Money is not the source of all evil, human frailty is. Social divisions are expressed in money but caused by the supremacy of vice over virtue. Since society is the sum total of our actions, policy makers can improve it far in advance of human evolution by ensuring that the social construct promotes virtue and suppresses vice and does so proactively, thus before vices are acted upon, not retroactively, after the damage is done.

The executive and legislative branches of government, therefore, are far more important than the judiciary for the well-being of society. If the rules of society are fair, transgressors will be few and human effort will be channeled towards constructive ends rather than wasted on destructive pursuits, litigation and punishment. A fair society that channels human effort towards constructive ends makes optimal use of resources and prospers. Such a society will be empowering rather than punitive and inclusive rather than marginalizing. And these features will make it compassionate, just and joyous.

Pride, avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony and sloth – the seven deadly sins – would be exceptions; while humility, generosity, kindness, patience, chastity, temperance and diligence – the seven holy virtues – would be the rule in a society that is properly conceived and regulated.

The question then arises of how to attain such a society despite our human flaws. This calls us to find the point within the social construct at which we abandon our better for our baser instincts. In economic terms, that point is the division of labor.Survival or Extinction: Head and Hand

The division of labor – especially between manual and intellectual occupations – begets different and at times divergent interests, and that in turn begets special privileges, social classes, and ultimately conflict. I take the liberty of quoting myself on the toxic consequences of the strict division of labor and super-specialization that characterize our modern society and on their origin in our need for invidious distinctions, of status, power and wealth.

The last enemy of human rights is man’s vanity, his need to acquire wealth and status and the price he is willing to make others pay for it. Man is perpetually fighting this enemy within from the moment he acquires sufficient physical and mental strength to impose himself on others, or to resist the imposition of others on him. Unfortunately for human civilization these invidious distinctions have become part of nearly every society’s values and norms and are at the basis of the hierarchies that run the show. By accident more than design, they wreak havoc on the principle of equality between men affecting every human right in existence. And because hierarchical societies justify the greatest levels of aggression and can force men to act contrary to their nature, they have largely displaced communal and egalitarian societies that frown upon the exploitation of many for the benefit of the few. That is why conflict and war between nations and ideologies have caused the most gruesome atrocities, the vilest form of human rights violations.”

As long as invidious distinctions are encouraged and enshrined in our social and economic organization we shall not know justice, freedom or equity and consequently peace and stability will also forever elude us. And the division of labor between manual and intellectual pursuits is the source and embodiment of all invidious distinctions. Unless we annihilate it, we will be forever at the mercy of our baser instincts.

Contrary to common belief the international power structure is listening to our call for a more just society and has undertaken a massive redistribution of wealth from the developed to the developing world to even the scales and close the wealth gap that has grown by leaps and bounds between the West and the Rest since the industrial revolution. Closing the wealth gap is a prerequisite to the eradication or at least suppression of invidious distinctions, with respect to those rooted in money. But paradoxically this equalization cannot be accomplished without first encouraging the opposite, namely the most striking wealth distribution in history. The rationale is this.

To achieve a global equalization of wealth, the developed world is being gradually impoverished while at the same time the developing world is being gradually enriched. This is necessary because wealth is relative and because global resources are shared by being made available to the highest bidder on the stock markets. In a world strictly divided between poor and rich nations, the poor would be excluded from access to natural resources by their lack of wealth necessary to purchase them. Globalization, therefore, necessitates a relatively equal distribution of wealth between regions and countries. And after two centuries of unequal progress the gap between the West and the Rest cannot be closed without transferring capital, production facilities and knowhow from the developed to the developing world. In order to accomplish this, above the objections of the citizens of developed nations, the wealth needs to be concentrated in fewer hands to be more easily transferred. This engineered concentration and transfer of wealth looks like this in the United States: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM#t=2.

If the creation and consumption of wealth were to be allowed to proceed separately from country to country, the wealth gap would only grow worse and the first countries to industrialize would maintain and enlarge their technological and scientific advantage, and consequently their economic advantage, at a much faster pace than the countries that were last to industrialize or have only just begun, therefore excluding the newcomers from vital natural resources by their greater purchasing power which would allow them to outbid poor nations in the stock markets, where natural resources are traded. Ultimately this would result in the total exclusion of the developing world from vital natural resources and therefore from progress.

As painful as it is for us westerners, the ongoing equalization of wealth must continue until such time as national divisions no longer exist – in which case the global income gap can be closed through taxation – or until the Rest has caught up with the West in terms of industrial capacity and the ability to create wealth. But this transfer of wealth should not be allowed to occur in such a way as to condemn the bottom quarter of society to devastating poverty, as is the case in nations without a social conscience and without compassion for the predicament of those who have been excluded from social well-being for the sake of grand geopolitical goals, however necessary these goals may be. There is no excuse for that kind of cruelty.

Those who have conceived and are carrying out the globalization effort justify deadly poverty as necessary to reduce the global population in a world of diminishing resources and an increasingly large number of people vying for them in a world where we can no longer distinguish between us and them if we are to avoid war.

It is true that the equalization of wealth across the globe cannot succeed without a parallel effort to vastly reduce the population, especially in the developing world, where 90% of the global population growth has occurred since 1945 and where the population is still growing since depopulation measures by covert chemical, biological and bacteriological means are more recent than in the West. It is also true that the globalists don’t necessarily want to leave anyone behind by condemning them to deadly poverty, but are constrained by material limitations and are therefore resigned to the notion that the only way to select who lives and propagates their genes and who doesn’t is best done by the cruelties of the market.

They are resigned to this heartless Final Solution because they were forced by insurmountable structural obstacles in the post-World War II period to tackle depopulation by covert methods rather than overt legislation and are afraid of changing course; this being impossible without first admitting their mistakes and crimes. Those who have read my book, Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy, will know that the democratic process, the intractability of religious authorities, and the lack and acceptance for artificial birth control measures stood in the way of legislating family size, as China did in 1978 with its One-Child-Policy.

They are also resigned because they know that the damage done by covert chemical, biological and bacteriological depopulation measures is irreversible and a quarter of the people in countries subjected to such depopulation measures for the past three generations have been damaged beyond repair and rendered too dysfunctional to be productive and reproductive members of society. The system is now geared to see them gently into oblivion and the legal, medical, military, political and religious establishments of western countries are partners-in-crime, as they are tasked to finish the genocide they have started.

While I was in jail during my last incarceration, which lasted nine months, I had the opportunity to observe firsthand the level of deterioration of that segment of the population whose genetic and intellectual endowments have been damaged beyond repair by chemical, biological and bacteriological means. They suffer such psychological and physiological damage and experience such dependence on psychotropic drugs (be they legal or illegal) that they cannot function at even a basic level without their next fix, which inevitably brings them closer to a premature death. To aid their death the prison system pushes drugs without shame and even encourages those who are drug-free to start using and become addicted. The most vulnerable people in society are thus lobotomized and buried behind prison walls never to escape.

The process of elimination stretches across society. The legislative and executive branches of government pass laws designed to impoverish large segments of the population, and pass and enforce laws designed to criminalize poverty. The judiciary then condemns the poor and the desperate to draconian sentences for minor offences, and more often than not for having committed no offense whatsoever, and then imposes impossible conditions upon release that are intended to trap innocent people and the poor in a never-ending cycle of incarceration and release. With each arrest, incarceration and release the victims of this eugenic judiciary sink deeper into debt and desperation and are finally and permanently excluded from employment therefore forcing them into crime.

Throughout this destructive ordeal, it is medical practitioners – doctors, dentists and psychiatrists – who are assaulting these hapless victims of engineered structural violence with false diagnoses, over medication, pharmacological poisons that masquerade as medicine, and institutionalization to create a feeling of worthlessness, a habit of drug dependence, and morbidity and premature mortality. The medical profession creates and keeps the cycle of annihilation going because it is responsible for not only deliberately contaminating the basic elements of life and using pharmaceuticals to undermine human health, but also in concealing this with false research that justifies the presence of such poisons as beneficial to us when the absolute opposite is true. As such, the medical profession bears the greatest burden of responsibility and culpability.

A close second are the lawyers who man the three branches of government and who pervert the law and offer legal protection to their counterparts in the medical and scientific ranks so they can continue to commit crimes against humanity.

Ultimately, this eugenic and genocidal international world order is the child of a western technocratic mindset that has transferred its blind faith in God to blind faith in science and whose practitioners are possessed with the arrogance of believing themselves capable of solving social ills with scientific fixes that bypass the democratic process and hold in contempt the people’s rights, norms and judgments. It is protected by a coalition of professional interests that form a cross-section of society and straddle the legal, medical, political, military, and media complexes and whose members are willing to lie and cheat on each other’s behalf to protect their grand design and insulate themselves from retribution by the human beings whom they treat as scientific experiments and disposable lab rats.

As a result, the world order they have created is devoid of decency, inalienable rights, and immutable norms, having abandoned all ethical restraints and legal constraints for a self-serving relativism that can and is being bent any which way technocrats, bureaucrats, lawyers and scientists decide it is to their advantage. By their arrogance they have turned society into a cold machine that grinds human beings like sausages and composts them like manure to fuel and fertilize their intellectual constructs in the hope that sometimes in the future they will materialize into a perfect society.

But to be fair, the covert methods of the Global Depopulation Policy would not have been conceived had there not been a need to bypass the blind resistance of religious people of all denominations to birth control and their reluctance to accept that people who do not share their religious views are equally valuable, equally deserving and equally human.

We, the people who form the vast majority of humanity, are caught between science and religion, between the cold calculations of the former and the blind beliefs of the latter, neither of which wants to concede that we are perfectly capable of understanding the threats we face and of taking evasive action, thus of doing the right thing, if only provided with the facts and given the necessary tools.

To break their monopolies on knowledge and morality, the arrogance of their self-conferred status and authority, and the privileges they have reserved for themselves at our expense, we must institute a new division of labor that forces everyone to work with their hands and head in equal measure and to the best of their abilities.

At the same time, those of us who work only with their hands – be it because they are too lazy to think or because they have been excluded by unfair competition and lack of opportunity from the benefits of a higher education – and who expect miracles from science and technology, not understanding their limitations and inadequacies in matters that require social action and individual responsibility, will by their involvement in intellectual work be in a better position to understand the world around them and the problems we face. Ignorance after all is our greatest enemy.

Only when this gap between the manual/intellectual divide is closed, or at the very least shortened, will we be able to have peace, prosperity and security for all. Only then will we be able to nurture a love of nature and the natural and abandon the dangerous and destructive notion that artificial constructs are better than nature’s creations. Only then will we be able to reconnect with nature, to feel the soil, to respect the hardship of the natural order and appreciate its indiscriminate justice. Only then will we be able to free ourselves from the soul-sickening, mind-numbing, and health-destroying circumscription of our potential as multilateral and multi-talented creatures meant to experience life in all its facets and not be imprisoned in the mechanical routines of single skillsets. Only then will the economy serve us and not us the economy. Only then will the system be made for humans and not humans for the system. Only then will we be fully human once again. Only then.

And so we come to an answer to the age-old dilemma of invidious distinctions.



The division of labor between manual and intellectual work leads again and again to social division and ultimately to class war. The new socio-economic system must henceforth not only enable but demand from each and every individual the opportunity for both types of labor, manual and intellectual, according to the individual’s skills and abilities. This will eradicate disdain for manual labor, the monopolization of professions, unfair income gaps between manual and intellectual labor, and the tyranny of technocrats, bureaucrats and intellectuals over the working man. It will naturally lead to a fair economy and a respectful society. It will also ensure a healthier life by alternating sedentary intellectual work with active manual work within the work week of every man and woman. Everyone must work with their hands and with their heads and society must be redesigned to provide opportunities for dual employment.

It will not be easy to restructure society according to this requirement. But it is certainly not impossible and the benefits we will draw as a society and as individuals will far outweigh the drawbacks.

Those among us who are particularly gifted and who are now rewarded with wealth for their outstanding contribution to society will in the future be rewarded with time to think, freedom to act, and recognition to shine. Such individuals will enjoy the benefits that wealth now confers on the deserving, but will do so without detrimental effects to society; the detrimental effects that come from the accumulation of too much wealth in too few hands and that again and again results into a privileged class that will monopolize power and authority to usurp the principle of equality among men and secure benefits for themselves and their offspring at the cost of the majority and to the disadvantage of social evolution.

The nobility of blood has been replaced by the nobility of merit and now it is time to replace it with the nobility of virtue so that both individuals and society can thrive.

I live by the principle of equal division between manual and intellectual pursuits and I am the better for it. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to work alongside a man who has built enough foundations to have a city named after him and who knows what it is like to ache at the end of every working day, but who also has the privilege of beholding the fruits of his labor at the end of every working day and to revel in the thought that his muscles and wit have built a structure that will shelter a family for decades to come.

A man who has no dirt under his fingernails is not a man. And such a man will not know how to behave like a human being towards other men. He will use his mind to rob others of what is their due and arrest social evolution.

By the same token, a man who does not use his mind to seek answers to difficult questions and to understand the world around him is only a step removed from beasts. And such a man will not know how to behave like a human being towards other men. He will drag down those around him to his ignorant level and arrest social evolution.

In the final analysis, a strict division of labor is an unnatural state of being and a barrier to social evolution. At a time of overabundance of manpower, we can sacrifice economic productivity and efficiency for social gains and individual fulfillment.

Previous generations had philosopher kings. Future generations will have intellectual workers.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication.

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