As we have been reporting, the whole hysteria about Ebola as naturally occurring disease was just that, hysteria. While everyone was distracted getting into panic mode, the ruthless lunatics in power released their weaponized Ebola virus.

Professor Francis A. Boyle has said that Ebola is nothing more than a US manufactured bio weapon. According to Boyle, there are three bio weapon laboratories in Africa; one in each country where Ebola appeared first.


Now health authorities are planning to test Ebola vaccines on Africans from those three countries: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Professor Boyle has warned that one of the two vaccines that already exist is a genetically engineered product that combines Ebola with the common cold

These vaccines, says Boyle, are genetically engineered from the beginning. The US first genetically modified the Ebola virus to create a bioweapon, and then manufactured a “vaccine” to “cure” the disease.

The most recent case of Ebola in Mali appeared right after GlaxoSmithKline began testing its “vaccine” there.

Another coincidence?

Besides the Ebola-Cold vaccine, there is an Ebola-Flu vaccine, which is also ready to be administered by health authorities.

For all we know, they may attempt to inject people with Ebola while saying they are being inoculated against the common cold or the flu and vice-versa.

Professor Boyle added that the so-called “vaccine” was developed at the National Institutes of Health in Galveston, USA.

From any angle once sees his warnings, it seems they may go ahead and try to wipe large numbers of African people, especially if western African governments play along with American and European health organizations.

The plans to reduce the world’s population has been announced many times by globalists such as Bill Gates while speaking at TED.

If you think this is only about depopulation, think again. There is also a financial aspect to it. There is no need to say that this is also all about making a killing with the sale of the two “vaccines” that have already been patented by US government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Watch the complete interview with Professor Francis A. Boyle below:

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