The European Union (EU) is weighing new sanctions against Russia for its supposed responsibility” in the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine, said Tuesday the Heads of State and Government of the 28 in a joint statement .“In view of the worsening situation, we ask the next Council of Foreign Affairs to assess the situation and consider appropriate measures, in particular on new restrictive measures for the rapid and full implementation of the agreements of Minsk” say the European leaders. The foreign ministers are due to meet next Thursday.
“We are ready to take additional measures if necessary,” they added.If implemented, it would be the eighth round of sanctions imposed by the group of 28 against Russia for what the Europeans say is Russia’s complicity in the war, although they have failed to show any proof of that.The Ukrainian Government today regretted the death of nine soldiers during the fierce fighting with what the mainstream media calls “pro-Russian militias” in the past 24 hours.The death toll in the conflict in eastern Ukraine exceeds 5,000, according to the UN, before the fighting started last week.

The attack that killed at least 13 people and wounded dozens in the city of Donetsk on Thursday morning has increased tension in eastern Ukraine and tarnishes the prospects of cooling the conflict between the central government and separatists in the eastern Republic of Donetsk.

Moscow and Kiev are accusing each other of responsibility for the terrorist act, in which artillery blew up a bus in plain daylight. After that attack, the separatists rejected any kind of dialog with Kiev, as they assure the media that it was the Ukrainian army the one responsible for the attack.

In Kiev, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, has condemned the terrorist act, which he described as a “tragedy” and “shared misfortune”.

“With these terrorist attacks we have had peaceful citizens perish. Russia must stop the terrorists,” said the minister in his Twitter.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has denied having anything to do with the attack, while the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, once again blamed Russia for the bombing.

In Moscow, the Research Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal investigation into the incident, in which it considers that “soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and the National Guard of Ukraine” are allegedly responsible for the attack on the bus.

The Foreign Ministry of Russia, Sergey Lavrov described the event as “crime against humanity” designed to undermine the efforts for a peaceful resolution” to the conflict.

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