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James Woods: “Obama is a threat to the Republic” 

Actor James Woods has spoken on Twitter what many people think, but are afraid to say openly. Barack Obama is an ” abomination” .

Woods, 66, and a winner of three Emmy Awards has said that “the president of the United States is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic”. Mr. Woods understands the cost of exercising freedom of speech in his country, even though it is supposed to be a constitutional right. He’s said that he does not expect to return to work in Hollywood after speaking his mind against Obama.

Known for his work in films like Salvador, Casino and Once Upon a Time in America, Woods, who is openly a conservative, says that Obama grants privileges to illegal immigrants while has marginalized the veterans of World War II.

This is not the first time the actor has expressed his rejection of the U.S. president. The Washington Times reported in September some of Woods comments when he called Obama “a gift from hell”‘ for sharing personal information about U.S. citizens with Israel.

In July, Woods also accused the president of feeding racial tensions after the death of Trayvon Martin. In that event, George Zimmerman faced accusations of murder and went to trial. Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty..

For now, the only fellow teacher who has shown their support is Gary Sinise , star of the television series CSI: New York.

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