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Investigators find more abnormalities in BP’s account of Oil Spill Disaster

Transocean’s Offshore installation Manager (OIM) on DWH said bypass well was not a sidetrack So when is a “bypass” not a bypass from the same well but from another well location? That should have been the question to ask Transocean’s OIM (Jimmy Harrel) on the Deepwater Horizon, during his 27 May 2010 testimony in the USCG-MMS investigation hearing. Jim Harrel was clearly taken aback when asked to elaborate on ...Read full article...

BP Oil Spill Disaster: The Growing Emergency, the Unpunished Crime

Two years and many millions of gallons of oil later — and still counting –, the Gulf is in worse condition than it was weeks after the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded on April 20, 2012. By LUIS R. MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | APRIL 20, 2012 The worst man-made disaster in the history of modern society is still ongoing, and the criminals responsible for it continue to be ...Read full article...

Why did the BP Oil Spill Event have to Happen?

by BK Lim The Real Agenda March 11, 2012 This the 3rd part of the series BP’s Deception in the Gulf. Without deception, there will be no planned disaster. Deception works best with a pinch willful blindness and ignorance. Educate yourself, trust no one. Dedicated to all victims of planned disasters …911, 311, 2004 Tsunami, 772005 London Bombings, BP’s Gulf mega oil spill and many others. Did USCG D8 ...Read full article...
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