It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”  – Mark Twain

It is common knowledge that since the beginning of the last century, members of the global elite met and planned to exterminate the majority of humans on the planet. The reason for them to plan for such extermination is still being debated as it is also being debated whether they had the moral or political power to do it or not.

Among people who are aware about the depopulation plans there are those who say that globalists planned to exterminate most of us in order to achieve complete power, concentration of wealth and resources and that humans have been used throughout history as mere expendable resources that can now be disposed of.

Meanwhile, others insist that the global elite met in secret and planned to depopulate the planet because they foresaw that uncontrolled growth of the human population along with the reality of limited resources and limited space to expand, would cause unimaginable societal fracturing.

When asked about the global depopulation plans, most people are clueless about the systematic culling being executed through the use of chemicals in food, vaccines, genetically modified organisms, and chemical spraying.

According to researchers, some 2 billion people have been prevented from existing as a result of the extermination plans. These extermination plans are complemented with the illegal confiscation and centralized accumulation of wealth and resources that some believe will end up facilitating the equal redistribution once the global elite fully establish their one world government.

But not everyone believes that such a fair redistribution will happen. Instead, they suspect that such concentration is meant to aid the extermination process which intends to avoid the social and technological development of third world nations while destroying the traditional lifestyle in modern western societies.

“We are paying for the sins of our fathers so that our children will not have to pay at even greater cost to their well-being than we are currently suffering because we chose to postpone the inevitable,” says researcher and writer, Kevin Galalae, who in just a few years has become the main voice on the issue of global depopulation.

Mr. Galalae, who has spend quite some time studying and writing about the depopulation plans, believes that after the end of the Second World War, the elite saw in depopulation the only solution left to the imminent collapse of human civilization and that the current mass extermination coupled with the equally massive confiscation of wealth, power and resources, are the only tool available to keep humanity sane and in balance with the environment.

“This giant redistribution of wealth can only be effectuated unless capital is concentrated in a few hands. A billion dollars in the hands of a single individual or corporation can be used to build vital infrastructure and factories where they are most needed.”

He argues that had nation-states been asked to surrender part of their wealth in an effort to combat poverty and misery elsewhere, most countries would have said no, just like sovereign nations would have refused to collaborate with the depopulation effort. “The same billion dollars distributed among the citizens of a country would be used for personal use and mostly locally and would therefore remain in the country rather than be invested abroad. Those billion dollars, in other words, could neither be transferred from the Rich to the Poor world nor used to promote development in the underdeveloped world while arresting wealth creation in the developed world.”

When I questioned Mr. Galalae about the validity of his argument, since a lot of wealth is already accumulated in the hands of a few and almost no positive results are visible as a consequence of such accumulation, he said that the fact that 85 people worldwide hold as much wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion people, will facilitate the distribution of that wealth in the future, once the globalist elite have fully taken power over every nation on the planet.

“Furthermore, for this giant transfer of wealth to take place it cannot be nations that control this wealth but individuals because the leaders of nation states would be bound by their office to use that wealth for their citizens and for their citizens only. Corporations, however, are transnational entities and therefore already subsumed in the global order and free of national encumbrances.”

During a recent radio interview, Mr. Galalae explained that “corporations and the billionaires who control them are not constrained by national interests and can move their enormous personal and corporate wealth to where it is needed most so that a homogenization of wealth and eventually monetary convergence can take place and the world economy can then operate like a village market.”

In previous interviews with The Real Agenda News, he argued that the world need to get rid of borders, trade barriers, tariffs, border controls, and national bureaucracies that are nothing more than wasteful obstacles to the improvement of humanity with no benefit to anyone.

The Real Agenda News: This kind of redistribution sounds like the one I’ve always been suspicious of. That is, the richest get richer and the poor poorer while the elite justify their actions with the excuse that it is for our own good and that they will redistribute the wealth once they have accumulated it on their own banks.

Kevin Galalae: The rich will get richer for the foreseeable future and until national protections are destroyed and all nation states are subsumed in the global economy. Money is used to do what armies tried to but could not do in past centuries, namely unite people and nations and therefore the globe. This unification is being accomplished by monetary coercion, by the power of money and not the brute force of armies. When the economy is fully integrated and national interests have been displaced by global interests, then humanity can pursue common goals because narrow national interests will no longer stand in the way.

The question, of course, is whether humanity can entrust its future in the hands of the very same people who have extinguished the lives of 2 billion people since the mid 1940s and who, without any consent whatsoever, are now using every tool in their power to reduce fertility, inflict disease and ruthlessly use war to carry out their plan to depopulate the Earth.

Another pertinent question is how exactly did the elite work their way across the globe to impose their depopulation plans? The answer is that the master plan engineered by the elite was managed from outside nation-states, through the action of external forces known as the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, and so on. These supranational structures were in charge of taking control of local bureaucracies and making sure that even the smallest country in the world was on board.

“The reason a few individuals have been able to accumulate such vast wealth is because policy makers have enabled them to do so in order to accomplish global objectives that require massive accumulation of wealth, the freedom of capital to go beyond national borders to where it is needed most, and the freedom to act contrary to national interests so as to advance global interests,” says Galalae.

In fact, policy makers were instrumental in the achievement of depopulation goals. They were in charge of promoting fake social movements that ensured the destruction of the traditional family and the significant reduction in human reproductive capacity through the approval and implementation of birth control policies and programs, co-opting so-called women’s rights movements and minority groups, among others.

But according to Galalae, not even the worst measures thought of by the elite have been able to keep up with population growth and he believes that contrary to some information that has been circulated in the media, population growth will not peak at 9 billion in 2040.

That is why is no surprise that the globalist elite have resorted to even more devastating practices, such as flying planes full with chemicals and spraying them all over the planet.

The program that is explained publicly as an effort to reduce global warming is not only increasing planetary warming, but is also poisoning soils, forests and consequently humans.

Mr. Galalae believes that the day is coming when a new step will have to be taken in order to further curb human population growth. That step may be or may include the release of a pathogen that ensures the massive annihilation of millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide.

Galalae insists in saying that without the depopulation policies already implemented by the elite, our planet and our society would have been further along the destruction path.

Although Mr. Galalae does not agree with the methods and practices being used to kill hundreds of millions of people, he does believe that the future of humanity depends on the success of curbing human population growth. That’s why we are all being exterminated. “For our own good.” says Galalae.

Listen to Kevin Galalae’s recent radio interview below:

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