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Russia Again Targets America’s Electoral System? 

New York Times

The Big Lie appears a permanent fixture on the US political landscape – at least while Trump remains in office, likely after he’s gone as long as it’s politically advantageous to invent reasons to bash Russia.

The Russophobic NYT lying machine is at it again, maintaining a steady drumbeat of disinformation and Big Lies about the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin personally – while supporting US wars of aggression and Israeli high crimes against Palestinians.

The self-styled newspaper of record continues deceiving its readers, falsely accusing the Kremlin of US election system interference, claiming more of the same coming to subvert November midterms – never backing its claims with hard evidence because none exists.

The Times: “With fewer than 100 days to go until the midterms, the evidence continues to pile up that America’s electoral system remains a hot target for hackers, most notably agents of the Russian government.”

Claiming it is one thing, proving it another. The Times and other media scoundrels are long on accusations, short on proving what they claim.

The Times partially quoted Russophobic anti-democratic Dem Senator Clair McCaskill. Here’s her full statement, turning truth on its head, saying “Russia continues to engage in cyber warfare against our democracy. I will continue to speak out and press to hold them accountable,” adding:

“While this attack was not successful, it is outrageous that they think they can get away with this. I will not be intimidated. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Putin is a thug and a bully.”

Like other Russophobes, she made unjustifiable accusations without proof. The canard about Russian US election interference wore thin long ago, along with numerous other false charges against the Kremlin and Putin.

He’s no thug or a bully. He’s an overwhelmingly popular, democratically elected and reelected Russian president. Its process shames America’s money-controlled system – one-party rule with two right wings, taking turns controlling the White House and Congress.

The Times: “Attempts to disrupt America’s government and electoral system are widespread and multifaceted,” adding:

“…Facebook announced that it had identified and removed dozens of pages and accounts linked to a coordinated effort aimed at influencing the November elections.”

Electoral system disruption America is internal, not external – generated by media scoundrels, acting as press agents for favored candidates, mostly by monied interests, colluding with party bosses to select winners over losers, voters with no say on who governs them.

Facebook long ago lost trustworthiness, censoring material for the imperial state and monied interests.

I experienced its venom firsthand, some of my articles deleted from my FB page, blocking individuals sending me “friends” requests, banishing me altogether for weeks – for refusing voluntarily to remove truth-telling content it considered objectionable, flagrantly breaching my First Amendment right.

The Times continues bashing Trump for the wrong reasons, notably for wanting improved relations with Russia. It disgracefully called his summit with Putin a “cuddlefest in Helsinki.”

It pretends US governance is democratic – only for the privileged few. The vast majority of Americans have no say whatever.

Russia threatens America? Trump the “biggest hurdle to combating this threat?”

The Kremlin respects the sovereign independence of all countries. It wages peace, not war. It wants cooperative relations with all nations.

America wants them submissive to its will, waging endless wars of aggression, staging color revolutions, trade and currency wars, along with other hostile actions to colonize planet earth for unchallenged control.

The “biggest hurdle(s)” to truth-telling about what’s going on are the Times and other media scoundrels.

They serve wealth, power and privilege exclusively, ignoring imperial state high crimes and corporate predation, pretending America is beautiful – only for those benefitting from harming countless others grievously.

US Social and Other Major Media v. Russia

US major media are maliciously Russophobic, supporting the official falsified narrative, suppressing hard truths on virtually all major geopolitical issues, notably anything about Russia.

The Tampa Bay Times-owned Poynter Institute for Media Studies owns and operates PolitiFact. It’s dubious “Truth-O-Meter” is notoriously Russophobic.

Earlier it said claiming Russian US election meddling is a “made-up story’ (is) Lie of the Year” unjustifiably saying:

“A mountain of evidence (sic) points to a single fact: Russia meddled in the US presidential election of 2016,” adding:

Vladimir Putin “ordered…cyber-theft of private data, the placement of propaganda against particular candidates, and an overall effort to undermine public faith in the US democratic process.”

All of the above are bald-faced lies. So is calling America’s fantasy “democratic process” real. Falsely accusing Russia of meddling in the US political process is one of the Big Lies of the year since 2016.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, PolitiFact operated as Hillary’s press agent, objectivity abandoned for shameful bias, its supposedly impartial “fact checking” farcical, its major conflicts of interest unacceptably glaring.

Social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google allied with anti-Kremlin congressional Russophobes. Their opposition to “extremist content” and fake news is all about suppressing truth-telling on vital issues, notably about Russia.

News and opinions diverging from the official narrative risk online social media censorship. I experienced it on Facebook, some of my articles deleted.

Twitter earlier prohibited RT and Sputnik from “purchas(ing) ad campaigns and promot(ing) tweets on (its) platform.”

Google “de-rank(ed)” RT and Sputnik in displayed search results.

On Wednesday, Facebook Twitter, Google, and other online tech officials testified before the Senate’s Intelligence Committee – part of the imperial state’s endless campaign against Russia.

Company officials read from the long ago discredited script, falsely claiming Russian misinformation hostile to America continues with no signs of slowing – a bald-faced lie.

Undemocratic Dem committee vice chairman Mark Warner turned truth on its head, claiming “(f)oreign operatives…by design slip between our free speech guarantees and our legal authorities.”

Wednesday’s hearing came a day after Facebook removed 32 pages of “inauthentic” content.

The State Department praised the move, falsely claiming pages removed were “orchestrated from abroad (to) foment division and violence inside the United States,” suggesting Russian involvement.

During a Fox New interview on Tuesday, Homeland Security secretary Kristjen Nielsen maliciously lied, claiming “Russians and other nation states are absolutely attempting to manipulate us,” adding FB should be “commended” for helping to reveal a “very real” threat – when no foreign ones exist.

Facebook removed other material earlier it claimed was similar to previously banned content falsely linked to the Kremlin.

Online censorship in America is the new normal, social media giants complicit with the imperial state.

Mark Warner praised FB censorship, falsely saying its “disclosure is further evidence that the Kremlin continues to exploit platforms like Facebook to sow division and spread disinformation, and I am glad that Facebook is taking some steps to pinpoint and address this activity.”

The real threat to freedom and security in America is generated internally, not from abroad. The imperial state threatens everyone everywhere.

A Final Comment

A report last May on foreign meddling in Russia’s March presidential election blamed Washington, explaining US attempts to interfere in the nation’s internal affairs are longstanding – before and after Soviet Russia’s dissolution.

Russian Senator Andrey Klimov said Washington spends “billions of dollars” on foreign subversion.

Russia gets “special treatment (because) we are the only country in the world that is capable of giving the US an immediate tangible response. Therefore meddling into our affairs will continue,” adding:

“We have concrete examples…based on absolutely reliable facts. It’s not someone’s guess. It’s not ‘highly likely.’ It’s something we can prove…backed up by testimonies (and) documents…not disputed by” the US.

Post-WW II, Washington meddled in scores of foreign elections, aiming to install pro-Western puppet regimes in power.

It’s part of the imperial state’s campaign to eliminate all sovereign independent governments, wanting planet earth colonized with subservient vassal states.

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