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Mind control: Military and intelligence planners have been exploiting it for decades 

Mind Control Victims

Sometimes referred to as “wavies” or “beamers“, these individuals are usually dismissed when asserting that they are the victims of mind control weapons testing. In fact:

“University of South Florida researchers have published a study showing that fears of the Internet are replacing the CIA and radio waves as a frequent delusion in psychiatric patients. In every case of Internet delusion documented by the researchers, the patient actually had little experience with computers.”80

The problem is that it is difficult if not impossible to sort out which people might be victims and which are delusional. Attempts to determine the reality of the complaints are often the butt of jokes and fear. For example, the University of Albany has…

“…shut down the research of a psychology professor probing the ’X-Files’ world of government surveillance and mind control. At conferences, in papers and research over two semesters, Professor Kathryn Kelley explored the claims of those who say they were surgically implanted with communications devices to read their thoughts.”81

Since the release of our first book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology,82 we have heard from hundreds of people making such claims. We cannot sort out what might be real experimentation from that which resides only in the minds of these people. We believe that the claims should be taken seriously and that people should have some place to go in order to find the truth or gain the medical treatments they otherwise deserve. The history of the United States is littered with examples of people being exploited by scientists working under the cover of darkness provided by “black budgets“. Could these reports have a factual basis? We believe that some do.

Government control of the mind in order to impose its will on people is best summarized on the wall of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial with an inscription that reads:

“They [who] seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers… call this a new order. It is not new and it is not order.”83


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