The British intelligence agencies are admittedly spying on its citizens too and the government in London allows the US to spy on them as well.

The British government heavyweights came out in defense of the secret services and rejected accusations that they have agreed to circumvent British law and spy on British citizens or UK residents.

Neither the Prime Minister David Cameron nor the head of the Foreign Office, William Hague, confirmed or denied that the Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ, has used the U.S. program PRISM, which has been identified as the tool to enter the servers of Google, Facebook, Skype, Microsoft, Apple and other telecommunications and technology companies.

In the morning, Cameron recalled that the intelligence agencies are subject to scrutiny by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Commons. “This election is important and I will make sure that it happens,” said the premier. The commission has received “some information” and now has gained access to a full report, as explained by the late Foreign Office responsible for an emergency hearing in the Commons.

“It has been suggested that GCHQ uses our cooperation with the United States to circumvent British law, obtaining information that could not have been legally obtained in the UK. I want to make clear that this accusation has no basis,” Hague said. “Any data obtained by us through the U.S. that affects UK nationals is subject to adequate controls and safeguards to UK,” he said.

However, Hague hid behind the necessary discretion to address the issues of espionage to avoid any concrete details on how these exchanges of information occur. It did not address the key allegation made by a former NSA employee who worked for the CIA, Edward Snowden, that the British used the spying program PRISM since 2007.

“Our agencies practice and abide by UK law at all times, even when dealing with information outside of the UK,” he said. He did not clarify if London has asked Washington not to spy on Britons in the UK, claiming that each country acts according to its own laws.

William Hague’s words seemed to have been carefully drafted by an attorney so that no matter what happens, no one can accuse him of lying to Parliament. But even taken at face value, they seemed designed to respect the writing on a paper than the spirit of the law.

Nothing of what Hague said crosses out the possibility that the U.S. has been spying on British people, and that when they find something interesting, an immediate notice is sent to the British government. Remember Minority Report, pre-crime? This is it. They first see your present conduct to determine if you may be involved in anything illegal to then charge you. In the near present, they will use all stored information from your recent past to label you as a dangerous person who needs to be incarcerated because of his speech.

PRISM is a fully illustrated example of how to governments illegally launch pre-emptive strikes on the people, to avoid terrorist attacks that not coming.

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