As this documentary produced by Iranian PressTV shows, freedom of information and unbiased reporting are just smoke screens to attract disenchanted viewers, readers and listeners.

Living in the age of information means that access to the latest news is both cheap and easy, different news outlets are at hand and choice is abundant.

It means the flow of information is unblocked, freedom of speech and freedom of perception prevails and the media can no longer manipulate the masses.

But is this the reality of our world or merely an allusion we wish to believe in?

In fact the perception of the free flow of information and access to untainted, unbiased information for the public is only a façade.

Information can be controlled and organized by a complex web of media outlets to create an image or argument that favors their particular interests.

In this documentary PressTV shows the mechanisms behind mass media.

The documentary examines the Western media’s representation of Iran, and look into a pattern of propaganda now well-established in the mainstream media against Iran.

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