President Barack Obama said Monday that the so-called immigration reform initiative was dead, even though such reform is one of the most defining issues of his second and final term in the White House.

Having found that this year Republicans would refuse to submit the bill to a vote in the House of RepresentativesObama said in an appearance in the Rose Garden of the White House that he would opt for using his presidential decree powers to fix the immigration system as soon as possible.

The statement had the solemnity of one of the serious moments of his presidency in which Obama usually blames others for his failure to politically commit with friends and foes to pass legislation in the US Congress.

Accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, and speaking in an irritated tone, the president accused Republicans of blocking project that was necessary for economic, human and security reasons. He said he has instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, and Attorney General, Eric Holder, to strengthen border security, while letting in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

Obama requested that Republicans made a proposal on the immigration issue but would only contemplate a bill that effectively legalized over 30 million illegals who have crossed the border into the United States.

According to the Obama administration, any law passed in Congress would need to strengthen the border with Mexico, provide a path to citizenship for all illegals – which official figures estimated to be 11 million undocumented immigrants, mostly from Latin America. In June 2013 the Senate Democratic majority passed a version of immigration reform with 68 votes in favor, including those of prominent Republicans.

But the bill was stopped in the US House of Representatives, where the Republicans are a majority. Republican speaker, John Boehner, refused to even allow a vote, although according to the law the Democrats had the support of enough lawmakers to have the bill approved.

If health care reform was the flagship project of Obama‘s first term, immigration reform s the one that will mark its second constitutional term in the White House. During his presidency, Obama has been characterized for using and overusing the power of the pen to ram through anything he has not been able to negotiate with Congress, becoming a de-facto American Dictator.

This amount of power which both Bush and Obama enhanced during their presidencies was been widely misused to hold Americans hostage and to force the population to accept laws that are undoubtedly unconstitutional, as it was the case with Obamacare. Although it was first upheld in the Supreme court, federal courts around the country have now struck down parts of Obamacare that have been found to infringe individual and constitutional rights.

Evidently, Obama is not the first president to try what other presidents successfully attempted to do: To concentrate more and more power in the hands of the Executive branch. His predecessor, Republican George W. Bush also abused his Executive powers in the wake of 9/11, all the way down to the end of his second term. The same happened with Bill Clinton, who used the artificially booming American economy to do some decree signing himself. 

By excusing himself on the Republican Party negative to support his version of an immigration bill, Obama admits his helplessness before a Congress that has blocked some of his strategic plans for the United States. Although in some cases Republicans in the Senate and the House refused to approve Obama’s proposals for political reasons, in others they indeed prevented Obama from further destroying the remains of a crumbling American society that continues to lose jobs, dollars and hope.

The promise to act through decrees is a challenge to the Republican opposition, which accuses him of abusing this tool and of grabbing more power than the Executive is supposed to have. After all, Obama has broken almost every single promise he made during his political campaign before he became president of the United States.

“I just adopted executive actions when we had a serious problem, and when Congress decided to do nothing,” Obama said, referring to his choice of governing on his own, through executive power. And in this situation, the failure of the Republicans in the House not to pass immigration reform is bad for our security, our economy and our future.”

Blaming others for his failure to talk and compromise is one of Obama’s best known abilities. He has had one and a half terms to secure the southern border, but he hasn’t done anything about it. He let the situation get worse so he can now say that he needs to act, because Congress won’t.

Obama said last week that Boehner told him there would not be a vote on immigration reform in 2014. Therefore a new Congress, which will be voted next November, but that will only begin to work in January 2016 will be the one charged with deciding what is done on immigration. This is why Obama has taken the unprecedented step to publicly declare himself and his administration the unitary power in the US government.

The failure of immigration reform is not a surprise. The systematic blocking of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives left little doubt about his poor viability, and in the past month have complicated things even more. The defeat in a primary election of the leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor, was interpreted as a sign that the conservative base would not tolerate the slightest warmth of their leaders on passing any type of immigration reform that allowed 30 million illegals to be given a free pass into the United States, especially now when there are no jobs and when the economy is not even strong enough to sustain social services for Americans themselves.

The wave of thousands of children from Central America dispelled any hope. Some congressional Republicans see the arrival of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants as a  response to the promises involving regularization and access to citizenship, even though these illegal immigrants clearly violated US Immigration Law.

For Obama, the current problem is the result of the chaos of the current legislation, which tolerates the presence of undocumented workers without allowing full integration in the country. But Obama himself has refused to orderly and adequately deport illegal immigrants out of the United States. In fact, Obama and his government have sponsored the arrival of tens of thousands of children while denying that they will stay in the US.

The incapacity of Obama to produce immigration reform that makes sense for the United States has turned him into a lame duck president, so he has now resorted to unchecked presidential powers to save face during the last two and a half years in the White House.

None of Obama’s actions are surprising to this point. Not his thirst for power and certainly not his desire to flood the United States with illegal aliens who will help bankrupt the US even further. Back in 2012, Obama obtained 73% of the Latino vote, the most powerful minority in America today. And it can happen again in 2016, when Obama’s successor in the Democratic Party will once again be pushed to power by the masses of ignorant Latinos who do not understand the ultimate plan.

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