The most common argument raised by anti-Second Amendment people when informed that the U.S. government keeps a database with as much information it can regarding individuals’ activities is “that is not true”. I’ve heard it once again on CNN this week.

When the TV host asked Gun Owners of America’s Larry Prat about his opposition on a federal national gun registry, Mr. Prat related to her guest Mark Blaze, the Director of a group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, that currently, the U.S. government stores data on gun owners on a not so secret system located in Clarsksburg, West Virginia. After interrupting Mr. Prat, the MAIG Director snobbishly said he had no idea about what he was talking about and that it wasn’t true.

Mr. Glaze then told the audience the fairy tale that the U.S. government destroys any records on gun owners as fast as 24 hours later. He believes that because the government says so, and he only believes what the government says, not what reality says.

Even the TV host admitted that the kind of legislation that is being pushed by the U.S. President wouldn’t have stopped the shootings in Newtown or Sandy Hook. But she said, it might help make shootings less deadly. That is right, it might. The odds that laws limiting the purchase and possession of firearms stop a mass shooting are zero, for the simple reason that mass shooters do not observe the law. Also, how can anyone define the tragedy of a mass shooting by the number of deaths? One death alone makes a shooting as tragic as 20 deaths, doesn’t it?

Larry Prat correctly pointed out that Americans cannot trust their lives to a government that knowingly shipped high caliber firearms to Mexico for the drug cartels to use in the murder of innocent Mexicans. He refers to the Fast & Furious program that shipped thousands of firearms to the Mexican drug cartels. According to Prat, at least 400 Mexicans were killed by guns shipped to Mexico by the U.S. government.

See the interview below:

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