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If you cannot wage wars of aggression on weaker neighbors because the international community will not tolerate it and the risks of assured mutual destruction are too great, you are forced to wage war on your own people’s reproductive systems to ensure that your population does not outgrow the available resources and can live within the national means. This form of self-discipline and the political paradigm shift that goes along with it are the result of nuclear deterrence and, in equal measure, of America’s global leadership post-World War II.

It is noble and civilized to abdicate violence and solve national problems before internal pressures lead to international conflict, as has happened again and again in human history. It was not and could not be foreseen, however, that the price of peace would be nearly as high as the price of war.

Having set in motion the long and arduous process of the demographic transition – a process that cannot be interrupted or left unfinished without causing social and economic collapse – population control as a substitute to war has required and continues to require structural violence on an unprecedented level and of a nature that is anything but noble or civilized.

The die is cast and we are left with a misshapen and unstable world.

The military-industrial complex, as embodied by NATO and lesser military alliances, has been covertly authorized to accomplish in secret what could not be accomplished openly because religious authorities have, at least openly, refused to accept and encourage the use of contraceptives and have accentuated intercultural differences, but also because self-serving political leaders, driven by populist concerns and constrained by democratic limitations, have refused to legislate population control and seek global unity, which has forced the UN and NATO to covertly poison us into infertility and, more recently, to fumigate us into premature death, while at the same time create a system of economic interdependence on which to build closer global cooperation so as to escape the cycles of poverty and conflict by enabling every nation on earth to buy rather than take by force needed natural resources.

Since 1945 we have an international system in place that has built the necessary organizational infrastructure to properly assess the situation and predict outcomes but cannot openly take evasive action, even when our very survival as a species is at stake, and must instead proceed by deception and in secret to turn the basic elements of life – water, food, air – into weapons of mass sterility and mortality, and to pervert the rule of law and misuse the institutions of state in order to subvert the family, instead of using open legislative means and legal administrative tools to educate and empower the people to make intelligent decisions of their own accord and, if they fail to do so, to punish them with the full force of the law, lest they threaten, by their irresponsible actions, the world’s peace and stability and the balance of life on earth.

The limitations and self-serving nature of our religious and political leaders, who fail to speak openly about the dire realities of overpopulation and the need to dissolve national frontiers in order to share the world’s bounty without national, ethnic or religious prejudices, feeds the ignorance and base prejudices of the common man. In turn, the ignorance and prejudices of the common man, to whom political and religious leaders feel forced to pander if they are to be elected to high public office, keep in place a dishonest, treacherous, perverse and hypocritical system that delivers us all into evil’s lap and is killing us slowly but surely.

Let me spell out the murderous methods of this hypocritical system that depends on deception and ignorance and feeds on our divisions.


Once the decision was made in 1945 to control population growth in order for countries to live within their means and thus prevent war of necessity between nations, the international community began interfering with human fertility by covertly adulterating the basic elements of life, water and food, with endocrine disruptors, since they could not legislate family size restrictions due to insurmountable structural obstacles, namely: lack of birth control, the intractability of religious authorities with respect to allowing the use of abortions and contraceptives, and the un-electability of politicians advocating population control.

Over the course of nearly seven decades, the international community has succeeded in preventing the birth of 2.5 billion children and causing the premature death of half a billion adults. Without being their intention, they have also succeeded in downgrading the genetic and intellectual endowments of the people subjected to covert chemical sterilization via endocrine disruptors for two generations or more.

As a result, they set in motion the demographic transition, which is the world’s greatest and most difficult program of social engineering, as it attempts to first halt and then reverse population growth, a completely unnatural process that runs counter to the laws of nature, but that would return the world to a stable human population, as was the case prior to the Industrial Revolution when advances in medicine, nutrition and sanitation allowed every child to survive the first five years of life and every adult to live twice as long as in the past, therefore disrupting the equilibrium between births and deaths and triggering a population explosion.

In graphic terms, between 1945 and 2000 they have succeeded in cutting off the wings of the normal population profile of the world, which is shaped like a pyramid. But as they kept cutting the young from the bottom of the pyramid, they ended up with inverted population pyramids, which are inherently unstable, since such societies have too many old people and not enough young people to support the old and to create wealth.


Prevent births and shorten lives


Having ended up with inverted population pyramids and thus with economically unsustainable social conditions, the architects of the New World Order are now forced to cut off the wings of the inverted population pyramids they have created and thus reduce the lifespans of the baby boom generation before the heavy social entitlements the old demand crush society. Thus, having committed infanticide during the second half of the 20th century in order to accomplish the first stage of the demographic transition they now have to commit patricide and matricide throughout the 21st century in order to complete what they have started.

They are accomplishing this feat by deploying poisons from the air (chemtrails) to weaken the immune systems of the general population and then by targeting specific groups through vaccines, when and as it is needed, to cause their premature death. The old and the infirm are primary targets, and therefore scheduled for immediate annihilation through a combination of adulterated vaccines and food.

Public employees are secondary targets since they cannot be allowed to live long after retirement as they would draw pensions from the public purse at a time when the economies of countries whose populations are declining have entered a downward economic spiral and can therefore not possibly meet the social entitlements of a baby boom generation that lives for decades in retirement. That is why various public health pretexts are being invented to subject civil servants and military personnel to annual compulsory vaccines.

Countries that do not poison their people from the air and then finish them off with vaccines, either because they lack the political will or the money to do so, are subjected to staged nuclear accidents to increase the prevalence of cancer and thus shorten the life span of its people in this messy fashion. Staged nuclear accidents as a method of shortening lifespans predates the invention of chemical spraying from the air, which was not conceived until 1995.

The first such staged nuclear accident was at Chernobyl in the Ukraine on the 26th of April 1986 because the Baltic region of the former Soviet Union was the first in the world to reach the last stage of the demographic transition due to the brutal methods employed by Stalin. It reached the last stage of the demographic transition in the early 1980s. As a bonus, the nuclear fallout was extensive throughout Scandinavia, which also reached the last stage of the demographic transition by the late 80s and was and continues to be in dire need of alleviating the financial burdens associated with its rapidly ageing population.

The second staged nuclear accident, of course, is Fukushima and occurred on the 11th of March 2011. Magnetometry data shows that the earthquake off the coast of Japan that caused the tsunami which devastated the Fukushima power plant was induced either by HAARP technology or, as I contend and seems more likely, by a conventional explosion:


Once again, Japan like the Baltic region before it, has reached the last stage of the demographic transition and because the government of Japan has refused to allow the international community to chemtrail its people the depopulation lobby has deployed nuclear radiation to cause as much death by cancer as possible and thus conclude the demographic transition by eliminating the unsustainable burden Japan’s elderly now pose and in the process shorten the national lifespan thus lowering the carbon footprint of the citizens of this highly industrialized country.

In combination with similar measures across the developed world, the overall effect of this desperate measure will ensure that the burden the citizens of the developed world are on the planet is eased until such time as the global population stabilizes at a sustainable level.

In regions that are latecomers to the Global Depopulation Policy, such as the Middle East and Central Asia, and where the community cohesion of Islam and political instability or cultural resistance have prevented the implementation of chemical and biological measures of population control, war and the wide use of depleted uranium shells ensure that the population is reduced quickly and brutally. This is deemed necessary also due to the fact that the last significant oil reserves are found there and they need to be secured for the world at large.

Knowing what we now know about the modus operandi of the New World Order and its long-term objectives, it is safe to assume that similar nuclear disasters are being planned for every region on earth as soon as they reach the last stage of the demographic transition, since chemtrailing is far too expensive to be affordable for the developing world.

A clear indication that this is indeed the case is discernible in the current bid by American-controlled General Electric for French-owned Alstom SA, which equips 30% of the world’s nuclear power plants with turbine generators and has vital equipment in 40% of today’s nuclear plants. Most importantly, Alstom dominates the French nuclear market and is supplying the world’s newest and largest nuclear power plants in China and India, the two most populous nations on earth and the only two nations that have refused to adopt chemical and biological population control methods and who have instead used legislation (China) and coerced surgical sterilization (India) in order to comply with the UN’s demands and address their demographic problems.

If the sale of Alstom goes ahead, we can expect a nuclear disaster in France within the next five years, followed by similar nuclear disasters in China by 2040 and in India by 2060. France being a rather reluctant and quasi-independent NATO member, the French government has sheltered its population from chemtrailing, which makes the country’s 58 nuclear units, all of them equipped with Alstom steam turbines, primary targets of an engineered nuclear disaster for population control purposes in the last stage of the demographic transition, which France, along with the rest of Europe, has reached a few years ago and is as a result beginning to experience serious financial problems due to unsustainable social entitlements.


As of the year 2000, we have entered the second phase of the Global Depopulation Policy, which seeks to ensure that the global population peaks at 9 or at most 10 billion by 2040 or at the latest by 2050. To accomplish this extraordinarily difficult task the depopulation program has been accelerated and intensified and while the rich world is subjected to chemtrails and vaccines to shave off the old and the infirm, the poor world is subjected to artificial scarcity so that famine works its wonders and eliminates the poorest of the poor who cannot be saved by trickledown economics.

Artificial scarcity is caused by a variety of methods. Farmers are forced or enticed to plant GMO seeds that are engineered to be sensitive to drought and lead to crop failure at the first late monsoon. Farmers are priced out of the market by increasing the price of GMO seeds and proprietary pesticides from one season to another once they are enticed or forced to abandon the heirloom seeds that have served them well for generations and have thus lost the ability to be food independent. A third and most effective method for creating artificial scarcity is to raise the price of staple foods and make them unaffordable to the very poor who depend on them for survival. This is done by designating prime agricultural land formerly used to grow crops for human consumption to now grow corn or sugarcane used exclusive for ethanol production that is burned by car engines either as a fuel or a fuel additive, despite the fact that ethanol exhaust generates twice as much ozone as does gasoline exhaust and therefore makes no environmental sense whatsoever.

The population extremes that pose the greatest burden on society and are seen as deadweights – namely the old and the infirm in the developed world and the abjectly poor in the developing world – are in this fashion eliminated with surgical accuracy and minimal cost.


The mass murder perpetrated on the unsuspecting civilian population of the world, paradoxically for the sake of peace, could be avoided if the demographic transition would be pursued openly, with the people’s cooperation, reluctant or voluntary, as done by China, rather than covertly, without the people’s knowledge or consent, as done by the rest of the world under the coordination of the UN and the direction of the three allied powers: the US, Russia and the UK.

But to do this openly we need politicians who have the courage to stand in front of the electorate and tell them the truth and voters who are willing to hear the truth. We also need politicians who actually understand global conditions and who care about the world and comprehend that now more than ever the wellbeing of their people depends on global cooperation and coordination.

So long as politicians think only in national terms and put their own interests ahead of the common good and the global common, and so long as voters insist on elevating to office politicians who promise them the sun and the moon and who reflect their narrow regionalism, humanity will march towards its own destruction and we will take the earth down with us because we lack the leadership and the organizational structure to act in concord with respect to the two core matters that are of existential importance for all of us, population control and resource sharing.

The question is how do we free ourselves from the current crisis of leadership and the institutional vacuum that keeps us all hostage to covert and genocidal methods of population control?

To answer this question we must be able to identify the obstacles to truth and action.

They are three:

  1. Politicians are afraid to tell the truth, namely that legislating family size is imperative and can no longer be postponed, because they know they will be thrown out of office and replaced by other politicians who will not hesitate to lie.

2.   Religious leaders are afraid to tell the truth, namely that the universal use of contraceptives is a moral imperative in an overpopulated world, so as not to upset conservative elements within their faith community who will not hesitate to accuse them of heresy.

3.   And the common people want to hear comforting words from their religious leaders and juicy promises from their politicians and expect the State to solve all their problems. The problems the State cannot solve the common man is more than happy to leave in God’s hands, in other words ignore. The common people are not interested in the reality and deeply offended by anyone who disturbs their carefully preserved illusion with inconvenient truths, especially truths that require them to sacrifice anything or disrupt their daily routines. But the global situation is now so dire that the common people have no choice but to get educated and involved.

These three obstacles have created a complicated dynamic of blaming, vilifying, scapegoating and demonizing. The Vatican would rather blame the UN then change its stance on contraceptives, which would free secular authorities to pursue population control through legislation. The UN bureaucrats and technocrats would rather vilify the Vatican rather than ask the national politicians who appointed them and who pay their wages to show leadership and legislate population control. And national politicians would rather tell their electorate what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear and do.

In the final analysis, the world is caught between secular pragmatists and religious conservatives, the former are killing us with their heartless science and dishonesty and the latter with their irrational dogma and ignorance. But this apparent conflict is as much real as it is engineered, which is why I am confident that the world’s religious and secular leaders can be compelled to act if they hear the voice of reason gaining the upper hand among the populace, which would be incontestably persuasive because it is rising despite the walls of secrecy and deception erected and kept in place by the current system of covert mass murder.

The people are caught in the middle and are being thrown to and fro between one and the other camp, none of whom have dared to call a spade a spade until I exposed the truth and shattered the walls of lies and deception that have been erected to suppress the truth and to confuse and confound those who so much as glimpsed it. As a result, a general sense of confusion and helplessness reigns among the people and a stalemate or an uneasy truce reigns among the religious and secular camps, who both know that the military-industrial complex is doing covertly what they themselves ought to be doing overtly if they possessed the courage, selflessness and political acumen to show true leadership.

They lack the courage, the freedom and the incentive to speak the truth and to legislate. Only we the people can give them the courage, freedom and incentive to legislate population control. Only we the people can widen their horizons far enough to include the world. But how do we do this?

This is my plan of action:

  1. First, we must break the wall of silence and let the truth set us free. When people know the brutal facts, every reasonable person arrives at the same conclusion, namely that unless we halt population growth we will destroy the earth and ourselves within a generation or two. This mission is partially accomplished since now, due to my work and determination, the alternative media and even select mainstream media have begun to speak openly about depopulation and are capable of identifying the covert methods used without being accused of being conspiracy theorists and thrown into mental asylums on false diagnoses. More importantly, common people are beginning to recognize overpopulation for what it is, the greatest threat we face.

2.  Secondly, we must encourage and empower the Vatican and other religious authorities to approve the use of contraceptives. Pope Francis, compelled by my 46-day-long hunger strike (between 19 April and 3 June 2014), has given indication that he will do just that and has convened a synod of cardinals in October 2014 to change the Church’s teaching on the family. I did not and would not ask anyone least of all Pope Francis to approve abortion because we cannot offset our responsibilities as adults onto innocent children and make them pay for our mistakes. As long as we use contraceptives properly and diligently we will not be forced to resort to abortion. At the same time, as long as parents have the freedom to abort without interference from second parties, be they religious or secular, we can reach our depopulation goals without giving the state the power to abort our children.

  1. Third, we must get national politicians across political parties to openly demand the elimination of covert methods of population control from the UN while at the same time call for legislation to overtly limit family size. If they can agree in secret among themselves and behind closed doors that population control is absolutely necessary and unavoidable they can then say so publicly or else leave office and let those who can take over. If they fail to do one or the other, we, the people, must be ready and willing to apprehend them and charge and convict them for complicity in crimes against humanity. My open letter to Canada’s members of parliament can serve as an example for others to follow and as a dire warning to politicians who falsely believe that they can hide behind a global system and therefore bear no personal responsibility. The Swedish government has already heeded my call and has taken the step to publicly threaten the European Community with legal action unless it adopts scientific criteria on endocrine disruptors, in other words if they do not stop covertly poisoning the people into infertility and premature death.
  1. Fourth, we must force the international community – i.e. the UN and its agencies as well as the national leaders of each and every UN member state – to make a global announcement that population control and resource sharing are international security prerogatives that must be accomplished at all cost. To this end, the world’s heads of state must appoint a new body and give it the authority and tools necessary to fulfill the depopulation/globalization agenda openly and transparently though not necessarily democratically since we do not have the time to educate 7 billion people to accept voluntary family size restrictions. My first move in this respect was to let the UN know that we expect change. I did this by writing an open letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. My second move was to drive a wedge between the movers and shakers of the depopulation agenda, western nations, and their reluctant partners, the nations that are being dragged into it by force. My letter to the heads on NAM states is the first of its kind. Until the coalition of the unwilling is weakened and disbanded all money and power will be used to prevent a change from covert to over methods of population control simply because there are too many interests vested in the continuing use of covert methods.
  1. Fifth, we must get the scientific, medical and legal communities to stop enabling genocide and use their areas of expertise to expose rather than conceal the methods and means by which their colleagues within the international community and at the top of their national institutions are manipulating science, medicine and the law to turn them into the handmaidens of genocide. I have been discreetly and openly putting pressure on these professional bodies for the past two years but they will not muster the necessary courage to speak the truth unless they are pressured and shamed into action by large numbers of active citizens.
  1. Last and most importantly, we, the people of the world, must unite behind a single global plan. I have formulated the OM Principles to serve as a guideline. Without a cohesive plan of action and specific goals we will only run around in circles. Political parties at the national level must have clear and firm policy positions that give due consideration to the two international security prerogatives on which the survival of human civilization and of our species depend, depopulation and resource sharing. The Human Rights Party of Canada that I have formed serves as an example for others to follow, especially established political parties. The international community cannot change course and can certainly not stop its current depopulation measures unless and until they are replaced with open methods that are fair and equal and also at least as effective as the current methods.

Fundamentally, it is the absence of leadership that has prevented a change of course from covert to overt methods of population control and resource sharing. The absence of leadership perpetuates the organizational vacuum that keeps us hostage to an international infrastructure that has not advanced since the United Nations and the Bretton Woods system were put in place at the end of World War II.

This is not the time for false humility and meek politicians but for bold action and strong individuals who can and will do what is necessary. What is necessary is to close the gap between the elites who have forged ahead in secret by any which way they could and the general public who has been kept ignorant and misinformed and has as a result been excluded from the circle of well-being and scheduled for annihilation. Only by closing this gap will we be able to see eye to eye and walk shoulder to shoulder into the future, which can only be a united world.

The material limitations of our planet and the environmental devastation we cause unite us in common purpose whether we like it or not. Until we learn to live within the regenerative capacity of Mother Earth and organize human civilization globally so that we reestablish the balance of life we have destroyed, everything else we do is futile and therefore inconsequential.

All human, material and financial resources we have must be focused on a global and transparent plan of population reduction and resource sharing that excludes no one from well-being in the present and includes everyone in the sacrifices we must make as individuals and as a civilization for generations to come if we are to survive.

To make sure that we work together rather than kill each other, I will now eviscerate the exit strategy the military-industrial complex and the international community have cultivated for the past six decades in expectation of a time when the truth will surface and the people of the world will awaken to the horror that their own elected governments and military forces have been waging a secret and desperate war on the reproductive abilities of the civilian population.

The exit strategy is the notion that aliens are forcing our governments to act contrary to our own best interests and commit global genocide. This, I let you know, is bullshit.The alien story was devised as a possible strategy to coalesce humanity in common purpose so we no longer battle each other but instead join forces against a common enemy. But we do not need to invent a common enemy for it exists here and now, and it is called ignorance and threatens our earth and our very existence as surely as an alien invasion would.

The military-industrial complex, from Russian cosmonauts to Canada’s minister of defense, afraid that the political class will let them hold the bag when the truth surfaces and the military brass will be held solely responsible for crimes against humanity committed by the entire international system, continue to nurture the alien story so they can blame an invented and non-existent enemy for the crimes committed when the time comes and the need arises to save themselves. Here are but a couple of examples:

Russian Cosmonaut reveals Alien UFOs


Paul Hellyer on RT


I will now also eviscerate the method by which the military-industrial complex and the international community intend to keep us paralyzed with fear by disseminating false stories that they possess psychotronic weapons capable of controlling our minds. This too is bull shit. No such weapons exist or will ever exist. To lend this fiction credibility and thus impair our ability to think and act independently, the system is employing an army of false victims who pry the social and alternative media with their dishonest testimonies.

These paid shills and their invented stories also serve to discredit genuine activists who expose the true methods, capabilities and objectives of the Global Depopulation Policy, as I have done, by posting their psychotic and invented stories aside true analyses and reports. They bury truth with fiction and make it impossible for people to separate the chaff from the wheat.


To shatter the walls of deception and lies, of fear and exaggerations, that keep in place this genocidal course of action, someone must be fearless and pave the way for honesty and forgiveness.

Unfortunately, this means I have to do what I preach and show leadership where there is none.

To lead by example and to create the space we need for healing I withdraw my three international lawsuits against Canada and the UK, my civil lawsuit in Canada, and my complaints with the police and Law Society as well as the investigation I have demanded form the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

I have already shown that all national and international authorities exist for show only and have completely lost their meaning, authority and legitimacy because they are saddled to a global program of genocide that unless stopped will lead to the execution of every member of the coalition of the unwilling, both past and present, for crimes against humanity.

My national and international legal files show that the current system has decayed to such an extent as to stand in complete contradiction to its stated goals and that the administration of justice and law enforcement, bath nationally and internationally, are criminal in nature and as a result the world has fallen into a state of complete and utter lawlessness that will inevitably decay into chaos and violence.

My Motion for Stay of Judicial Proceedings, however, gives us hope that there still exist sufficient checks and balances to prevent outright murder and this gives us the opportunity to pull back from the brink of the abyss at the last moment.

No healing can begin without forgiveness and we have a lot to forgive our governments for; but forgive we must. Conversely, no truth can prevail without the absence of fear and our governments have a lot to fear; but speak the truth they must.

We, the people, must provide our governments with the conditions necessary to speak the truth and our governments must in turn give us the facts as they are and not as we wish them to be so that together we can put behind us all covert methods of depopulation and globalization and replace them with open and transparent methods that are fair and just.

Then and only then will we be able to dissolve all standing armies and divert their resources, manpower and know-how towards civilian ends, thus fulfilling the precepts of the universal peace we all so desperately want and that I have given expression in OM Principle 8.


Every nation that chooses to be governed according to the principles of OM will immediately dissolve its standing armed forces and shift their resources and manpower to existing and newly created civilian institutions tasked with assisting the implementation of the massive work- and wealth-creation programs necessary to ensure universal prosperity and economic stability. Never again will the military-industrial complex and the mentality of war waste earth’s precious resources and disrupt peace on earth by pitting nation against nation.

Once we agree to dissolve borders and share resources while at the same time scale down our numbers to a sustainable level there will be no need for national armies. The resources now wasted to project power and to covertly subvert our reproductive systems and prey on the old, the weak and the foreign in order to preempt famine and avert war can then be employed for constructive ends.

I provide the political, geopolitical and moral leadership necessary to openly proclaim that now is the time to think of ourselves as indivisible from our fellow human beings regardless of the differences we have, real or perceived.

For until such time as we think of ourselves as a piece of the continent, as a part of the main, and are involved in mankind; until such time as we think and feel and act as global and not merely national citizens, we shall know neither peace nor prosperity, and we will continue to be victims of circumstances rather than masters of our destinies.

The ability to embrace the world has always been with us and in us. John Donne gave it expression in the year 1624 and I leave you with his deeply moving words, words that have stood me in good stead during the darkest days of my imprisonment, when I needed so very badly to find the best in human nature and in myself… and did:

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author on  this article series are not necessarily shared by The Real Agenda News.

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