Former Congressman Ron Paul visited Charlie Rose to discuss the content of his new book “The School Revolution: A New Answer for our Broken Educational System“, which is based on the principle of non-interventionism.

While doing so, Mr. Paul addressed Rose’s questions and one by one he successfully corrected his ‘misconceptions’ about war and peace, liberty and slavery, compulsory education and what Paul believes is the best way to spur creativity and curiosity, instead of coercion.

During the interview, Rose asked Ron Paul about his position on US Interventionism, to which Ron Paul responded clearly: “Our president is working very hard so that many people in this country don’t have guns. At the same time, we are giving guns to the Al-Qaeda who is fighting Assad.” Mr. Paul describes the contradiction of this president and the previous one, who publicly say they are fighting al-Qaeda and other terrorism groups who are a threat to the United States, while secretly arming and training them to fight for its interests in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

When asked by Charlie Rose if he thought it was a good idea for the Tea Party to try to get government out of people’s lives, Mr. Paul shut Rose up: “Well yeah, because the alternative is turning the United States into Detroit.” Mr. Paul referred to the current situation in the state of Michigan, where its capital city of Detroit is in shambles as it has been one of the hardest hit by the economic collapse of the US economy. Just this week, a new bill has been proposed that would require people on welfare to “volunteer” to work in order to obtain their welfare checks.

Under this proposal, the state and the US Federal government will make people on welfare work for pennies just as it happens in the prison system, so that they can receive their welfare payments. With well over 40 percent of the US population on some kind of government aid program, it is clear that the path towards government completely controlling these people’s lives is just around the corner. Many of the people on welfare are also those who depend on government to receive healthcare. Under Obamacare, a plan to enrich insurers, drug companies, and large hospital chains. people who seek government provided healthcare will have to obey all kinds of regulations and pay higher taxes in order to receive that care and access to medical attention will be limited in many cases.

Regarding compulsory education, Ron Paul explained that “we’ve had a system for 100 or 150 years based on compulsion and conformity and I don’t think that’s good. It’s dictatorial and authoritarian. It has abolished creativity and curiosity.” Paul also rejected Charter Schools, which although have some benefits for some people, are mostly government financed, which makes them just as likely to teach the authoritarian approach and promote government sponsored ideas.

According to Ron Paul, the whole theme of his new book revolves around the philosophy of liberty, which he says, is non-coercive. Paul says the current educational system teaches people “the authoritarian approach”, which justifies “why you have to have the government run the economy, why do you have to protect the government against ‘bad social habits’, why do you have to police the world. So it is a philosophy that contradicts everything in the freedom philosophy”.

Watch Ron Paul’s complete interview below.

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