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Russ Tice, the first NSA whistleblower, blows the lid about the spying agenda 

“They have everything on everybody all the time.”  “David Petraeus was ousted by someone higher above.” 

Russ Tice, who seems to be the first NSA whistleblower — even before Edward Snowden — spoke to Sibel Edmond, the former FBI intelligence analyst, about the spying apparatus operating from inside the United States, which is led by the National Security Agency (NSA).

According to Boiling Frogs, it is the first time that Mr. Tice comes out about what he knows on the NSA’s illegal practices. During his audio interview with Sibel Edmonds, Tice explains that the stories put out by the main stream media about what the government is really doing to all communications in and out the United States territory.

“He contradicts officials and the mainstream media on the status of the NSA’s Utah facility, which is already operating and “on-line.” Mr. Tice says that the NSA is hoarding all information from emails, phone calls, text messages, among others, including metadata and the content of these communications, to later threaten and incriminate people who the government deems ‘dangerous’.

But the spying does not stop there. The people behind the NSA and the intelligence apparatus confessed that he has had documents in his hands that proved that the government went after top military members, Supreme Court judge Samuel Alito, congressmen like Orrin Hatch, intelligence committee members, candidates for president John McCain and Hillary Clinton and even today’s United States president Barack Obama. According to Tice, the information obtained by the spying mechanism is used for all purposes, including blackmailing.

Most of his work, he says was done through space-based spying system, which one of the two modes in which the out-of-control National Security Agency spies on everyone. “This is the intelligence community run amok”, says Tice.

Tice’s testimony to Sibel Edmonds adds up to Edward Snowden’s leaks to Journalist Glenn Greenwald from the Guardian, who has said that the FISA Court has ruled the NSA spying activities are illegal. Greewald says he has documents given to him by Snowden, that prove the court’s ruling was issued. This ruling — still being kept secret — has not translated neither into an official retraction from NSA and other intelligence officials who lied before Congress, nor in the agency stopping its bulk spying program.

The conclusion many people who worked in the spying business have reached is that people considered as outsiders, and not elected officials, are the ones running the U.S. government, that such a government is indeed a police state, and that there is no way to make up what will the controllers do in the future as they accelerate their agenda.

Listen to the complete interview with Russ Tice below:

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