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Now that the dust has begun to settle, let’s take a deep breath and think what happened in Nevada.

Perhaps you haven’t heard about the Bundy Ranch confrontation if you live outside the United States or have been sleeping under a rock for the past 3 weeks.

Perhaps you did hear or read about it, but because of the amount of disinformation, guesstimates and rumors it became difficult to understand the meat and potatoes of the face off between Feds and Ranchers.

While the Feds claim that ranchers did not have the right to have their cattle roam free to feed, although they’ve done just that for the past few decades, the ranchers claimed that they’ve done for a long time without any problem whatsoever.

The crisis came to crescendo and reached its highest peak last week when Feds and Ranchers, supported by other ranchers and so-called militias, stood face to face for a few hours, in what seemed to be the beginning of the clash between federal armed thugs and American citizens defending their rights.

In the middle of it all we can find corrupt politicians, of course. In this case, those politicians are linked to foreign entities which seek to use American land to carry out a manufacturing project. Out of 53 ranchers who lived in the area, only Cliven Bundy remains. The rest were either kicked out by the Feds or decided to leave their land due to federal harassment.

There is a piece of reporting that puts the Bundy confrontation into simple, understandable context so that everyone who is interested can make sense of it all. It comes from the folks at StormCloudsGathering.com.

Let’s take a look:

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFiosLqjoQQ&list=UUEHsSWvrGVSIA63OV3J6vhA” width=”650″ height=”350″]

If after watching this video you think that this is all about a rancher not wanting to pay his dues, I suggest you conduct more research about it. Please just be careful with media disinformation when doing so. If you live in the U.S., please keep in mind that what is happening to the Bundy family can and will happen to many people in the near future. If you live outside the United States, and think this is an isolated case, remember that wherever you live, if you are governed by a bureaucracy of politicians, chances are they also think the government can confiscate land at any point in time and without explaining why.

The situation that the Bundy ranchers are going through -it hasn’t ended yet- will become a common occurrence should people not rise up and tear the claws of government off.

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