The lions are killing the lambs.

A powerful and secretive coalition of international elites, which has grown by leaps and bounds since the end of the Second World War, has replaced the old bilateral and multilateral alliances of nation states, and the people have been left out.

War between and among nations has been supplanted by structural violence within nations, whereby the aggressors are the elites, acting through the institutions of state and international organizations, and the victims the common man. The end goal is the termination of the vast majority of the world’s genetic lines so as to reverse the population explosion and attain the sustainability of human civilization on a finite planet. In the process, everything has been turned upside down and inside out.

Clerics do not tender the souls of the faithful they damn them to a living hell. Doctors do not heal our illnesses they cause them. Politicians do not serve the public but are self-serving. Scientists do not use new knowledge to advance mankind but to usurp it. Jurists do not administer justice but injustice.

Industrialists do not feed the masses but poison them. Cops do not protect the public but attack it. Economists do not think of models to prosperity but of methods to poverty. Journalists do not report the truth but disseminate lies. And soldiers do not wage war on foreign enemies but on defenseless civilians at home.

This cross-disciplinary and global coalition of professional elites has gotten away with mass murder on an unprecedented scale for nearly seven decades by cooperating on all fronts and coordinating their actions to conceal the silent war of attrition they wage on the world’s defenseless population.

They have succeeded for nearly seven decades by betraying their offices and abusing their power to corrode and pervert the rule of law and to subvert or bypass democratic processes, which are merely a facade for their oligarchic form of government. To confuse and confound the public they use a vapid game of mutual blaming over superficial issues and meaningless bickering in parliamentary assemblies while below the surface they are one and the same and pursue global genocide with the same determination and single-minded purpose.

A secret of this magnitude can only be kept if all participants profit from it and, more importantly, if all participants are threatened by its exposure. By my estimation, this coalition of the unwilling is composed of three groups: a core of some 20,000 members who are intimately familiar with every aspect of the New World Order and who dictate global policy and delegate the middle and outer circles of membership; a middle circle of some 200,000 members who are responsible for implementing the policy directives of the inner core at the national and international level and who consequently occupy high administrative positions; and an outer circle of some two million members who are the foot-soldiers of this coalition.

The inner circle is composed of royalty, industrialists, bankers, high clerics, heads of state and government, and leaders of established political parties throughout the western world. The membership of this select body is heavily Anglo-Saxon, overwhelmingly Caucasian, primarily Judeo-Christian, exclusively monotheistic, and interested in preserving their power and wealth at any cost by perpetuating and entrenching hierarchical political, economic and religious structures, and by maintaining the institutions of private property, the illusion of democracy and ultimate control over the legislative and judicial bodies. They are the brain of the operation.

Theirs is the domain of bloodlines. Their vulnerability is that their institutions are relics from the past, anachronistic, rigid and outdated, and their membership primarily inherited and therefore composed of mostly mediocre individuals who buy or appropriate good ideas from brilliant minds and use them to prop up a dying system.

The middle circle is composed of high ranking United Nations technocrats and bureaucrats; ministers of justice, foreign affairs, interior, defense and health; Supreme Court judges, international judges, and attorney generals; heads of intelligence and secret services; prominent scientists; prominent economists; generals and admirals; high ranking civil servants in key positions throughout the institutions and organizations of state in every country on earth; and editors-in-chief of every important media organization on earth.

They are the heart of the operation. Theirs is the domain of meritocracy. Their vulnerability is that they tilt in any direction the powers above them tell them to because they are beholden to them and circumscribed by the limitations of their offices, as such they can be bought and sold like prostitutes.

And the outer circle is composed of professionals in every field of knowledge as well as middle to high ranking military personnel and senior officers in intelligence, secret and police services in every country on earth. They are the workhorses and the muscle of the operation. Theirs is the domain of competition. Their vulnerability is that they know enough to do their jobs and to dislike what they are doing, but are caught in the system and see no way out that is preferable to remaining in the system, both for reasons of self-interest and for the general welfare.

To change global policy we must give the outer circle a better plan and the incentive to desert the genocidal coalition of elites and to dedicate their time and energy to the people’s plan. The OM Principles provide the alternative the members of the outer circle need in order to change their allegiance from the elites to the people. If they fail to seize the opportunity I am providing them with they will be the first to be mowed down in the upcoming unrest because they stand between the elites they serve and the people they harm and provide a buffer zone and a ring of protection that shelters the ivory towers of the elites. The people therefore cannot get to the elites without first destroying the foot soldiers of the outer circle.

Only when sufficient dissent and disenchantment within the ranks of the outer circle disturbs the sense of security of those of the core will the elites at the head of the beast do what is necessary and change global policy of their own volition rather than as a desperate response to mass unrest and from fear of unrestrained violence. In my estimation we have already reached this point which is why I urge the movers and shakers of the New World Order to change course now and to do it while peace still prevails.

Paradoxically, religion and democracy are the main culprits for the criminal nature of this New World Order; the first for preventing the expansion of morality to allow people to assume control over and responsibility for their reproductive systems and rights, and the latter for rendering any and all politicians suggesting legislating family size and population control unelectable.

Faced with these structural obstacles and with the prospect of assured mutual destruction by nuclear bombs, decision makers in every professional field arrived at a secret consensus to institute a global program of population control and resource sharing as a substitute to war. In order to accomplish this it was necessary to play a game of deception and to entrench their power at every level of society nationally and internationally so as to be able to act contrary to their stated positions.

Depopulation is being accomplished by adulterating the basic elements of life – water, food, air – while resource sharing is being accomplished by globalizing the economy. This covert depopulation/globalization program, however, has written off the vast majority of the global population by shutting them out of the equation of life and pursuing their extermination through a toxic and deadly combination of chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic means that have turned nations into concentration camps, national authorities into prison guards, and international authorities into the new Gestapo.

This devastating and diabolical international order is not the result of bad intentions but the consequence of our inability to trust one another and to set aside old loyalties, historic animosities and dated dogmas. It has gone too far and for too long because the entire system of governance is committed to secrecy and exclusion and is based on technocratic fixes imposed from the top down, being easier and more convenient than having to educate and empower the public at large in order to achieve the demographic transition and to enable access to vital resources across the globe by consensus rather than coercion.

As such, the system has become a veritable beast that is out of control, committing ever greater atrocities first to subvert fertility so as to stop population growth (which is done through endocrine disruptors) and more recently to increase morbidity (which is done through the spraying of neurotoxins via chemtrails and/or cancer causing nuclear radiation via engineered nuclear disasters) so as to prevent the collapse of the existing socio-economic structure due to the unbearable burden created in the developed world by inverted population pyramids, characterized by too many old and dependent people and too few young and productive people to support them.

Since the same transition from growing to stable to shrinking and finally to sustainable populations – the so-called demographic transition – cannot be replicated by the developing world, both due to lack of time and resources, a shortcut has been planned and is being implemented.

This shortcut culls the population of the developing world at both ends of life simultaneously by subverting fertility and therefore preventing the birth of new people into the world (which is done through endocrine disruptors and GMOs) and, at the same time, by increasing morbidity and therefore accelerating the death of people to see them prematurely out of this world (which is done through vaccines, man-made pandemics and artificial scarcity) so as to reestablish the lost balance between births and deaths in one clear swoop and reduce the population without having to go through the four stages of the demographic transition the way the developed world has done.

This has given rise to suspicions that the West is using the depopulation imperative as a façade to maintain military preeminence and economic predominance by reversing the numeric superiority of the developing world. That this is neither a fair nor an accurate interpretation of the accelerated depopulation effort imposed on the developing world primarily by lack of time and resources caused by its own reluctance to act is shown by the fact that the West has started with population control at home, which is why Europe’s population has grown by only 19% and North America’s by only 75% since 1950 while the population of the developing world has tripled during the same period.

The reality is that the developing world has waited too long to address its overpopulation problem and has made itself dependent on western initiatives and technocratic fixes delivered by the UN in order to avoid having to show leadership and find its own solutions to overpopulation, which is the most politically dangerous and unprofitable issue that any leadership has ever had to deal with.

It is true that unchecked population growth in the developing world is considered in many American foreign policy documents from the 1970s especially (such as NSSM 200 and NSDM 314) to be a cause of concern for its long-term political and strategic interests, as it was foreseen to trigger a struggle for resources, but that does not indicate hegemonic intent on the part of the US as much as it shows genuine concern about the likelihood of future conflict over scarce resources and the need to take preemptive action before it is too late and maintaining international peace becomes impossible.

In this vein, the 1975 issued National Security Decision Memorandum (NSDM 314) recommended “global replacement levels of fertility by the year 2000” and therefore applicable at home as well as abroad, which invalidates any assertions that America did not have the world’s best interests at heart and not just its own. In fact, as NSDM 314 reveals, by 1975 the US had already achieved replacement level fertility rates and resolved to continue to check its population growth to serve as a model for the world:

“domestic efforts in this field must continue in order to achieve worldwide recognition that the United States has been successfully practicing the basic recommendations of the World Plan of Action and that the nation’s birthrate is below the replacement level of fertility.”

America’s concern with unchecked population growth in the developing world is therefore primarily about maintaining the environment of peace and not about maintaining the current balance of power. After all, neither military superiority in the era of modern warfare nor economic prowess in the post-industrial era depends on who has the most people. Rather, they depend on who has the best people, as in the most educated, and on who has the most productive economy, as in the most technologically advanced; and a surplus of people are an impediment rather than an advantage in both instances.

Suspicions and concerns of this nature, however, will not disappear from the international arena and from the minds of various coreligionists and nationalists until the depopulation effort is brought out into the open. Nor will eugenic and racist manipulations of the depopulation effort disappear until such time as it is accomplished by force of law, openly and with the collaboration of every man and woman on the planet.

Furthermore, the Global Depopulation Policy and the parallel effort of resource sharing through globalization cannot succeed until such time as the existing covert poisoning methods, which damage human health and degrade mankind’s genetic and intellectual endowment, are replaced with overt legislation and accompanied by a fundamental reform of the existing economic model and political system.

Exactly how and why this reform is necessary has been the subject of the past five chapters, which have dealt with specific problems and their corresponding OM Principles with the goal in mind of accomplishing “a humane and just society where every individual is respected and nature protected” and that I will now summarize.

Civilization within Nature, pursued by OM Principle 11, recognizes the dire state of the environment and man’s responsibility for damaging the planet’s life support systems. Halting the destruction of the environment can only be accomplished by a two-pronged approach of depopulation and conservation. Conservation is the short-term action that will buy us time to reach sustainability through the long-term solution of depopulation.

Both conservation and depopulation help us add a new dimension to our society’s ethical foundation, namely respect for Nature on par with our demands from Nature so that we take no more than she can give us without causing harm and destabilizing the natural equilibrium.

Global Consciousness, Global Citizenship, pursued by OM Principle 12, recognizes that borders and nations must disappear if we are to eradicate poverty and secure peace, and that the only way to accomplish this with as little pain and risk as possible is through the creation of a parallel and global civilization of Cities of Opportunity created to be sustainable and to serve as the world’s escape pods once they are proven viable and our existing lifestyle is universally abandoned.

A series of prerequisite steps need to be taken to prepare the way for this transition to a global unified system. They are economic, social and political in nature and made for the primary benefit of future rather than of current generations and in recognition of the fact that a global consciousness cannot bloom into a global civilization by ignoring material and historic realities but by fully and honestly considering them. The embodiment of a global consciousness by a newly emerging global and borderless civilization adds a new dimension to our society’s ethical foundation, namely concern for future generations on par with the needs of this generation.

Individual Dignity, pursued by OM Principle 13, recognizes that the current technocracy is a monster and a veritable beast geared towards accomplishing necessary objectives by unnecessary means that are dehumanizing and destructive. Absent system-initiated change and a great leap forward by pursuing the three planetary security prerogatives of depopulation, resource sharing and sustainable development by humanizing and constructive means, worldwide war of the 99% against the 1% is inevitable, as is the great purge this conflict will inevitably bring about.

To avoid the great purge and accomplish a great leap we must sacrifice dated economic structures, outdated political ideologies, and narrow individual self-interest to make enlightened cooperation possible. The recognition that the social construct must revolve around the individual and not vice versa will renew a lost dimension to our society’s ethical foundation, namely concern for the individual on par with concern for society.

The Golden Rule, pursued by OM Principle 14, recognizes that humanity will self-destruct until and unless the ethic of reciprocity is brought back to the center of human civilization and adhered to without fail. As is, all institutions of state, international organizations and religious establishments violate the golden rule. Religious fanaticism and scientific nihilism underlie the cancer of genocide, which is justified as a substitute to war.

But the suspension of the rule of law and the subversion of democracy that underlie the current culture of death will inevitably lead to our universal self-destruction unless the golden rule is reinstated at the core of human civilization. This will restore a lost dimension to our society’s ethical foundation, namely concern for others on par with concern for self.

One Man One God, pursued by OM Principle 15, recognizes that spiritual freedom underlies all other freedoms and that it will remain out of our reach until the spiritual domain is freed from the shackles of organized religion. Organized religions monopolize God and arrest human evolution by imprisoning humanity into a rigid and unchanging belief system that prevent the expansion of our values and norms to consider the latest divine revelation, namely that social harmony and the viability of human civilization depend on reestablishing the balance of life and death by which God keeps Nature in equilibrium and all life forms in harmony. If the world’s religious leaders find the courage to abandon their monopolies on God and help humanity expand its morality to include the latest divine revelation we will gain a new dimension to our spiritual foundation, namely the ability to live in the image of God, or at the very least closer than ever before.

While these are ideals that we will fall short of we will nevertheless come closer to as we make an effort to aspire to their fulfillment rather than succumb to their denial.

Condemning the vast majority of humankind to an engineered extinction is not a solution. It is an abomination. It can only be considered a solution when the depopulation objective is pursued by legal and open means that give everyone the chance to perpetuate their seed while also enabling us to decrease in numbers until our civilization becomes sustainable and we are no longer an affront to God and a plague upon Earth.

The old matrix of control must be replaced by a new matrix of security whose core elements are the inclusion of every human being on earth in the circle of prosperity and security provided by society and the participation of every human being in the struggle for prosperity and security. The principles of inclusion and participation applied universally give birth to the laws of conscience and consciousness.

1st LAW
One woman, one child, one world
2nd LAW
One world, one country, one citizenship
3rd LAW
One citizenship, one law, one parliament
4th LAW
No armies, no weapons, no violence
5th LAW
No violence, no prisons, no injustice
6th LAW

No injustice, no unemployment, no inequality

The system must bestow the means and the opportunity and individuals must provide the time and effort necessary to make these ideals into reality.

For only then will lambs and lions become one and humanity will escape the vicious cycles of poverty and war, rejoin the natural order of things, ensure the perpetuation of the species, and nurture the continuing evolution of the human organism and of the social construct.


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