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Mind control: Military and intelligence planners have been exploiting it for decades 

Brain-to-Computer Connections

Major steps are being made to connect biology to information technology. In 1990 came the news that,

“[s]cientists have succeeded for the first time in establishing a colony of human brain cells that divide and grow in laboratory dishes, an achievement with profound implications for understanding and treating a wide range of neurological disorders from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s disease”.37

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal in February 1994:

“Researchers said they took a key first step toward creating electronic microchips that use living brain cells. The researchers said they had learned how to place embryonic brain cells in desired spots on silicon or glass chips and then induce the brain cells to grow along desired paths.”38

The other possibility is that both brain cells and computer hardware could be built in the laboratories, creating, perhaps, the first biologically augmented computers.

What’s on Your Mind?

A significant initiative was started for use in creating counter-drug measures: the Brain Imaging Technology Initiative.

“This initiative establishes NIDA [National Institute on Drug Abuse] regional neuroimaging centers and represents an interagency cooperative endeavor funded by CTAC [Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center], Department of Energy (DOE), and NIDA to develop new scientific tools (new radiotracers and technologies) for understanding the mechanisms of addiction and for the evaluation of new pharmacological treatments.”39

Through neuroimaging, not only could the stated objective be achieved, but through imaging a person’s emotional states could be mapped, chemical influences determined and perhaps even specific thoughts read.

Back in 1975, Physics Today reported:

“Developments in ways to measure the extremely weak magnetic fields emanating from organs such as the heart, brain and lungs are leading to important new methods for diagnosing abnormal conditions.”40

In 1995, a system for capturing and decoding brain signals was patented which includes a transducer for stimulating a person and EEG transducers for recording brainwave signals from the person. It also includes a computer for controlling and synchronizing stimuli presented to the person and at the same time recording brainwave signals, and either interpreting these signals using a model for conceptual, perceptual and emotional thought to correspond to the EEG signals of the person’s thoughts or comparing the signals to normal brain signals from a normal population to diagnose and locate the origin of brain-dysfunctional underlying perception, conception and emotion.41

In other words, the device reads your mind by comparing your brain activity to other people’s.

In 1996 came this Orwellian development:

“…a method for remotely determining information relating to a person’s emotional state, as waveform energy having a predetermined frequency and a predetermined intensity is generated and wirelessly transmitted towards a remotely located subject. Waveform energy emitted from the subject is detected and automatically analyzed to derive information relating to the individual’s emotional state.

Physiological or physical parameters of blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil size, respiration rate and perspiration level are measured and compared with reference values to provide information utilizable in evaluating [an] interviewee’s responses or possibly criminal intent in security sensitive areas.”42

This technology could be used for determining what a person might do, given his totally discernible interior emotions. This technology walks through any behaviour wall a person can erect and goes straight to the brain to see what may be on a person’s mind.

Inducing behaviour rather than just reading a person’s emotional state is the subject of one scientist’s work in Canada.

“Scientists are trying to recreate alien abductions in the laboratory… The experiment, to be run by Professor Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University, of Sudbury, Ontario, consists of a converted motorcycle helmet with solenoids on its sides that set up magnetic fields across a subject’s head.”43

This experiment was carried out and was the subject of a Canadian Broadcasting System exposé on mind control. The segment ran on a program called Undercurrents in February 1999. This author also appeared in that program, along with several others interested in this field.

A 1993 report said that for over 20 years Dr Persinger,

“…has been working on a theory that connects not only UFOs and earthquakes, but also powerful electromagnetic fields and an explanation of paranormal beliefs in terms of unusual brain activity. He has also found that stimulating another area, the temporal lobes, can produce all sorts of mystical experiences, out-of-body sensations and other apparently paranormal phenomena.”44

This doctor’s work suggests that these experiences may be the result of activity in the brain and not the actual experiences of the individuals. He has had some measure of success in re-creating many of these experiences in his subjects. Dr Persinger is also known for his work in studying the effects of ELF [extra-low-frequency waves] on memory and brain function.45

In 1991, a method for changing brain waves to a desired frequency was patented.46 A 1975 patent discussed a similar technology: a device and method for,

“…sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject’s brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is retransmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and then routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.”47

In simple terms, the brain’s activity is mapped in order to read a person’s emotional state, conceptual abilities or intellectual patterns. A second signal can be generated and sent back into the brain which overrides the natural signal, causing the brain’s energy patterns to shift. This is the “brain entrainment” which causes the shift in consciousness. There are many uses of a positive nature for this kind of technology, as was mentioned at the front of this section, the important factor being who controls the technology and for what purpose.

In January 1998, the following encapsulating statement appeared in the leading scientific journal Nature, quoting Pasteur Institute neuroscientist Jean-Pierre Changeux, chairman of the French national bioethics committee:

“But neuroscience also poses potential risks, he said, arguing that advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense…it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance, he predicted. That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behaviour and brainwashing.”48

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