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The use of non-original content in this site is protected by the Fair Use Clause created in 1976, which allows for the reproduction of copyrighted materials for the purposes of informing, commentary, debate, criticism and education.

The Real Agenda DOES NOT get compensated in any way, shape or form for the content posted on the website. Should the website run ads in the future, those will be expressly identified as a product we endorse.

Notices of alleged infringement can be sent to The Real Agenda via our contact page.

Use of Original Content

The Real Agenda encourages the sharing of its original content as long as our articles are credited back to our website. Alternatively, readers can spread the word through the use of the social network tools provided at the bottom of every article.

Please DON’T copy articles from The Real Agenda and redistribute by email or post to the web, unless you receive proper written permission to do so or credit our news website with the information. If permission is granted, you must publish the article EXACTLY as it appears on The Real Agenda.

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Uso de Contenido Original

The Real Agenda fomenta el intercambio de su contenido original, siempre y cuando los artículos se acrediten de nuevo a nuestro sitio web. Alternativamente, los lectores pueden correr la voz a través del uso de las herramientas de redes sociales que se prestan en la parte inferior de cada artículo o pueden pedir permiso por escrito para reproducir el contenido.

Por favor NO copie artículos de The Real Agenda para redistribuir por correo electrónico o la web, a menos que reciba la debida autorización por escrito para hacerlo o a menos que se incluya el crédito a nuestro sitio web. Si se otorga el permiso, el contenido debe ser publicado tal y como aparece en The Real Agenda.

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