Earth is purposely being devoid of life by psychopathic control freaks who are not only destroying the human race, but also the planet that houses us all. The people responsible for the current destruction of life on Earth are a group of Anglo-Saxon distorted men and women led by the British monarchy and aristocracy. The Anglo-Saxon leadership sees humans as a threat to their plans and that is why humanity is now more than ever a victim of the militarization and surveillance system which has been in place for decades.

Over the last year, The Real Agenda News, in partnership with writer and researcher, Kevin M. Galalae, published a series of articles that explained how humanity has been a victim of the Anglo-Saxon cabal’s desire to liberate themselves from us, the useless eaters. His articles also showed how humanity, a victim of its own ignorance and of the brainwashing programs instituted by the Elite, needs to choose between existence or extinction. Mr. Galalae presents his articles in a different light from which this publication analyses them. He says his research leads him to believe that the current global depopulation policy was enacted after WWII to save humanity from extinction, a threat posed by the extremely high birth rate the planet experienced for the last century. We, at the Real Agenda News suspect that the plan to depopulate the planet to as few as 500,000 people is an attempt by the Elite to gain more control, power and resources for themselves, while the useless eaters who they keep alive will have to live in slums forever. Either way, the common denominator is the same: The human race is being decimated to the point of genetic extinction.

You can download the complete article series Survival or Extinction from The Real Agenda News for free.

The Survival or Extinction article series presents an in-depth look at the history of the Global Depopulation Policy, its causes and consequences as well as what humans must do to change the dire results that such policy has brought on humankind. In the following paragraphs we give you a taste of what Survival or Extinction offers readers hoping it can be a platform to act against the genocidal depopulation policy and to take responsibility for their present and future.

Seventy years of Depopulation

Different from what the Anglo-Saxon psychopathic controllers have done – depopulate the planet via stealthy chemical and biological means – humanity still has a chance to decide its own future. However, if humans want that future to be promising, we must start acting now. As large industries decimate the planet to extract every single grain of resources, and in the process help accelerate the destruction of plant, animal other species, the decision to stop such destruction still remains in our hands.

Only one thing can save the human lineage from certain death, your rise from ignorance and apathy, along with the rise of millions like you, now and worldwide. Short of such global awakening only two outcomes are possible: either we will all die of hunger and misery, or we will all be killed by a select few,” the few that right now control the destiny of humanity.

Rising up from ignorance and taking destiny in your own hands “is your ticket to salvation, but it comes with a hook.  It will be useless if you fail to share the classified knowledge. To save yourself and your family depends on how fast and how many of us rise as one to force our governments and the United Nations to abandon their eugenic and genocidal policies.  It depends, in other words, on people power supplanting the power of the elites, which will only happen if our plan to save the world from self-destruction is better than theirs and if you learn and disseminate it with the desperate urgency that is required at this eleventh hour.”

When deciding what to do about it, keep in mind that the members of the Elite are “Killing Us Softly“. You will need to learn everything you can about  the Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy and then decide what your are going to do about it. Learning about the threat your are exposed and later figuring out the solution, all by yourself, will lead you in a journey to to take part in a global revolution through real evolution towards the next stage of human existence.

Follow the Money

Monetary coercion has replaced military force as the means by which to move the world towards global unity and maintain international peace.  This shift from military to monetary coercion took place at the end of World War II and is the result of the Bretton Woods system, more specifically the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Monetary coercion has three distinct advantages over military force: first, it does not destroy the physical infrastructure; second, it is an abstraction that makes it impossible for individuals and nations to take out their anger in the same way one could at an invading army; and third, it forces everyone to play by the same rules while channeling human effort and resources towards constructive rather than destructive ends.

In a world ruled by monetary coercion, by the neutrality of money, there are no rulers and ruled, invaders and invaded, but only partners in trade and industrial competitors.   While not without victims and losers, monetary coercion is a far more elegant and a far less painful way to forge consensus and force cooperation than military force ever was or ever could be.  And since people and nations could never agree on anything, some form of coercion will always be necessary to maintain peace and stability in a world divided by cultural, political, ideological, religious and ethnic differences; until such time as these differences are swallowed up by a common global culture and a global central government.

After two world wars and countless previous attempts to bring the world under central control through military might, the earliest being Alexander the Great’s 4th century B.C. dream to unify the “ends of the world”, statesmen agreed in 1944, at the Bretton Woods Conference, to try a different method and settled on the obvious alternative, monetary coercion.

Immediately after, exchange rates around the world were pegged against the US dollar, which became the de facto world currency and has been used as such ever since, becoming not only the primary currency for international financial transactions but also the world’s principal reserve currency.   To engage in international trade, which is the fastest way to wealth and the only way to access needed natural resources, a country needs to buy dollars and operate through and according to the rules of a centrally-controlled financial system from which a nation could easily be excluded and thus isolated and impoverished.

Once the international architecture for monetary control was put in place the next step was to concentrate wealth into fewer hands so it could be used to pursue social engineering goals on a global scale.  Global objectives require far greater amounts of money than national goals.  People follow the money; therefore, a few people of great wealth could control the direction of society and indeed the world while the political establishments of nation states, beholden to financial interests, could pay lip service to democracy at the national level while at the international level capital could be used to forge ahead a global market, which would in time necessitate global governance.

Deregulation and economic liberalization ensured the formation of ever greater corporate and transnational entities and with them the greatest concentrations of wealth in history.  Liberalization of trade made possible direct foreign investment and thus the transfer of capital and of manufacturing facilities from the developed to the developing world.

These measures shifted economic control from the national to the international arena and weakened the independence of nation states while at the same time strengthening economic interdependence between nation states.   With this interdependence has emerged a sense of common destiny from the pain of political irrelevance for nations and economic upheaval for individuals.

The entire world is now tied at the hip economically and these shared interests make conflict undesirable which strengthens international peace and cooperation, as no one wants to see their own prosperity threatened.  What could not be accomplished through military and political means, namely a sense of common interest, has been accomplished through economic means.  We are all in the same boat now.

The Rise of Greed as a tool of Control

The administrative and political class has no choice but to work with people as they are. This requires that they harness not only good people and their virtues and strengths but also bad people and their vices and weaknesses to good ends. Banks and the stock markets are the perfect embodiment of this principle, greed being the driving force behind any form of investment. Greed harnessed to economic objectives becomes the profit motive, the foundation of capitalist societies. Profit begets investment and investment begets prosperity. But this philosophy has acquired a life of its own once the Global Depopulation Policy dictated that man must stop man and that in order to do so the creative energy of society must be turned against people’s well-being.

To turn society upside down, so that the fruits of our collective labors are used against us, not for us, requires the establishment of power to excite and promote man’s ugliest traits and, at the same time, to discourage and make it impossible for our good traits to come to the fore. That is to say, they reward the bad and punish the good while at the same time instituting laws and policies designed to subvert social and individual well-being.

As a result, only those among us capable of divorcing themselves from their consciences can thrive in the New World Order environment, which has been engineered to reward primarily the negative traits of man. That is how our societies have come to be dominated by assholes, and how the assholes at the top of the food chain are being supported and assisted by a middle class that is entirely disconnected from the ability to think independently and act in accordance to their consciences; both independent thinking and conscious actions being lethal to social and especially economic success in modern societies.

Behind the veneer of respectability and politeness, hides a society that is fueled mostly by negative traits and whose purported values and norms, from democracy to freedom, are merely pretense. And since monetary coercion is the primary element of control, the puppet strings that keep us dancing to the evil tune of corporate capitalism and pretense democracy converge at the top of the financial institutions that govern the economy.

The people have intuitively put their finger on this source of evil, which is why terms such as ‘banksters’ have become a part of our daily vocabulary. The people, however, have yet to uncover why and how this evil was born and how and why the establishment of power continues to justify and support an evil system. The people have failed to understand that this engineered and controlled evil has a benevolent objective, namely defusing the population bomb so as to prevent a third world war over scarce resources. Those at the apex of the international world order, therefore, far from being bent on destruction are using good and evil to force the world to come together, coexist peacefully and use the existing resources to best ends.

One way in which they have used our negative traits to achieve positive outcomes is seen in the method they used to transfer capital from the developed to the developing world.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. The same principle applies to the efforts to bring development to the underdeveloped world. That is to say, give the developing world the tools and know-how necessary to be independent and they will achieve the same standard of living as in the West. This, however, has required that capital and production facilities are transferred to the developing world over the objections of the developed world due to job loss and lost future opportunities. And what better way to transfer capital and production facilities than by dangling the enticement of greater profit in front of those with money to invest.

Few would and have given freely to help the poor in the developed world and bring them up to our standard of living. That is why charities struggle. But everyone wants to get rich. That is why stock markets and mutual funds are bursting at the seams with money and have been since investment was liberalized in the 1980s and common people were given the promise of riches if they invested their savings in stocks and mutual funds rather than keep that money in their savings accounts. Charity no, profit yes. But of course the promise of riches was just that a promise never to be fulfilled for the vast majority, which is why, with the exception of the people employed in the industry and those already rich, hardly anyone has made money in the stock market and many fortunes as well as people’s modest savings have in fact been lost.

At best, the dividends and capital gains paid out by mutual funds have been modest, as has been capital appreciation, albeit with a few notable exceptions. The goal of transferring the savings of the developed world to the developing world, however, was achieved and continues to proceed beautifully, as it must if we are to close the gap between the West and the Rest. What could not be achieved by encouraging people’s generosity has been achieved by encouraging people’s greed. The illusion of prosperity works far better to transfer wealth to the developing world than the goodwill of charity.

Globalization and Depopulation in High Gear

Despite the arrival of globalization, the members of the Elite have not been able to exercise their plans fast enough. That is why the depopulation effort has kicked into high gear. Humans have been prevented from being born as well as from living as long as they could. This trimming is particularly strong in the developing world where 90% of global population growth over the past half century has occurred. This means that now, unlike in the past, it is not only our prosperity but our very survival that depends on our ability to stop the population explosion. But such effort does not mean humans need to be continuously murdered by chemical, biological or military means.

In fact, humanity can and must cooperate to achieve global stabilization. But stabilizing humanity and its coexistence with the rest of the planet requires tolerance; that we accept taking from the mouths of our children to share with total strangers at the other end of the globe, which demands selflessness. This will help avoid having the scenario we now live in; which includes poisoning ourselves to infertility and in the process sickening our children and lowering the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity. This scenario includes practices such as infanticide; and that we artificially shorten the lifespan of our elders because we cannot afford to keep them alive and idle for decades.

Our leaders believe we cannot handle the truth and that if told we would panic and fall off the rope.  They believe we lack the courage to keep in our heads, the strength to make sacrifices, and the intelligence to comprehend why it is necessary.   They believe we are incapable of holding on to one another and staying on the rope if we are allowed to gaze into the abyss.  They believe we are bigots and that we will push each other into the abyss in the false belief that we can save ourselves at the cost of others.  They believe we are cowards and lack what it takes to walk on the edge of darkness.  But are we weak, bigoted, greedy cowards?

It is in our hands to prove them wrong. Individual humans are too great to let their destiny being determined by a group of psychopathic loons, who have not given humanity a chance to determine their own future. Humans are not a herd of animals and cannot be treated as such.  Humans are higher beings and are ready to act as such.  If only given the chance. A way to start thinking about how to solve the current dilemma is the Our Mind Principles, a series of solutions that could serve as a guide to change the way humans live today. You can start there if you do not know where to start.

The Disposable Society

The greatest economic and social problem of our time is unemployment and governments are at a loss how to solve it.  In order to solve it, however, one must be able to find its source and then have the courage to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of the solution, regardless who gets offended and why.

The problem of providing employment for everyone is not only extraordinarily complex it is also terribly painful because it requires a complete restructuring of society that cannot be accomplished without our willingness to abandon old ideologies, which ultimately demands that we are kinder and smarter human beings and that we are willing to go through a tough transition.  Without such wisdom and willingness to abandon old notions and embrace new realities, unemployment will lead to economic collapse and ultimately to universal conflict.  Since this time the collapse and ensuing conflict will be global, there will be no outsiders to come to the rescue, no Marshall Plan, and no untapped resources to reach for.

Let me start by describing the extent of the problem.  Strike the official unemployment figures out of your head because they are complete fiction.  As a rule of thumb double the numbers of unemployed the governments declare if you want to be anywhere close to the truth.

To simplify, true unemployment in the developed world stands at around 25% and underemployment/underpayment at an additional 25%.  Therefore, for all intents and purposes, some 50% of the population of developed countries are excluded or partially excluded from the ability to earn sufficient money to be independent and to sustain a family.  Some countries (as in Western Europe) mitigate for this exclusion by providing strong social security nets, while others (as in North America) rely on the informal economy of which crime is a vital component.

This is a particularly dangerous situation since the economies of the developed world are fully monetized and the population is highly urbanized, which means that almost none of these excluded and partially excluded people have the ability to practice subsistence farming and thus produce their own food and then use that food to barter, as is the case in the developing world.  Consequently, unemployment in the developed world means desperation and alienation, but not starvation.  The social systems are still sufficiently strong to keep starvation at bay, though not necessarily hunger and malnutrition, and certainly not social decay, malcontent and stratification.

As the numbers of unemployed grow and the social safety nets fail, desperation will turn into violence.  Policymakers realize this danger and keep pushing the public debt ceiling ever higher to be able to keep people sufficiently fed in order to prevent social unrest and collapse.  That is why in the US, for instance, there are currently 45 million people on food stamps; a number slightly larger than people who have full time employment; an unprecedented statistic.

In the developing world, subsistence farmers are being displaced from the land by industry and development, by food imports from the subsidized farmers and agro-giants of the developed world, as well as by rapid population growth that cannot be accommodated by the existing land.   They then migrate into the cities desperate to find employment only to end up unemployed and living in slums and abject poverty.   As a result, the cities of the developing world are bulging at the seams and lack the money to build the necessary infrastructure (for sanitation, healthcare, housing, education and transportation), leading to abject living conditions, filth, chronic hunger and even to starvation.

This is why the global depopulation effort has kicked in high gear and why genetically modified organisms are being forced on us to impair our fertility while at the same time to reduce our dependence on oil for the manufacture of chemical fertilizers.  To save the world from mass starvation and universal conflict, policymakers have agreed to sterilize the people of the developing world through food (the people of the developed world having already been sterilized to below replacement fertility levels through fluoridated water and BPA plastics), thus sacrificing our health and children for the survival of the species and of civilization.

This giant displacement of people from the land and into cities, driven initially by industrialization and now sped up by our need for scarce fertile land so as to increase global food production at a time of still rapid population growth is driving increasingly large numbers of people into the work force at a time when digitization and mechanization allows industry to make increasingly more goods with fewer workers than ever before and when national protectionist barriers have had to be removed in order to make natural resources available to all regardless where they are found, this being necessary to prevent war.  The result of all these convergent factors is chronic, pervasive and irreversible unemployment, regardless who is in power and what programs are in place to prevent unemployment and irrespective of geographic region and political system.

To make matters worse, the depopulation prerogative has prompted the UN to push women in the developing world into the formal economy and thus into the workforce so they will have less time for children and therefore fewer children.  But this swells the ranks of the unemployed even further and pits men and women against one another in competition for already scarce jobs.

Employment in today’s fully monetized economies must be enshrined as a right and not seen as a privilege.  Everyone must and will be working.  If the private sector cannot provide employment the public sector will through infrastructure development, food production and home construction on a massive scale to prevent poverty and desperation and to empower people to be in control of their lives and destinies by giving them the tools necessary to fill in the gaps left open by the free market.  Work is a right not a privilege and universal well-being depends on society’s ability to include each and every one in the creation of wealth in a free market that is not free to abuse and exploit.

Burden and Responsibility

Aldous Huxley spoke these prescient words in 1961:

“There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak.  Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.  And this seems to be the final revolution.”

The price of peace and prosperity in the era of consensus forged through the United Nations since World War II has been unimaginably high but well concealed.  It has not been, however, as high as that paid by previous generations in the era of armed conflict and the bloodbaths of the two world wars.  As such, it is an improvement and this we must celebrate but not to the extent that we declare the end of history and the end of our evolution.

Monetary coercion assisted by covert chemical poisoning at sub-lethal levels has forged a kinder and gentler world in the second half of the 20th century compared to the brute military force and wanton violence of the first half of the century.  But it has also produced a western world inhabited by zombies; enfeebled human beings whose intellectual and genetic endowments have been severely degraded and who, as such, are not in control of either their minds or their bodies and who now need to be rescued by outsiders, by their brothers and sisters from the non-western world who have been protected by poverty from the destruction self-visited upon westerners by covert chemical, biological, bacteriological, psychosocial and economic means.

What happened to democracy?  Why is tyranny growing by leaps and bounds emanating from the land of the free, from the democracy of democracies, from a government of the people, by the people and for the people?

America, the father of the world post-World War II, is about to expire.  The United Nations, the mother of the world will be left alone.  But will the mother be able to keep her children in line and preserve peace in a world of equals?  Will the education of the children suffice to ensure their good behavior absent a father with a firm rod?   Will the rules that have been set in place be sufficiently strong to keep all 200 siblings in line?  Have the world’s 200 children grown to love and respect each other to such an extent as to keep the peace in adulthood and share and manage the bounty of the earth without squabbling?

These are open questions that only the future can answer but for which we must prepare and that is exactly what is happening.  America’s uncles, the world’s military forces and intelligence agencies, are preparing for the greatest transition of power in history; the transition of authority from the United States, the world’s father, to the United Nations, the world’s mother, and thus from national assemblies to a global government.  This political power transfer is occurring in parallel with an economic transfer of equal significance, whereby the 200 siblings have to give up their individual farms and merge into a giant collective estate that they will be asked to manage collaboratively to ensure that their offspring have the same standard of living and that there is no reason to fight among themselves for resources. This concomitant economic transfer is overseen by a different set of America’s uncles, the world’s transnational corporations.

The Council on Foreign Relations (founded in 1921), the Bilderberg Group (1954), the Club of Rome (1968), the Trilateral Commission (1973), the so-called Illuminati institutions, as well as the United Nations, were created to forge ahead and they did. To achieve the political centralization needed to move the world’s 200 unruly children in tandem towards a common future, a process that is still ongoing and is by no means complete, has required divesting national assemblies of power and investing international organizations with the authority to pull the strings from behind the scenes and above the heads of national parliaments.

But Politics is too important to be left to politicians. Direct democracy through referenda for the most important decisions and truly representative democracy for daily governance are the answers to today’s state dysfunction and self-serving political class. The political class will be replaced by rotating representatives of the populace elected locally every two years to represent a cross-section of society for one and only one term of office in life. This will free democracies of the tyranny of lawyers and will ensure that government is composed of members of all professions and income groups. It will also prevent the monopolization of political power by the established elite and their manipulation by interest groups.

Governing by deception

Since global concerns are antithetical to national interests they will forever be outside the narrow focus of national assemblies.  As such, they have been designated international security prerogatives and, in recognition of this fact, issues of global governance have been divorced from national assemblies and are being pursued by a shadow government of U.N., U.S. and E.U. technocrats and bureaucrats whose enforcement arm is a hydra with a thousand heads, each with its own function.

Matters of global concern fall under the purview of global governance and trump all national interests.  International security prerogatives impose undemocratic and unpalatable conditions on national governments who are forced to bypass democratic processes and circumvent or even violate the rule of law to follow the directives of the United Nations, where the global government is seated, by concealing the facts and the objectives from their own people and deceiving and even forcing them to accept policies and measures decided upon by a technocratic oligarchy who thinks in terms of what is best for the world and not for single nations and what is sustainable into the future and not merely preferable today. 

Consequently, the decisions made by those in charge of global governance are unpleasant impositions for the citizens of nation states and their elected assemblies.  Global autocracy trumps and often undermines national democracy. 

Whatever democracy is left is limited to a very narrow scope, reducing national assemblies to the rather humble and limited status of mere provincial authorities.  To preserve the illusion of democracy, secrecy and deception are standard operating procedures and, as a result, everything we are told is a complete lie or a partial truth.

To bypass democratic checks and balances western European governments and the United States, who pride themselves on the strength of their liberal democracies, have empowered the private sector to form think-tanks and fund non-governmental-organizations to act behind the scenes, beyond the rule of law, and above democratic checks and balances so as to advance the vital objectives of the globalization-depopulation effort.     

Through funding constraints and select appointments, the United Nations and its agencies are controlled and manipulated to ensure that its human resources and infrastructure are used to legitimize and carry out the directives emanating from the private sector.  In turn, the United Nations and its agencies as well as the national bureaucracies of wealthy nations act as a counterforce to unbridled private wealth by regulating corporate, industry and banking entities to ensure that their power is limited to accomplishing public policy goals. 

In this fashion, close cooperation and a balance of power is achieved between private and public interests whereby governments and the UN rely on corporations to fulfill goals that require undemocratic and unlawful actions, while corporations rely on governments and the UN to remove all legal and political obstacles that stand in their way by creating a regulatory framework and providing the legal immunity necessary to enable corporations to destroy national protections and monopolies. 

This system is ideally suited to shatter the old world of nation states and their narrow interests and to construct the new world of global unity and interests.  Thus, on the ashes of the old, the new rises like a phoenix. 

So long as the balance of power between private and public interests is maintained, and one does not prostitute the other, the world can live in peace and pursue common goals without getting bogged down by prejudices, be they racial, cultural, political or religious in nature.  This, at least, is the plan. 

But to maintain international peace and advance universal prosperity depends on humankind’s ability to share existing natural resources regardless where they are found, hence globalization; to disseminate knowledge globally so that all people and all nations can progress in step, hence the information and digital revolution; to live cleanly so that we do not destroy the environment, hence sustainable development; and to bring human civilization in equipoise with nature, hence depopulation. 

To survive our emancipation from a national to an international system and from an industrial to a post-industrial era without exhausting the earth’s resources, killing one another, and destroying all life on earth, the international community must succeed in accomplishing these four major objectives: globalization, digitization, sustainability, and depopulation.  

Lack of Leadership from so-called Leaders

If you cannot wage wars of aggression on weaker neighbors because the international community will not tolerate it and the risks of assured mutual destruction are too great, you are forced to wage war on your own people’s reproductive systems to ensure that your population does not outgrow the available resources and can live within the national means. This form of self-discipline and the political paradigm shift that goes along with it are the result of nuclear deterrence and, in equal measure, of America’s global leadership post-World War II.

It is noble and civilized to abdicate violence and solve national problems before internal pressures lead to international conflict, as has happened again and again in human history. It was not and could not be foreseen, however, that the price of peace would be nearly as high as the price of war.

Having set in motion the long and arduous process of the demographic transition – a process that cannot be interrupted or left unfinished without causing social and economic collapse – population control as a substitute to war has required and continues to require structural violence on an unprecedented level and of a nature that is anything but noble or civilized.

The die is cast and we are left with a misshapen and unstable world.

Since 1945 we have an international system in place that has built the necessary organizational infrastructure to properly assess the situation and predict outcomes but cannot openly take evasive action, even when our very survival as a species is at stake, and must instead proceed by deception and in secret to turn the basic elements of life – water, food, air – into weapons of mass sterility and mortality, and to pervert the rule of law and misuse the institutions of state in order to subvert the family, instead of using open legislative means and legal administrative tools to educate and empower the people to make intelligent decisions of their own accord and, if they fail to do so, to punish them with the full force of the law, lest they threaten, by their irresponsible actions, the world’s peace and stability and the balance of life on earth.

The limitations and self-serving nature of our religious and political leaders, who fail to speak openly about the dire realities of overpopulation and the need to dissolve national frontiers in order to share the world’s bounty without national, ethnic or religious prejudices, feeds the ignorance and base prejudices of the common man. In turn, the ignorance and prejudices of the common man, to whom political and religious leaders feel forced to pander if they are to be elected to high public office, keep in place a dishonest, treacherous, perverse and hypocritical system that delivers us all into evil’s lap and is killing us slowly but surely.

Let me spell out the murderous methods of this hypocritical system that depends on deception and ignorance and feeds on our divisions.


Once the decision was made in 1945 to control population growth in order for countries to live within their means and thus prevent war of necessity between nations, the international community began interfering with human fertility by covertly adulterating the basic elements of life, water and food, with endocrine disruptors, since they could not legislate family size restrictions due to insurmountable structural obstacles, namely: lack of birth control, the intractability of religious authorities with respect to allowing the use of abortions and contraceptives, and the un-electability of politicians advocating population control.

Over the course of nearly seven decades, the international community has succeeded in preventing the birth of 2.5 billion children and causing the premature death of half a billion adults. Without being their intention, they have also succeeded in downgrading the genetic and intellectual endowments of the people subjected to covert chemical sterilization via endocrine disruptors for two generations or more.

As a result, they set in motion the demographic transition, which is the world’s greatest and most difficult program of social engineering, as it attempts to first halt and then reverse population growth, a completely unnatural process that runs counter to the laws of nature, but that would return the world to a stable human population, as was the case prior to the Industrial Revolution when advances in medicine, nutrition and sanitation allowed every child to survive the first five years of life and every adult to live twice as long as in the past, therefore disrupting the equilibrium between births and deaths and triggering a population explosion.

In graphic terms, between 1945 and 2000 they have succeeded in cutting off the wings of the normal population profile of the world, which is shaped like a pyramid. But as they kept cutting the young from the bottom of the pyramid, they ended up with inverted population pyramids, which are inherently unstable, since such societies have too many old people and not enough young people to support the old and to create wealth.


Having ended up with inverted population pyramids and thus with economically unsustainable social conditions, the architects of the New World Order are now forced to cut off the wings of the inverted population pyramids they have created and thus reduce the lifespans of the baby boom generation before the heavy social entitlements the old demand crush society. Thus, having committed infanticide during the second half of the 20th century in order to accomplish the first stage of the demographic transition they now have to commit patricide and matricide throughout the 21st century in order to complete what they have started.

They are accomplishing this feat by deploying poisons from the air (chemtrails) to weaken the immune systems of the general population and then by targeting specific groups through vaccines, when and as it is needed, to cause their premature death. The old and the infirm are primary targets, and therefore scheduled for immediate annihilation through a combination of adulterated vaccines and food.

Public employees are secondary targets since they cannot be allowed to live long after retirement as they would draw pensions from the public purse at a time when the economies of countries whose populations are declining have entered a downward economic spiral and can therefore not possibly meet the social entitlements of a baby boom generation that lives for decades in retirement. That is why various public health pretexts are being invented to subject civil servants and military personnel to annual compulsory vaccines.

Countries that do not poison their people from the air and then finish them off with vaccines, either because they lack the political will or the money to do so, are subjected to staged nuclear accidents to increase the prevalence of cancer and thus shorten the life span of its people in this messy fashion. Staged nuclear accidents as a method of shortening lifespans predates the invention of chemical spraying from the air, which was not conceived until 1995.

The first such staged nuclear accident was at Chernobyl in the Ukraine on the 26th of April 1986 because the Baltic region of the former Soviet Union was the first in the world to reach the last stage of the demographic transition due to the brutal methods employed by Stalin. It reached the last stage of the demographic transition in the early 1980s. As a bonus, the nuclear fallout was extensive throughout Scandinavia, which also reached the last stage of the demographic transition by the late 80s and was and continues to be in dire need of alleviating the financial burdens associated with its rapidly ageing population.

The second staged nuclear accident, of course, is Fukushima and occurred on the 11th of March 2011. Magnetometry data shows that the earthquake off the coast of Japan that caused the tsunami which devastated the Fukushima power plant was induced either by HAARP technology or, as I contend and seems more likely, by a conventional explosion:

Once again, Japan like the Baltic region before it, has reached the last stage of the demographic transition and because the government of Japan has refused to allow the international community to chemtrail its people the depopulation lobby has deployed nuclear radiation to cause as much death by cancer as possible and thus conclude the demographic transition by eliminating the unsustainable burden Japan’s elderly now pose and in the process shorten the national lifespan thus lowering the carbon footprint of the citizens of this highly industrialized country.

In combination with similar measures across the developed world, the overall effect of this desperate measure will ensure that the burden the citizens of the developed world are on the planet is eased until such time as the global population stabilizes at a sustainable level.

In regions that are latecomers to the Global Depopulation Policy, such as the Middle East and Central Asia, and where the community cohesion of Islam and political instability or cultural resistance have prevented the implementation of chemical and biological measures of population control, war and the wide use of depleted uranium shells ensure that the population is reduced quickly and brutally. This is deemed necessary also due to the fact that the last significant oil reserves are found there and they need to be secured for the world at large.


As of the year 2000, we have entered the second phase of the Global Depopulation Policy, which seeks to ensure that the global population peaks at 9 or at most 10 billion by 2040 or at the latest by 2050. To accomplish this extraordinarily difficult task the depopulation program has been accelerated and intensified and while the rich world is subjected to chemtrails and vaccines to shave off the old and the infirm, the poor world is subjected to artificial scarcity so that famine works its wonders and eliminates the poorest of the poor who cannot be saved by trickledown economics.

Artificial scarcity is caused by a variety of methods. Farmers are forced or enticed to plant GMO seeds that are engineered to be sensitive to drought and lead to crop failure at the first late monsoon. Farmers are priced out of the market by increasing the price of GMO seeds and proprietary pesticides from one season to another once they are enticed or forced to abandon the heirloom seeds that have served them well for generations and have thus lost the ability to be food independent. A third and most effective method for creating artificial scarcity is to raise the price of staple foods and make them unaffordable to the very poor who depend on them for survival. This is done by designating prime agricultural land formerly used to grow crops for human consumption to now grow corn or sugarcane used exclusive for ethanol production that is burned by car engines either as a fuel or a fuel additive, despite the fact that ethanol exhaust generates twice as much ozone as does gasoline exhaust and therefore makes no environmental sense whatsoever.

The population extremes that pose the greatest burden on society and are seen as deadweights – namely the old and the infirm in the developed world and the abjectly poor in the developing world – are in this fashion eliminated with surgical accuracy and minimal cost.

The question is how do we free ourselves from the current crisis of leadership and the institutional vacuum that keeps us all hostage to covert and genocidal methods of population control?

To answer this question we must be able to identify the obstacles to truth and action.

They are three:

1.   Politicians are afraid to tell the truth, namely that legislating family size is imperative and can no longer be postponed, because they know they will be thrown out of office and replaced by other politicians who will not hesitate to lie.

2.   Religious leaders are afraid to tell the truth, namely that the universal use of contraceptives is a moral imperative in an overpopulated world, so as not to upset conservative elements within their faith community who will not hesitate to accuse them of heresy.

3.   And the common people want to hear comforting words from their religious leaders and juicy promises from their politicians and expect the State to solve all their problems. The problems the State cannot solve the common man is more than happy to leave in God’s hands, in other words ignore. The common people are not interested in the reality and deeply offended by anyone who disturbs their carefully preserved illusion with inconvenient truths, especially truths that require them to sacrifice anything or disrupt their daily routines. But the global situation is now so dire that the common people have no choice but to get educated and involved.

These three obstacles have created a complicated dynamic of blaming, vilifying, scapegoating and demonizing. The Vatican would rather blame the UN then change its stance on contraceptives, which would free secular authorities to pursue population control through legislation. The UN bureaucrats and technocrats would rather vilify the Vatican rather than ask the national politicians who appointed them and who pay their wages to show leadership and legislate population control. And national politicians would rather tell their electorate what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear and do.

In the final analysis, the world is caught between secular pragmatists and religious conservatives, the former are killing us with their heartless science and dishonesty and the latter with their irrational dogma and ignorance. But this apparent conflict is as much real as it is engineered, which is why I am confident that the world’s religious and secular leaders can be compelled to act if they hear the voice of reason gaining the upper hand among the populace, which would be incontestably persuasive because it is rising despite the walls of secrecy and deception erected and kept in place by the current system of covert mass murder.

Slaying the Genocidal Beast

How do we reform or dismantle this genocidal system, this beast, before it kills us all? And what do we replace it with once it is confined to history? These are the questions I will attempt to answer in this chapter.

OM Principle thirteen elevates human dignity above institutional efficiency and recognizes that institutions are meant to serve and respect people and not just pursue societal goals, regardless how lofty and necessary those goals may be. Only those institutions capable of empowering and enlightening individuals while at the same time accomplishing societal goals should be preserved. The institutions and organizations that do not measure up to this standard must be reformed and if they cannot be reformed they must be dissolved and replaced.

The individual is more important than institutions. Institutions that demand from individuals that they surrender their own judgments and consciences to safeguard their place within a bureaucracy and the bureaucracy itself do not deserve to exist and have to be replaced by new institutions. Our current system is partly failing us because it is sustained by bureaucracies that kill individual dignity and take away man’s ability to make value judgments that are subtle and humane. The social, economic and political package envisioned by the 99% puts man at the center of civilization and compassion at the forefront of society, giving hope and dignity to all.

The current system, which has coalesced national and international structures, has taken a long time and great effort to construct the “right” way, to staff with the “right” people, to harness to the “right” horse, and to drive in the “right” direction. But what the system understands by right is wrong for individuals and wrong for families because the system’s primary purpose is to be the enemy of mankind until such time as humankind is contained in numbers and impact to a level that does not harm the planet and that gives enough elbow room to people and nations to allow for their peaceful and prosperous coexistence.

This system has been seven decades in the making. It has cost trillions of dollars to construct and absorbs, between its national (federal, state and local) and international entities (inter- and non-governmental), more than half of the world’s wealth. It employs roughly 15% of the global workforce and continues to grow in proportion to the private sector. It is staffed with professionals sheltered and advantaged by their self-administered monopolies. It takes its cues from and regurgitates the thinking and planning of the United Nations and its agencies, which in turn are delegated by the Anglo-Saxon alliance. And it is geared towards one primary goal, genocide, so as to accomplish the demographic transition, which underlies all other activities and objectives of the international community and without which, it must be recognized, the world will never achieve peace or prosperity and most certainly will never achieve sustainability.

Wherever you look and whoever you ask you will hear malcontent: the system is becoming more abusive, less respectful of our rights and liberties, inert to change, immune to criticism, self-perpetuating despite its negative effects, incapable of recognizing fault, unwilling to grant compensation, increasingly costly, arrogantly obtrusive, dangerously intrusive, paternalistic and inhumane, ineffective and almost useless. Most importantly, the system is unaccountable because no one in the system will ever admit fault or accept responsibility.

Were the high-ranking bureaucrats and technocrats of the UN or the high-ranking politicians of nation states to be rounded up and tried for crimes against humanity the way the Allies did to the Nazis, all the accused, like their Nazi predecessors, would plead innocence and none would assume responsibility for the system they run and that commits genocide as the order of the day and as its reason for being.

At the national level it is corrupt, class-structured and secretive. At the international level it is amoral, deceitful and secretive. Both at the national and international level it is eons away from the letter and the spirit of the law, even in countries that boast to be models of democracy and ruled by law, and even though the United Nations is, on paper at least, guided by flawless ideals and legal covenants. At the national level, it is the way it is because human beings are imperfect and are always willing to sacrifice the well-being of others for their self-interest. While at the international level it is the way it is because nations are imperfect and are always willing to sacrifice the well-being of other nations for their own interests. Therefore, any attempts to reform national systems must be focused on disabling the private interests of individuals in positions of power to ensure that the well-being of citizens guides all state actions; while any attempts to reform the international system must be focused on disabling the narrow interests of nations to ensure that the well-being of the human species and of the planet guides all international decisions.

But more than anything, to reform this system, which empowers evil and practices the Culture of Death, we must retool it to empower good and practice the Culture of Life. But to accomplish this turnaround we must make room for life and grant life, all life on earth and not just human life, the respect it deserves, and that means that we must engineer our civilization to function as flawlessly as the physical laws of the universe. To accomplish this we must design our civilization with a built-in bias for good not evil ends, as is currently the case, but good for all life on earth not just human life. This means that we must engineer our civilization to be in a symbiotic relationship with nature. The system must help us reach this goal and we must help the system reach this goal. Only if our individual actions mirror the system’s objective can we be happy and at peace within the system. Conversely, only if the system grants us the knowledge and leverage to contribute to its objective can the system function properly and aid rather than subvert man.

So how does humanity slay the beast?

Step one

Bring down their first line of defense, the media, which the establishment of power uses to hide behind lies, to censor the truth, control the message, manipulate public opinion, and keep erect the illusion of democracy and the rule of law.

This can be done by convicting a dozen chief editors in as many countries of collusion in crimes against humanity for their role in maintaining the wall of silence and executing them publicly in a single day after which a statement can be left behind describing why they have been executed and that a dozen more will follow every single week if the media does not begin to inform the public that they are being slowly exterminated by slow chemical and biological poisoning.

I suggest that this job is best done by the very intelligence agencies and military forces that are now forced to do the dirty work of protecting a corrupt political, corporate and scientific elite and their covert genocide. The justification for such an act is provided by the illegitimacy of the current governments, who act contrary to the rule of law, above and beyond democratic processes, and in their own interests only and who are committing crimes against humanity against the very people they purport to represent.

If we have democracy and democracy is the will of the majority, then the majority will undoubtedly vote to sacrifice the elite minority to save the majority and not vice versa, as is currently the case because the elite minority has decided to sacrifice the majority. The elite minority is not entitled to make such a decision and because it is acting outside the law and by bypassing democratic processes to ignore the will and subvert the most fundamental rights of the majority, its authority is illegitimate because ill-gained and its decisions are illegal and non-binding because they are made in secret. Therefore, our secret and intelligence services as well as our military forces need to stop taking orders from these current illegitimate elites who are committing genocide and start protecting the people, who are the only legitimate source of authority. It is better and just that a few elites die for the people than that the people die for a few elites.

If the intelligence and military community are not up to the task then common men and women will need to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done to protect themselves and their children.

Step two

If the first step does not succeed in breaking the wall of media silence behind which the establishment of power hides and thus jolt the system into action, then a second wave of convictions and executions must follow, this time directed at ministers of justice, attorney generals, ministers of health, and high ranking UN bureaucrats and technocrats.

Step three

If step two is not sufficient to rescue ourselves and our children from the genocidal elites now in power, we must take down a dozen captains of industry and heads of state, thus the very people who delegate and coordinate the carnage against us.

I advocate beginning with the lower ranked members of the genocidal coalition, media editors, because they are accessories to crimes against humanity for base personal reasons, namely economic self-interest, whereas the architects of the current genocide are motivated by grand geopolitical objectives, namely the preservation of life on earth and the survival of the species. The second reason is that this is the best way to free the truth from its current prison and thus enable rapid and peaceful change, for once the truth is known consensus can quickly follow. The third reason is that media editors are easier targets and the impact made by their execution will reverberate far more convincingly among the rank-and-file, since everyone would feel vulnerable, then the assassination of the top members, which would leave most people indifferent. Last, it makes sense because by leaving the top of the power structure unscathed change can be effectuated faster and more efficiently and therefore with the fewest casualties and the least disruptions possible.

The Golden Rule

The wisdom of the ages, to treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves, must be inculcated in our psyche through education and once again allowed to flourish by a socio-economic organization and by political and legal structures that do not force the individual to act contrary to the Golden Rule. The current capitalist economy and class-structured societies are antithetical to the Golden Rule and allow individuals only to pay lip service to it. Without the ethical guidance of the Golden Rule mankind will not advance to the higher level of consciousness we need to think of one another as family, to work for each other as brothers, to treat nature as our mother, and to share and to love one another without expectations of advantage or ulterior motives.

There is a void in our hearts. We all feel it. But few want to do what it takes to fill it, because few will sacrifice their own security for others. To have a full heart you must live for others as much as you live for yourself.

the rich and powerful who govern our nations, control the international community and sit at the top of our religions, corporations and institutions violate the Golden Rule by withholding the truth from us, the people, who are entitled to know what threatens our existence, and therefore denying us the chance to rescue ourselves. They withhold the truth and thus treat us as they themselves would not want to be treated because they do not want to make the sacrifices necessary to rescue everyone indiscriminately. More than this, they actively conspire to slowly poison the rest of humankind into sterility and premature death to terminate our genetic lines and cull the population. They commit genocide because the world is too crowded and they refuse to give up their positions of privilege for the sake of universal well-being. They do not want to share the world. It is much more to their advantage to withhold from their fellow men the information they need for self-rescue, for in this way they reserve the earth only to themselves and their own offspring.

Both religious fanaticism and scientific nihilism are social pandemics that affect the psyche of weaklings who either suffer from a deficit of intelligence and a surplus of meanness, thus of passion without reason, or, respectively, are afflicted by a deficit of compassion and a surplus of intelligence, thus of reason without humanity. Both religious fanatics, the zealots, and the scientific nihilists, the geeks, are social degenerates because they exhibit an unnatural and unhealthy imbalance that makes them incapable of relating to and of coexisting with the remainder of mankind.

The Lambs Must Rise

A powerful and secretive coalition of international elites, which has grown by leaps and bounds since the end of the Second World War, has replaced the old bilateral and multilateral alliances of nation states, and the people have been left out.

War between and among nations has been supplanted by structural violence within nations, whereby the aggressors are the elites, acting through the institutions of state and international organizations, and the victims the common man. The end goal is the termination of the vast majority of the world’s genetic lines so as to reverse the population explosion and attain the sustainability of human civilization on a finite planet. In the process, everything has been turned upside down and inside out.

Clerics do not tender the souls of the faithful they damn them to a living hell. Doctors do not heal our illnesses they cause them. Politicians do not serve the public but are self-serving. Scientists do not use new knowledge to advance mankind but to usurp it. Jurists do not administer justice but injustice.

Industrialists do not feed the masses but poison them. Cops do not protect the public but attack it. Economists do not think of models to prosperity but of methods to poverty. Journalists do not report the truth but disseminate lies. And soldiers do not wage war on foreign enemies but on defenseless civilians at home.

This cross-disciplinary and global coalition of professional elites has gotten away with mass murder on an unprecedented scale for nearly seven decades by cooperating on all fronts and coordinating their actions to conceal the silent war of attrition they wage on the world’s defenseless population.

They have succeeded for nearly seven decades by betraying their offices and abusing their power to corrode and pervert the rule of law and to subvert or bypass democratic processes, which are merely a facade for their oligarchic form of government. To confuse and confound the public they use a vapid game of mutual blaming over superficial issues and meaningless bickering in parliamentary assemblies while below the surface they are one and the same and pursue global genocide with the same determination and single-minded purpose.

A secret of this magnitude can only be kept if all participants profit from it and, more importantly, if all participants are threatened by its exposure. By my estimation, this coalition of the unwilling is composed of three groups: a core of some 20,000 members who are intimately familiar with every aspect of the New World Order and who dictate global policy and delegate the middle and outer circles of membership; a middle circle of some 200,000 members who are responsible for implementing the policy directives of the inner core at the national and international level and who consequently occupy high administrative positions; and an outer circle of some two million members who are the foot-soldiers of this coalition.

The inner circle is composed of royalty, industrialists, bankers, high clerics, heads of state and government, and leaders of established political parties throughout the western world. The membership of this select body is heavily Anglo-Saxon, overwhelmingly Caucasian, primarily Judeo-Christian, exclusively monotheistic, and interested in preserving their power and wealth at any cost by perpetuating and entrenching hierarchical political, economic and religious structures, and by maintaining the institutions of private property, the illusion of democracy and ultimate control over the legislative and judicial bodies. They are the brain of the operation.

Theirs is the domain of bloodlines. Their vulnerability is that their institutions are relics from the past, anachronistic, rigid and outdated, and their membership primarily inherited and therefore composed of mostly mediocre individuals who buy or appropriate good ideas from brilliant minds and use them to prop up a dying system.

The middle circle is composed of high ranking United Nations technocrats and bureaucrats; ministers of justice, foreign affairs, interior, defense and health; Supreme Court judges, international judges, and attorney generals; heads of intelligence and secret services; prominent scientists; prominent economists; generals and admirals; high ranking civil servants in key positions throughout the institutions and organizations of state in every country on earth; and editors-in-chief of every important media organization on earth.

They are the heart of the operation. Theirs is the domain of meritocracy. Their vulnerability is that they tilt in any direction the powers above them tell them to because they are beholden to them and circumscribed by the limitations of their offices, as such they can be bought and sold like prostitutes.

And the outer circle is composed of professionals in every field of knowledge as well as middle to high ranking military personnel and senior officers in intelligence, secret and police services in every country on earth. They are the workhorses and the muscle of the operation. Theirs is the domain of competition. Their vulnerability is that they know enough to do their jobs and to dislike what they are doing, but are caught in the system and see no way out that is preferable to remaining in the system, both for reasons of self-interest and for the general welfare.

To change global policy we must give the outer circle a better plan and the incentive to desert the genocidal coalition of elites and to dedicate their time and energy to the people’s plan. The OM Principles provide the alternative the members of the outer circle need in order to change their allegiance from the elites to the people. If they fail to seize the opportunity I am providing them with they will be the first to be mowed down in the upcoming unrest because they stand between the elites they serve and the people they harm and provide a buffer zone and a ring of protection that shelters the ivory towers of the elites. The people therefore cannot get to the elites without first destroying the foot soldiers of the outer circle.

Only when sufficient dissent and disenchantment within the ranks of the outer circle disturbs the sense of security of those of the core will the elites at the head of the beast do what is necessary and change global policy of their own volition rather than as a desperate response to mass unrest and from fear of unrestrained violence. In my estimation we have already reached this point which is why I urge the movers and shakers of the New World Order to change course now and to do it while peace still prevails.

Paradoxically, religion and democracy are the main culprits for the criminal nature of this New World Order; the first for preventing the expansion of morality to allow people to assume control over and responsibility for their reproductive systems and rights, and the latter for rendering any and all politicians suggesting legislating family size and population control unelectable.

Faced with these structural obstacles and with the prospect of assured mutual destruction by nuclear bombs, decision makers in every professional field arrived at a secret consensus to institute a global program of population control and resource sharing as a substitute to war. In order to accomplish this it was necessary to play a game of deception and to entrench their power at every level of society nationally and internationally so as to be able to act contrary to their stated positions.

Depopulation is being accomplished by adulterating the basic elements of life – water, food, air – while resource sharing is being accomplished by globalizing the economy. This covert depopulation/globalization program, however, has written off the vast majority of the global population by shutting them out of the equation of life and pursuing their extermination through a toxic and deadly combination of chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic means that have turned nations into concentration camps, national authorities into prison guards, and international authorities into the new Gestapo.

Only Truth can Free us from Ignorance and Indifference

There are several factors, in addition to the inertia that characterizes every society, that stand in the way of the much-needed change we need and that keep the status quo despite its obvious inadequacy to serve the interests of the world’s seven billion people, the earth and of future generations.

First, those who champion absolutism over democracy have once again reared their ugly heads, this time globally and not just nationally, and have enlisted the help of pure evil to entrench their power and elevate their status in society.

Throughout the ages they have justified their privileged and mostly parasitical existence by insisting that men are fundamentally evil and need to be controlled with an iron fist if they are not to kill each other. This Hobbesian view of the world is sponsored by monarchs, tyrants and militarists the world over and reflects not only the dark hearts and minds as well as the personal interests of those who disseminate it but also their lack of vision and of true leadership qualities.

The Anglo-American coalition in control of the world since 1945 has been gradually corroded by this distorted view of mankind, having been infected with it by the British monarchy and aristocracy, which is the global seat of this mentality, as have many heads of state and government throughout the world.

As a result, this Anglo-American coalition has designed an international system that treats every human being as an enemy or a potential enemy of the state. The militarization of the United States, and through it of the world, is the primary example of how far this sick mentality can be taken and how disastrous it can be.

Unless and until this distorted and perverse view of man’s nature as fundamentally evil is discredited and discarded once and for all the world will not be able to reach out to the enlightened and healthy view of man as a fundamentally good being and design the social construct accordingly.

If you see man as fundamentally evil you will treat him badly and he will behave badly. If you see man as fundamentally good you will treat him well and he will behave well. Man, of course, is a contradiction of virtues and vices but only an enlightened view of him will make enlightened human beings.

This is the philosophical imprisonment that we must overcome. The OM Principles embody the enlightened view of man and their application will enable true human progress and relegate our dependence on science and technology to secondary status giving precedence to the evolution of man and not that of his machines.

Second, man is a creature of habits. He will always prefer that which he knows to that which he does not know. But refusing to change our ways, our operational premises, our system and our institutions is no longer a luxury we can afford. Maintaining the status quo has led us to social collapse and will spell the end of our civilization.

What this boils down to is survival or extinction. The globalization and depopulation prerogatives, which are not choices but requirements since they are not preferences but inescapable imperatives, cannot be accomplished without fundamentally altering our social, economic and political system and the sooner we get on with it the better. The OM Principles show how and why we must change.

It is clear that the end does not justify the means, especially when the means will not reach the desired end. The covert methods of depopulation employed now are diabolical and counterproductive. Yes, they depopulate the earth but those few remaining will be but shadows of their former selves and far inferior to their forefathers: dumber, weaker, crazier and sicklier; a degraded lot fit only for the zoo.

Equally, the current coerced methods of globalization will eradicate hunger but only by plunging us all into poverty and taking the environment to the brink and perhaps beyond, so why bother making the sacrifice.

This is the time to abandon our bad habits, our dated ideologies, our expired dogmas and doctrines, and our loyalty to inept hierarchies of power and the profit motive. We can no longer continue to drive a horse and buggy on the autobahn of history, no more than we can afford to ride a bullet train into the abyss of space.

Third, overpopulation is a biological problem but it is not an illness. We have a population problem not because our reproductive systems have malfunctioned but because they are working normally, as they should. Therefore, seeking a biological solution cannot work since such a solution would mean that our normal biology is to be rendered abnormal. We cannot reestablish the lost balance of life and death, central to the stable populations dictated by natural harmony, by subverting our reproductive systems.

No less then we can do it by shortening our lifespans. It can only be done by exercising self-restraint on the reproductive front as a matter of individual responsibility towards society, the planet and future generations, which is why population control needs to be legislated and enshrined in our cultural values and not just legal norms.

This demands a new morality that enlarges our existing morality by two new dimensions: the well-being of future generations, and the well-being of the planet. These two new dimensions must be on equal footing with our own well-being, which is the only dimension on which our current morality operates.

Fourth, we have lacked a unified social theory to move us forward. But that is no longer the case. The OM Principles provide such a unified social theory and the sooner we adopt them the sooner we can stop groping in the dark and pushing each other off the ledge, which is the only “solution” our bright leaders have come up with so far.

That such a unified social theory was not provided by the army of professionals who get paid for this purpose, or by any of the politicians who are supposed to lead us, but rather by me, a complete outsider, should not deter decision makers from adopting it because their vanities stand in the way.

The demographic transition and the eradication of poverty cannot be accomplished with the existing political and economic structures, not even by turning the institutions of state upside down and the rule of law and democracy inside out, since the existing political and economic structures are the main sources of these imbalances.

Fifth, to return the world to sanity, concerned and caring citizens must concentrate on dismantling the matrix of control and replacing it with a matrix of safety. To do this everyone must realize that the matrix of control is the depopulation/globalization axis. So instead of attacking and demonstrating against single issues – which is a complete waste of time because all problems derive from the folly of trying to accomplish the depopulation and globalization objectives by strengthening rather than changing the economic system and political structures that have brought us to this desperate state – people must focus on pushing for structural reform as prescribed in this book and as demanded by the material and environmental predicament we are in.

To save humankind from destroying itself through overpopulation, over-consumption and ignorance requires radically changing the system that has brought us to this situation, not further perverting the existing system so its institutions and organizations are more powerful and more corrupt and more unjust than ever before so they can be used to wage a silent war on us and thus fulfill the opposite function they were set up to fulfill, namely harm rather than promote our well-being.   If they could not solve our problems when they were honestly meant to do so how could they be expected to solve our problems when they are dishonestly meant to do so?

When our excessive numbers and our voracious appetites for the planet’s resources exceed the limits of nature and threaten all life on earth, averting disaster dictates that we reverse our numbers and shrink our consumption. But this cannot and must not be accomplished by turning man’s institutions against man but by educating and empowering man to limit his offspring and reduce his expectations.

This was recognized from the very beginning by intelligent, foresighted and caring men and women but their few numbers has prevented them from being able to persuade the indifferent masses and religious traditionalists so that each and every individual checks his or her own reproduction and desires. And their numerical inferiority has forced them to proceed in secret and by deception, by manipulating the existing system, promoting man’s ugly traits, playing on his fears and exacerbating the lines of division so as to turn man against man. But in so doing, the men and women who in their intent are the most forward-looking, intelligent and compassionate among us have in practice become the most corrupt, criminal and cruel among us. In pursuing the ultimate good in a vacuum of interest and a sea of ignorance they have become the ultimate source of evil.

But if they back down there is nothing and no one to prevent our self-destruction. Therefore, we the people, whose indifference and ignorance stand in the way of our own empowerment must open our eyes and our hearts to comprehend the we are obstacles to progress and that only we can vanquish evil from this world by assuming responsibility for the state of the world.

We cannot blame the few, who have tried to fight our ignorance and indifference by all available means, for the dire state of the world and who for seven decades have been compensating for our lack of understanding and have waited for us to grow up. We must be honest and recognize that our ignorance and indifference are the main reasons for the dire state of our world and that until such time as we all renounce indifference and dispel ignorance we will continue to be the primary source of our own misery and the ultimate cause of our own demise. Only we can empower you, our leaders, to be good again as soon as you cut our chains.

By the same token, you cannot blame us, the people, for being ignorant and indifferent when for nearly seven decades you have lied to us and deceived us to manipulate us into doing what is necessary and in so doing you have done the unnecessary and have chosen the convenient way forward instead of choosing the right way forward. You must be honest and recognize that your failure to speak the truth and to defend the truth is the cause of our ignorance and that your monopoly of power is the cause of our indifference and that until such time as you renounce power and lies you will continue to be the primary source of the world’s misery and the ultimate cause of mankind’s demise. Only you can free the truth and empower us to cut your chains.

You keep us prisoners to indifference and ignorance and we keep you prisoners to lies and deception. And in this state of mutual imprisonment neither of us has the power to change the world before we destroy it. In this state of mutual imprisonment only our assured mutual destruction is certain.

To free us from indifference and ignorance all you have to do is free the truth. To free you from lies and deception all we have to do is hear the truth.

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