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Gulf of Mexico Natives Fighting for their Lives 

Transnational corporations partner with the federal government to destroy sacred lands

Tribal Councils working with Biologist, Registered Nurse, Volunteer Advocates

I have been fighting Big Oil, Gas and Nuclear since my years at University of California Santa Barbara.  I marched with Jackson Browne and the Indigenous Elders in Santa Barbara.

I went back to that region in 2009 and as far as the eye could see there they were, Oil Rigs spaced evenly up and down the coast of Southern California. San Onofre Nuclear power plant stood like a decaying Corpse against the skyline of the waters protecting Camp Pendleton.

When the Gulf Oil Spill occurred I could not sit back and watch anymore. I knew I had to do something.   I wrote papers and I fought hard along with my dear friends and the People I love from up and down the Gulf.

I proudly call myself a Real Coastal Warrior along with so many others that I can not name in one paper.

We have worked with Dahr Jamail, Riki Ott and so many other Gulf Truthers; some of whom have died and are going to die from those toxic dispersants and the oil which they sank in order to hide a crime.

We have been sounding the warning call:



On November the 14th, 2013, I had the honor of attending a conference with Bobby C. Billie and Shannon Larson at Green World Path in Brooksville, Florida.

I learned of the Plight of the Indigenous Indian Tribes through Bobby C. Billie and his talk for the people of the Everglades (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/40774868). At 20 minutes and 43 Seconds you will hear about what is going on here in Florida all over the south and worldwide.

Again, you will note another “elephant” in the room and all over the United States and worldwide. Worldwide, our government is pushing a Nuclear, Gas and Fracking agenda. We are in dire circumstances and we must carry the message to the world that we are in dangerous trouble.

On November the 22nd, I attended a workshop that was sponsored by the Government and AECOM. Pushing the “River of Grass Project” was SWFMD, ACEOM and Global Company which is tied to the government. Not only are they tied to our government, but they control our government and their tentacles reach all over the world.

I asked 3 questions at the beginning of this co-opted meeting and unapologetically questioned their agenda.

One, who is funding this? Two, who will maintain this project?, and three, who profits? The dancing around these answers and the complete denial in order not to answer these questions was blatantly apparent.  Ignoring my question and not answering, was the job of the Moderator, Nicholas Kuhn, an Engineer at ACEOM.  Miami Dade Counties, Lead Engineer on this Project.

A child of one of the indigenous tribes, made a statement in that meeting, “Why would you build a 75 mile bridge when you need to clean the runoff from the Sugar Plants in Clewiston that have poisoned our fish with Mercury?

I thought about how wise this child was, but my sadness of this confirmation, told me yet again more about how our food is being destroyed by chemicals, oil and corporations who could care less about People over Profits.

I can guarantee you that a 75 mile bridge for biking and pedestrian use does not require a 60 mile an hour speed limit, nor does it require as 14 to 16 foot wide roadway.

As I sat through this presentation Bobby C. Billie and Shannon Larsen asked time and time again to stop it.   Bobby said, “You are killing your mother!”   His honest warnings were passed off as another crackpot Indian who did not about the matter.  Little did these fat cats know that they were sitting among one of the most spiritual elders in the State of Florida who lived and listened to the messages of the Spirit….Mother Earth, for his entire life.

I saw it on that presentation.  It is all about the oil, the gas, fracking and nuclear protection in the state of Florida. They are not going to be happy until they are done with their chemical genocide for the profit of a few and the harm of many.

The very people pushing this agenda are the same people who poisoned our Gulf and won safety awards in 2012 for the killing of the Gulf of Mexico, the animals and the people. They have no fish and therefore no livelihood.


As the meeting of the “RIVER OF GRASS” – which is really the River of Concrete, Oil, Gas, Fracking and Nuclear – continued I became livid because these people were not listening to Shannon Larsen, Bobby C. Billie, Leroy Osceola and the people who lived on that land for generations.

Out of my mouth came, “I have had enough, you have nuclear contamination coming up from Fukushima into the Pacific. They continue to spray COREXIT  dispersant all over the sub-seas. This genocidal chemical is poured up and down the coast and it is being injected into the Gulf.  You have a mess and you have not cleaned that mess up.  Fix it and stop building more.”

With that diatribe they shut down the meeting, I walked out the back door to the parking lot and cried. I was not going to let them see me cry. They did not deserve my tears. It is the people who are suffering at the hands of these Corporations that deserve my love, respect and tears.

I walked out of that meeting shaking. While I was going home, I I called my friend and activist Dona Knap. I said hit your computer and Google this company. Sure enough, my hunch was right. AECOM Corporation is into everything that has to do with the Federal Government. Please read and re-read the next three links because this is the enemy. These people have made BILLIONS off the backs of many:




Here is Dona Knap’s statement:

“What possible interest could this corporation have with the Everglades and a proposed bike a pedestrian path? First, Nation People live out there, and they plan to run right over them with this ROGG project, dig in Sacred land, burial sites, ceremonial sites, hunting grounds and people’s homes, not to mention endangered panthers and native flora, which are also impacted by this fool hardy project that leaves the Everglades wide open to further destruction from oil drilling/fracking, power plants and water contamination?Dona Knapp

Yes, Dona and everyone who questions this, you are all right. These people have no business minding the business of the people because they are the ones along with the Coast Guard, the Military Industrial Complex, the Police and Fish&Wildlife, who have been running the show for all of Big Oil, Nuclear, Gas and Fracking of the Globe and the running of the WARS.

We the People of every race, color and creed need to take a good look around, we the people of the world deserve more and we the people, scientists and others who fought against BP – many of whom were arrested – this is how they managed this very early on. We were hassled by trolls and horrible people who tried to destroy us and our reputations.

The following video was done by Dahr Jamail after working with all of the people of the Gulf:


This is another video that shows how ACEOM has ties to the Prison System:


I have been screaming for answers to what is going on for years and in the words of my very wise grandmother, “If you can not take care of what you have, you do not deserve anymore.”  Well BP and ACEOM and the Feds you do not deserve any more. Help us clean up the mess you all have caused and get out of your delusions that you can eat money.

“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”

Lastly thanks to Riki Ott, Wilma Subra, Linda-Hooper Bui, Dr Paul Sommarco, Bob Naman,  Maureen Daupheen, Tom Termotto,  Bk Lim, Dahr Jamail, Erika Blumenthal, Harry Rabin from on the wave productions, Mike DeGruy (deceased), Tampa Bay Times’ Craig Pittman, and  so many others.

It is time this comes to light.


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