda The Real Agenda September 7, 2011 Geoengineering is in essence the artificial and deliberate manipulation of the weather by applying existent technologies to change weather and weather patterns over an area of planet Earth. The use ...Read full article...

How Humans Manipulate the Planet For The Sake of Anything

Corporations have been engineering the Earth’s weather with remote-controlled clouds, artificial snow, and trained monkeys — without regards for human health. PopSci April 22, 2011 It only takes one rained-out Little League game to make a sports lover resent Mother Nature. Now some of today’s scientists and other bigwigs have taken it upon themselves to say: “no more.” Not content to stand idly by and let something as mundane ...Read full article...
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