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Anthony Scaramucci spills the beans on White House Coup d’Etat 

Coup d'Etat

WASHINGTON – No US president in recent history has been elected without the help of the military-industrial-banking-political complex and all US presidents have been under the control of the same forces since at least 1910. Since the bankers took power over America, a continuous Coup d’Etat has been ongoing over the nation.

The last president to defy the establishment was perhaps John F. Kennedy, and he did not live long enough to tell his grandchildren how he overcame business as usual.

The last president to defy the establishment was perhaps John F. Kennedy, and he did not live long enough to tell his grandchildren how he overcame business as usual.

Donald J. Trump is the first president since JFK who challenges the Establishment. He has done so smartly, slowly and he is being successful at it. That is why global mainstream media that print propaganda in all languages, well-known think tanks and a whole array of international personalities insist in criticizing his work childishly.

“The president does not represent the Establishment, so for whatever reason, the decision has been made that they want to expel him,” says Anthony Scaramucci, short-lived communications director at the White House.

Scaramucci has hinted in an ABC interview that a plot to topple the president is underway. He claims that there are people who work against Trump and for their own interests.

According to Scaramucci, the political class does not see with good eyes that people from the financial world arrived at the presidency of the United States.

“They do not like it,” he says. Therefore, they maneuver so that Trump leaves has to leave his position.

Scaramucci, who had a brief stint in the Trump administration, was fired ten days after his appointment for charging against White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, whom he referred to as “schizophrenic paranoid.”

“I think there are elements in Washington, even within the White House, that are not necessarily responding to the president’s interests or his agenda,” he said.

Then, Scaramucci continued: “The president knows who are the ones who filter information and decisions” and those who are undermining his agenda for their own interests,” he said.

Scaramucci avoided giving names, but says that progress is being made to replace them.

He was clearer when recommending to Trump to move away from Steve Bannon, a person who directly advises him and who Scaramucci believes is a negative influence.

According to him, Trump “must move more towards where the moderates and the independents are” so that a wider range of the political rainbow does not oppose him so much, supports his policies and can complete a mandate in which he advances his promises, he said.

Scaramucci adds that Trump should attempt to gain trust from the same political Establishment that now wants him out of the Oval Office.

Regarding the president’s response to the Charlottesville incidents, in the clash between white supremacists and progressives, he believes he should have been tougher.

He asked Trump to call what happened in Charlottesville by the right name, “terrorism.”

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