No one doubts now that the current Ebola outbreak is a result of unlimited and unchecked experimentation with naturally occurring virus strains. In fact, this possibility was confirmed by Dr. Francis A. Boyle. The current strains of Ebola found in Africa, which are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, are not only not natural, but produced intentionally to cause the outbreak it has caused.

To sum up, Ebola is a biological weapons. This possibility was also confirmed by Dr. , who said that the world’s deadliest diseases – AIDS and Ebola – are made by Big Pharma and Big Government

The biggest fear now playing on some alternative media is that Ebola may mutate and become transmissible through the air, as It is the nightmare scenario of any Hollywood horror movie,  where a virus like Ebola evolves and acquires the ability to spread like the flu.

But, is this scenario really plausible?

The Ebola virus is very stable in bats, which are its reservoir in nature; it is unlikely it could mutate to the point it can cause infection through the air, ” says Josep Vaqué, professor of preventive medicine and public health at Autònoma Unversitat (UAB).

In humans, the Ebola virus has a poorer adaptation than in bats, for example, which makes it more likely that the strains experience genetic mutations. Therefore, the later Ebola is stopped, the greater the chance that the current strains mutate.

Despite any potential evolution, the probability of reaching the point of becoming transmissible via air, in the way influenza does, is negligible. It would have to undergo a radical change that is inconceivable to happen. It would be like expecting a tiger to sprout wings and fly,” said Vaqué.

The Ebola virus is not the only one circulating in the blood. If the chances that AIDS or hepatitis C become transmissible via air, there is no reason to fear that Ebola will acquire that capacity, emphasizes Vaqué.

His statement, however, does not take into account the possibility that the current strains of Ebola, or a new one, if it appears, could artificially be equipped to mutate and to become transmissible by air. Remember that this Ebola virus is a biological weapon, which could potentially discount any and all assumptions made by scientists.

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