These countries signed the UN treaty that will regulate global arms sales, and in doing so, have turned their safety to the globalist organization. This international law, which allegedly intends to prohibit the export of conventional weapons, ammunition, parts and systems that governments fear could be used against its people or commit crimes against humanity, is in reality an attempt to further monopolize the legal and illegal trade of weapons. According to the sponsors of the UN Arms Treaty, it is estimated that armed violence claims more than half a million lives a year worldwide. What UN and the sponsors of the Treaty forget to mention is that those deaths are caused by out of control governments who, as The Real Agenda has informed, are the ones responsible for the largest number of murders in human history.

As it has been widely reported in alternative media, the UN Arms Treaty attempts to clamp down on the trade of large weapons, but also on small firearms. If anyone thought it was hard to get a weapon for self-defense before, they are about to find out that it can, and it will become even harder. The UN Arms Treaty is in fact a crack down on people’s ability to care for their own safety, as supposed to leaving it in the hands of government or the UN itself. The UN Arms Treaty clearly calls for a ban on legal possession of firearms, which is the dream of oppressive regimes around the world.

In total, the first block of Treaty Nations consists of 62 of a total of 193 members of the United Nations. In the Latin American bloc, along with Brazil and Mexico also participated in the ceremony representatives of Belize, Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, and several Caribbean countries like the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. Argentina, meanwhile, was a cosponsor of the text. Ironically, many of these countries don’t even have any military significance in the world and indeed are usually the recipients of aggressive military foreign policy by imperialist forces from Europe and North America. Why are they then handing their security to the UN? It is a good questions to ask. Take for example Costa Rica, a nation that does not even have a standing army since 1948 and which strongly represses the right of its people to own a firearm. Why would its government, hand the security of its people to the UN? Why would countries in the Caribbean support this Treaty? The answer is very simple: Because their politicians can be easily bribed.

“The Treaty is not perfect, but it is a robust text,” said at the ceremony Angela Kane, UN High Representative for Disarmament issues. Christine Beerli, Vice President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, said that in her opinion the Treaty is aimed at “reducing the suffering of civil society”. But her statement cannot be further from reality, since governments were the ones responsible for the most deaths in the 20th and continue to be so in the early 21st century.  In fact, governments, depending who one asks, have directly and indirectly murdered upwards of 300,000,000 people. How can we trust governments to keep us safe then? How can we trust the United Nations, an organization that seeks to become the only military force in the world, with our safety if the UN has been at the very least complicit in the murder of millions of people? According to former UN assistant secretary-general Hans-Christof von Sponeck, the United Nations, an organization created by the power elite, has supported — either by action or inaction — the committance of war crimes in some of the poorest and less guarded regions of the world.

Despite the evidence, however, people seem to think that the UN should handle everything from small firearms to large cashes or weapons. Jordi Armadans, member of the Control Arms campaign, called the day “historic” and considered it a “significant step forward” because he trusts that “will save many lives.” “The sale of arms to governments that cause the suffering of its people, fueling rebellions, civil wars or conflicts is no longer acceptable.” How about the sale and possession of weapons to governments that attack other countries?

The key when measuring the Treaty’s effectiveness will of course depend on the participation of strong buyers and sellers. Together with Spain, participated in this first act other European arms exporters like UK, Germany or France. It was also the case in South Africa, Brazil and Mexico among emerging powers. The U.S. is not in this first block because the US Senate rejected the UN Treaty. However, current Secretary of State, John Kerry, has said that the US will sign the Treaty. His opinion seems to be shared by US President Barack Obama, who intends to sign the Treaty even though it was rejected in Congress.

The Arms Trade Treaty was adopted a month ago, with the support of 154 countries. In order for it to enter into force in the countries that have signed it, it must be ratified by their Congresses, which may take at least two years. After 90 days from that point, it will be fully applicable and members should assess whether the direct export of arms or through a third party contributes to undermine peace and security. The purchase, sale and management of all kinds of firearms and weapons will then be controlled by the UN.

The legislation covers everything from handguns to large tanks and other heavy armored vehicles to systems of large caliber artillery, helicopters, planes, ships, missiles and launchers. After ratification, the UN says, the Treaty will help prevent the diversion of all those weapons to the illegal market, so it mandates that countries present annual reports on the transfers.

The negotiations for this Treaty began seven years ago. The only countries that oppose a common standard to regulate the arms trade are Iran, North Korea and Syria. These countries rightfully call the Treaty one “full of dark spots”, while highlighting the fact that the UN Treaty does not address the transfers of weapons to rebel groups. Why not? Because it is through proxy guerrillas and groups of terrorists that the Western oppressors carry out their endless wars against the rest of the world. It was done recently in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria.

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