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This natural seasoning promotes an overall healthier body 


Antibacterial, antiseptic, low-carb and easy to plant at home.

Garlic is much more than a seasoning, it is a disease preventing seasoning loaded with nutritional properties and health benefits due to its sulfur compounds and multiple phytonutrients.

It is not an accident that grandparents used to hang garlic on strings in their houses. In fact, this is a practice first seen in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used it to treat different diseases.

Its habitual consumption can help to have better digestion, to absorb nutrients better and to optimizes the functions of the pancreas and the liver.

Garlic has a high nutritional value and contains very few calories; 28 grams of this condiment contain 42 calories, and a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese.

Many people take a garlic clove before breakfast to successfully reduce bad cholesterol and protect their hearts, in addition to taking advantage of its purifying, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Garlic is rich in vitamin B, an essential compound that reduces homocysteine levels. This substance is responsible for hardening blood vessels and bring us multiple problems such as thrombosis or coronary artery disease.

Eating a garlic on an empty stomach can help us combat these problems.

Eat a clove for a detoxified body

Garlic is an excellent detoxifier for our body. It helps us to purify and eliminate toxins, eliminate parasites and to release heavy metals such as mercury or drug residues from our bodies when the liver cannot do so.

Garlic is rich in vitamins A, B and C, very suitable for stimulating liver functions. Another of its virtues is the reduction of inflammation, hence it is very healthy to consume a daily garlic clove if you have a fatty liver.

Garlic for healthier lungs

If every time you catch a cold you end up with a lot of mucous, garlic comes in handy because it decongests your respiratory tracks and is a good natural antibiotic to treat lung problems.

If you suffer from sinusitis or you are going through a time with a lot of cough, you can make vapors or prepare a syrup based on garlic.

Garlic contains allicin, a substance that takes care of our cardiovascular system. So much so that consuming a natural garlic clove every day can reduce bad cholesterol by 9%.

It is not about eating a head of garlic every day. The key is balance. If we get used to taking garlic as a medicine every morning, in a few days we will notice its benefits.

Digestions are made much better because garlic stimulates gastric acids and food is digested and absorbed properly.

About the author: Luis R. Miranda

Luis Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the Founder and Editor of The Real Agenda News. His career spans over 20 years and almost every form of news media. He writes about environmentalism, geopolitics, globalisation, health, corporate control of government, immigration and banking cartels. Luis has worked as a news reporter, On-air personality for Live news programs, script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news.

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