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Former Salt Lake City Mayor: “I wish the Redline would have been drawn for the United States” 

Rocky Anderson, 2012 Justice Party Presidential Candidate and Former Salt Lake City Mayor appeared on Russia Today’s Breaking the Set, to talk about the current state of affairs in the United States. He addresses the Obama Administration’s foreign policy and the build up of the Police State.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2002, the US Federal Government spied on all communications originating in Utah after it closed a deal with Qwest Communications. Mr. Anderson confirmed such an illegal action which was carried out by no one else than the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The illegal spying occurred during the time the State of Utah hosted the Winter Olympics

“If I’d had any idea, all hell would have broken loose,” says Anderson, who serve as Salt Lake City Mayor from 2000 to 2008. “This was the largest surveillance action in the history of the United States,” said the former Mayor. “They were grabbing the contents of all communications: text messages, emails,” he added. “This is like leaving under the KGB, except the KGB did not have this type of technology.”

When asked about the way Barack Obama has ran the US government, Anderson said he was not surprised about the way the current president has deteriorated even further the rule of law in the country. “His campaign was nothing else than a PR play. He said that he had hoped there would be real change, but that Obama’s actions have proved him wrong. “We have a president who oversees the most secret , punitive government.”

“This president has no regard for the rule of law, for the democratic system or the very core of the Constitution.” Anderson added that not even the established legal system is enough to stop a federal government that imposes its will in challenges issued by citizens, organizations and whistleblowers and that mandates the Courts to reject any question raised against its secretive illegal actions.

When asked about Obama’s claim that he alone can decide when to commit US troops to attack another country — Syria –, Mr. Anderson said Obama actions were examples of impeachable offenses, and that he would, just as he did back during George W. Bush’s administration, call for the impeachment of the current president.

“You know, I really have to wonder if John Yoo is writing their memos for them”

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