How do we reform or dismantle this genocidal system, this beast, before it kills us all? And what do we replace it with once it is confined to history? These are the questions I will attempt to answer in this chapter.

OM Principle thirteen elevates human dignity above institutional efficiency and recognizes that institutions are meant to serve and respect people and not just pursue societal goals, regardless how lofty and necessary those goals may be. Only those institutions capable of empowering and enlightening individuals while at the same time accomplishing societal goals should be preserved. The institutions and organizations that do not measure up to this standard must be reformed and if they cannot be reformed they must be dissolved and replaced.


The individual is more important than institutions. Institutions that demand from individuals that they surrender their own judgments and consciences to safeguard their place within a bureaucracy and the bureaucracy itself do not deserve to exist and have to be replaced by new institutions. Our current system is partly failing us because it is sustained by bureaucracies that kill individual dignity and take away man’s ability to make value judgments that are subtle and humane. The social, economic and political package envisioned by the 99% puts man at the center of civilization and compassion at the forefront of society, giving hope and dignity to all.

The current system, which has coalesced national and international structures, has taken a long time and great effort to construct the “right” way, to staff with the “right” people, to harness to the “right” horse, and to drive in the “right” direction. But what the system understands by right is wrong for individuals and wrong for families because the system’s primary purpose is to be the enemy of mankind until such time as humankind is contained in numbers and impact to a level that does not harm the planet and that gives enough elbow room to people and nations to allow for their peaceful and prosperous coexistence.

This system has been seven decades in the making. It has cost trillions of dollars to construct and absorbs, between its national (federal, state and local) and international entities (inter- and non-governmental), more than half of the world’s wealth. It employs roughly 15% of the global workforce and continues to grow in proportion to the private sector. It is staffed with professionals sheltered and advantaged by their self-administered monopolies. It takes its cues from and regurgitates the thinking and planning of the United Nations and its agencies, which in turn are delegated by the Anglo-Saxon alliance. And it is geared towards one primary goal, genocide, so as to accomplish the demographic transition, which underlies all other activities and objectives of the international community and without which, it must be recognized, the world will never achieve peace or prosperity and most certainly will never achieve sustainability.

Wherever you look and whoever you ask you will hear malcontent: the system is becoming more abusive, less respectful of our rights and liberties, inert to change, immune to criticism, self-perpetuating despite its negative effects, incapable of recognizing fault, unwilling to grant compensation, increasingly costly, arrogantly obtrusive, dangerously intrusive, paternalistic and inhumane, ineffective and almost useless. Most importantly, the system is unaccountable because no one in the system will ever admit fault or accept responsibility.

Were the high-ranking bureaucrats and technocrats of the UN or the high-ranking politicians of nation states to be rounded up and tried for crimes against humanity the way the Allies did to the Nazis, all the accused, like their Nazi predecessors, would plead innocence and none would assume responsibility for the system they run and that commits genocide as the order of the day and as its reason for being.

At the national level it is corrupt, class-structured and secretive. At the international level it is amoral, deceitful and secretive. Both at the national and international level it is eons away from the letter and the spirit of the law, even in countries that boast to be models of democracy and ruled by law, and even though the United Nations is, on paper at least, guided by flawless ideals and legal covenants. At the national level, it is the way it is because human beings are imperfect and are always willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of others for their self-interest. While at the international level it is the way it is because nations are imperfect and are always willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of other nations for their own interests. Therefore, any attempts to reform national systems must be focused on disabling the private interests of individuals in positions of power to ensure that the wellbeing of citizens guides all state actions; while any attempts to reform the international system must be focused on disabling the narrow interests of nations to ensure that the wellbeing of the human species and of the planet guides all international decisions.

But more than anything, to reform this system, which empowers evil and practices the Culture of Death, we must retool it to empower good and practice the Culture of Life. But to accomplish this turnaround we must make room for life and grant life, all life on earth and not just human life, the respect it deserves, and that means that we must engineer our civilization to function as flawlessly as the physical laws of the universe. To accomplish this we must design our civilization with a built-in bias for good not evil ends, as is currently the case, but good for all life on earth not just human life. This means that we must engineer our civilization to be in a symbiotic relationship with nature. The system must help us reach this goal and we must help the system reach this goal. Only if our individual actions mirror the system’s objective can we be happy and at peace within the system. Conversely, only if the system grants us the knowledge and leverage to contribute to its objective can the system function properly and aid rather than subvert man.

As much as we would want to, we cannot contemplate a world without a system because such a world – especially one as overpopulated and overexploited as ours – would quickly descend into chaos. Nor can we contemplate a world with a weaker system because the more interconnected the world becomes the more omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent the system must be in order to function smoothly and fairly across the world.   Just as only one God administers the universe, only one system can administer our emerging global civilization. A world administered by competing systems assures only perpetual chaos and repeated conflict, just as a world of conflicting physical laws would.

Let us now look at the two possible ways to slay or at the very least to tame the beast so that it serves man rather than man serving it and so that we can all reclaim our dignity. Either the system is changed by those at the helm, peacefully and foresightedly, or it will be changed by those at its mercy, through violence and in self-defense.

The first method, which I shall call The Great Leap, will make possible peaceful reform, the use of resources for constructive ends and the cessation of all forms of structural violence; whereas the second method, which I shall call The Great Purge, will take the form of a bloody revolution and will lead to widespread destruction of life and property and to a generation of chaos and fear.


If system-initiated change is to succeed it must have three components:

  1. The abandonment of monetary coercion as a form of consensus building and of covert depopulation as a peacekeeping measure and the adoption of clear international laws with respect to the three Planetary Security prerogatives of depopulation, resource sharing and sustainable development. This we shall call The Rule of Law Principle.
  2. The outlawing of secrecy in global and national governance and the adoption of strict transparency rules that if violated must be severely punished. This we shall call The Openness Principle.
  3. The creation of a global enforcement agency, a People’s Protection Force, to ensure full compliance with the first two principles and its endowment with global policing powers so it can punish any and all abuse by individuals in positions of authority, both in the public and private spheres, or by corporations or state institutions whose actions subvert the common good, equality under the law, and social and economic harmony. This we shall call The Harmony Principle.

These principles already underlie the existing international architecture and the mandates of national and international organizations and institutions but in name only. In reality, these principles are being made a mockery of in the way power is exercised and the law practiced both at the national and international level.

The international system is not changing fast enough and is becoming increasingly abusive, unresponsive and oligarchic, while national systems are not changing at all but rather decaying from bad to worse.

Frustrated by the international system’s inertia and the stranglehold western powers have on the Bretton Woods institutions, BRIC nations have initiated their own institutions. In a clear attempt to free themselves of western monetary control and coercion, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have formed their own development bank, the New Development Bank (NDB), to substitute the World Bank. And to free themselves from the strings attached by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to debt repayment schemes (also known as structural adjustment loans) and from international trade rules written or dictated by corporations, the BRIC nations have established a Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) which allows them to trade among themselves in their own currencies. These are concrete actions intended to allow individual nations to evolve from a system based on centrally-imposed monetary coercion to one based on nationally exercised voluntary cooperation.

It should also be noted that the BRIC block of nations will accomplish absolutely nothing by only freeing themselves of the western-imposed system of monetary coercion unless also taking concrete measures to stop all covert methods of depopulation, which are imposed from the outside and ineffectually employed, and in their stead adopt open legislation and wholeheartedly enforce it. To date only China has done so. In fact, without such a two-pronged approach, opting out of the current system of monetary coercion will only result in more not less poverty and in more not less pollution, for the reality is that the developing world is dangerously overpopulated and will need strict discipline and foresight to address the overpopulation problem on its own.

Furthermore, unless these newly formed rival institutions are rooted in the rule of law and promote the unbiased application of international rules they will have no positive outcome either for the world at large or for the citizens of these emerging economies and will instead regress the world to the fragmented system of bilateral trade agreements that characterized the three decades that followed World War II and which would make access to vital natural resources, and therefore development, even more difficult for poor and small nations. Even if these criteria were to be faithfully enforced the end result will be fierce international competition and conflict for dwindling natural resources. That is why it is now more important than ever to reform the existing system to satisfy all parties rather than risk a world divided by two separate monetary and trade systems after so much time and effort was spent to create a single unifying system.

As it is, the current system is completely dominated by corporate interests who make a complete mockery of the rule of law and are in fact using the law to perpetuate the most lopsided, shameless and unjust distribution of wealth in the history of man, which has destabilized the entire world, developed and developing, and can only end in violent revolt.

Frustrated by the corruption and pettiness of national systems and by their inability to serve and protect their citizens, people everywhere have lost faith in their governments and are calling for local self-determination or at best for a return to national isolationism. But this is a foolish step backwards that will inevitably lead to more not less economic hardship and to more not less conflict between and within nations. This dangerous trend can only be counteracted by the immediate eradication of the culture of secrecy, the backroom deals and machinations that allow special interest groups – and especially the moneyed elite and their banks and corporations – to pervert the system in their favor. Unless and until secrecy in government and governance are deemed a violation of trust and becomes a punishable offence akin to high treason the world will not know either peace or prosperity because injustice and inequity will remain entrenched at the very core of the system.

All political deliberations and all economic negotiations must occur under the scrutiny of video cameras and be broadcast life to the people who will be affected by the outcomes so they will at all times know who acts in good faith and who subverts the common good.   The current system is corrupt and perverse because secrecy is accepted as the prerogative of governance and secrecy allows the vilest traits of men to come to the fore and to remain unpunished. It also allows special interests to sustain a system that benefits only a minority at the expense of the majority and that threatens the very future of mankind. Only the implementation of a regime of full transparency can allow a culture of openness and decency to prevail over the current culture of secrecy and indecency.

As dangerous as the moneyed elites, if not more so, are the professional and scientific elites who are responsible for engineering every aspect of our lives and the world’s destiny but who have reserved all the benefits of such social engineering for themselves and have offloaded all the pain and sacrifices onto the common man, which is why they reward their own labor by accord between the members of their own professions (lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants and to a lesser extent policemen and teachers) while they subject everyone else’s labors to market competition so they alone can insulate themselves from the hardships and sacrifices that free markets demand.   The same rules of wealth distribution must apply to everyone and no single group can be exceptional.

By far the most dangerous and damaging of these professional groups – and far more dangerous and corrosive than bankers and capitalists – is the legal profession because its members are a law onto themselves, being the only group in society that answers only to members of its own group, which in practice means that they answer to no one. That is why we see that members of the legal profession have completely taken over the three branches of government throughout the western world and indeed throughout much of the world (the only notable exception being China) and are strangling democracy and the principle of equality under the law, which they have perverted to serve only their own interests, both at the national and international level.

Only the creation of a counterweight to professional and moneyed elites can restore justice and equity in the world, because only such a force could ensure that those who make the rules make them in good faith and that the rules and therefore the system is fair and just. Such a counterforce needs to be a mighty institution of the people, a People’s Protection Force, with the authority, manpower and arms necessary to mercilessly root out special interest groups and the corruption they have built into national and international systems. This People’s Protection Force needs to be aggressive and feared and endowed with the power to intervene anywhere on earth regardless of jurisdiction and irrespective of national frontiers to hold accountable even and especially the most powerful members of society and to pursue and punish them for corruption or abuse with extreme prejudice. Without such a counterforce the existing system will continue to decay and injustice will grow by leaps and bounds and build up the pressure of social and economic frustration until it explodes into outright class war between the common man and the elites, which will end up in the certain and merciless lynching of the latter, just as the rules made and enforced by the elites now mercilessly abuse and violate the wellbeing and security of the common man. Without such a counterforce the world will never escape the cycle of abuse that swings like a mad pendulum from one side to the other throughout history and up to the present day.


Absent meaningful system-initiated change, the people of the world, whose wellbeing, lives and genetic lines are under sustained attack, both nationally and internationally, will have no choice but to resort to violence to protect their rights and liberties and to save their and their children’s lives.

No one in their right mind could possibly expect rational human beings to accept a system that has scheduled them and their genetic lines to a slow but certain death, especially when a rational alternative exists, the OM Principles.

Over the past five years, I have exhausted all peaceful methods and more to protect the world’s people from genocide: innumerable appeals to the media of 191 nations and to the international media conglomerates; appeals to politicians in more than 150 nations, affiliated and non-affiliated; the publication of dozens of articles and six books to date; five hunger strikes (of 4, 30, 7, 75 and 46 days respectively); legal applications to all existing international courts, the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights, and the United Nations Human Rights Council; hundreds of open letters to heads of state, religious leaders, high-ranking military personnel, scientists and doctors. But all has been to little or no avail.

The system has responded by burning my computers through repeated cyber-attacks to intimidate me into silence; by labelling me delusional to destroy my credibility, to which end it has falsified my medical record and issued a false hospital discharge; by imprisoning me six times on false charges and false depositions and keeping me behind bars for nearly one year in the hope that I would acquiesce; by cutting me off from my bank account so I would be penniless and helpless; by throwing me out of my own home and into the street with only the clothes on my back; by confiscating all my computers and office material so I could neither write nor earn a living; by saddling me with brutal and unjustifiable recognizance conditions so as to deny me access to computers and prevent me from communicating with the world at large; by falsifying court transcripts and conducting kangaroo courts so I would get the message that they are above the law and can do whatever they want; by dragging me out of court and beating me in order to prevent me from speaking in my defense; by denying me access to the Crown disclosure so I would not know what I am accused of or by whom and therefore I could not make full answer and defense; by withholding, manufacturing and falsifying evidence depending on need; by attempting to buy my silence on two different occasions, inside and outside jail; by inserting a team of undercover special agents to destroy my resolve while in pre-trial detention and force me to plead guilty to offenses I did not commit; by containing me electronically and subjecting all my communications to constant surveillance and control; by bankrupting me with legal costs in predetermined legal proceedings where all my fundamental and legal rights were violated with impunity; by forcibly separating me from my children and imposing, without cause and in my absence, a ten-year no-communication order with my wife and sons so as to break me emotionally; by attempting to entrap me into drug charges and assault charges while in jail; by arresting me on manufactured charges every time I tried to break the no-communication order and prior to family court so I would never come before a judge and reclaim my children who to this days are being used as leverage to force me to acquiesce; by refusing to investigate the criminal conduct of police officers, doctors, social workers, lawyers and judges either at the provincial or national level; by dismissing my civil lawsuits without ground so as to deny me compensation for mistreatment and the violation of my fundamental rights; by hijacking my email account because it contains crucial evidence and refusing to hand it back; by cutting off my social assistance without cause shortly after my release from jail so I could no longer continue to write and inform the public of the lethal threats it faces; by failing to acknowledge the three international lawsuits I launched against Canada and the UK at the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights, and the UN Human Rights Council; and most recently by selectively publishing my material in system-controlled media alongside outlandish, idiotic, racist or anti-Semitic material in order to discredit my work and my person by association; by publishing my articles in system-controlled media but making my work invisible to search engines so it would remain electronically buried; by publishing my work in system-controlled media and then shortly after shutting down these phony media so my work would be lost and I would make no headway informing the public; by denying me the right to know where my wife and children are and if they are alive and well; by preventing me electronically from finding news about my wife and children; by coercing my wife to testify that she is afraid of me; by rewarding my wife’s family members with fat contracts or job security to collaborate in the conspiracy to prosecute me; by coming at me from all directions under false pretenses but to either distract and exhaust me in meaningless projects or to discredit me by association; and on and on and on.

Despite the brutal, illegal and immoral methods of oppression they have employed and continue to employ to silence me and others like me so they can complete the global genocide they have started in 1945, I am alive and well and have succeeded in exposing their deepest and darkest secrets. That is because I do not run away from those who abuse power and who pervert the rule of law, regardless how high their ranks and titles are. I will fight them until their sick mentality is recognized for what it is, evil, and the good people of the world get to write history. And if they do not move aside when we ask them nicely we will bury them with their positions of power to which they so desperately cling.

So far there is no evidence that they intend to stop the genocide. The adulteration of our food, water and beverages with endocrine disruptors (fluoride, BPA, artificial sweeteners, pesticides) intended to render us sterile continues unabated. The program of aerial spraying (chemtrails) by which our air, soil and water are being poisoned with neurotoxins to shorten our lifespan has been intensified and widened. The hijacking of our staple crops and their replacement with sterilizing GMOs proceeds faster than ever before. And the psychosocial and economic methods employed to create an environment that is hostile to families and to social wellbeing have also been accelerated.

They are in other words ignoring us despite having no justifications left to ignore us.

They can no longer ignore us on the excuse that we are ignorant and do not understand the situation because even the most biased observer has to admit that my work alone proves the opposite, namely that I understand the situation as well or better than they do. And that if allowed to be heard by others, the solutions I propose would become universally accepted as a better alternative than the existing course of action.

They can no longer ignore us because we have no alternative solution because even the most biased analyst will have to admit that the OM Principles are not only a better alternative but also a far more rational and humane alternative. The fact that they prevent their dissemination and implementation shows that power not peace is their primary goal and that their motivations are selfish and not altruistic.

And they can no longer ignore us because they can claim that it is safer to proceed in secret, because I have amply demonstrated that their methods can no longer continue because the medicine is more deadly than the disease and because the manner in which they proceed threatens the very peace they presume to protect.

If they continue to poison us into oblivion while seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil because they know they are the perpetrators of evil, then we will have no choice but to act in self-defense and send them to the netherworld where they belong.

To succeed we will have to break their ranks by force as follows:

Step one

Bring down their first line of defense, the media, which the establishment of power uses to hide behind lies, to censor the truth, control the message, manipulate public opinion, and keep erect the illusion of democracy and the rule of law.

This can be done by convicting a dozen chief editors in as many countries of collusion in crimes against humanity for their role in maintaining the wall of silence and executing them publicly in a single day after which a statement can be left behind describing why they have been executed and that a dozen more will follow every single week if the media does not begin to inform the public that they are being slowly exterminated by slow chemical and biological poisoning.

I suggest that this job is best done by the very intelligence agencies and military forces that are now forced to do the dirty work of protecting a corrupt political, corporate and scientific elite and their covert genocide. The justification for such an act is provided by the illegitimacy of the current governments, who act contrary to the rule of law, above and beyond democratic processes, and in their own interests only and who are committing crimes against humanity against the very people they purport to represent.

If we have democracy and democracy is the will of the majority, then the majority will undoubtedly vote to sacrifice the elite minority to save the majority and not vice versa, as is currently the case because the elite minority has decided to sacrifice the majority. The elite minority is not entitled to make such a decision and because it is acting outside the law and by bypassing democratic processes to ignore the will and subvert the most fundamental rights of the majority, its authority is illegitimate because ill-gained and its decisions are illegal and non-binding because they are made in secret. Therefore, our secret and intelligence services as well as our military forces need to stop taking orders from these current illegitimate elites who are committing genocide and start protecting the people, who are the only legitimate source of authority. It is better and just that a few elites die for the people than that the people die for a few elites.

If the intelligence and military community are not up to the task then common men and women will need to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done to protect themselves and their children.

Step two

If the first step does not succeed in breaking the wall of media silence behind which the establishment of power hides and thus jolt the system into action, then a second wave of convictions and executions must follow, this time directed at ministers of justice, attorney generals, ministers of health, and high ranking UN bureaucrats and technocrats.

Step three

If step two is not sufficient to rescue ourselves and our children from the genocidal elites now in power, we must take down a dozen captains of industry and heads of state, thus the very people who delegate and coordinate the carnage against us.

I advocate beginning with the lower ranked members of the genocidal coalition, media editors, because they are accessories to crimes against humanity for base personal reasons, namely economic self-interest, whereas the architects of the current genocide are motivated by grand geopolitical objectives, namely the preservation of life on earth and the survival of the species. The second reason is that this is the best way to free the truth from its current prison and thus enable rapid and peaceful change, for once the truth is known consensus can quickly follow. The third reason is that media editors are easier targets and the impact made by their execution will reverberate far more convincingly among the rank-and-file, since everyone would feel vulnerable, then the assassination of the top members, which would leave most people indifferent. Last, it makes sense because by leaving the top of the power structure unscathed change can be effectuated faster and more efficiently and therefore with the fewest casualties and the least disruptions possible.

Absent peaceful proactive reform bloody reactive revolution is inevitable.

If those in charge of the system refuse to reform the manner in which nations govern themselves and the international community is being governed, in light of their failures and of the fact that they have now been uncovered as being guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, then we the people have all the evidence we need to confirm that these high crimes are not perpetrated on the masses for unavoidable geopolitical reasons and inescapable material realities but to entrench and solidify the power of the elites, in which case their crimes can no longer be justified by higher prerogatives but must be condemned as base and immoral personal ambitions.

Having exhausted all conceivable channels for justice – legal, media and political – both nationally and internationally, the only remaining one is self-defense by any means possible.

In the hope that we can avoid violent self-defense, and to show the existing power structure that I am willing to do anything to avoid violence, I will once again put my life on the line and try one last and desperate peaceful measure, a Global Pilgrimage.

Once this book is completed a month from now I will start walking from country to country to speak to common people, heads of state and religious leaders to educate and convince them of the need to work together to shut down all covert methods of depopulation and adopt overt methods instead, as well as to forge religious unity and dissolve all borders. I will do this without inciting violence and creating panic but by presenting the facts lucidly and fairly so that everyone can understand that we are all trapped in this diabolical genocide and that the only way to free ourselves is by working together without vilifying each other or demonizing our leaders, towards whom I now feel more empathy than ever before.


The objectives of my upcoming Global Pilgrimage intimate what we need to do in order to peacefully, humanely and fairly accomplish the geopolitical goals that threaten our very existence and indeed jeopardize all life on earth. Given what is at stake, I hope that I will receive the assistance of all parties involved, those responsible for the current system and those innocent of any involvement in it. For while the method I have suggested above to kill the beast ensures fewer victims and more survivors then the current course of action employed by our governments and the United Nations, it still involves violence and I find all forms of violence despicable.

Let me recap the conundrum we are in before I describe what we must replace the beast with.

The UN advises national governments what high crimes to commit in order to achieve a low, median or high population projection and national governments decide which to choose. But forced to choose they are. They are forced to choose by their commitment to the international system of peace and security that they as signatories must abide by if they are not to be ostracized from the community of nations, and they are forced to choose by the inexorable pressures that their growing populations and consumption levels put on resources, on government services and on the environment.   Governments are consequently between a rock and a hard place and whatever they choose has undesirable consequences. They are damned if they do choose to employ covert depopulation measures and damned if they don’t. The art and science of governance is to choose right and to rightly manage the effects of your choices.

This book ultimately attempts to help us help our governments make the right choices and to have the wisdom and strength to live with those choices. So far we have two bad choices. Option A, the one chosen by the current system, sacrifices the majority for the wellbeing of a self-serving minority. And option B, which will inevitably ensue if the system refuses to change course, sacrifices the self-chosen minority for the wellbeing of the majority. Both options involve structural violence, but the latter far less than the former.

Only by our changed behavior and concrete actions can we create the space necessary for a third option, one that does not involve any form of violence. Option C sacrifices dated economic structures, outdated political ideologies and religious dogmas, and individual self-interest for the benefit of all and to the detriment of no one. Option C is that of enlightened cooperation and it is the outcome I hope and sacrifice for.

The OM Principles are the broad strokes of option C. To make the OM Principles possible it becomes increasing clear that the world will have to go through a period akin to a global state of emergency to impose the following:

  1. Global one-child policy until the population peaks at 9 billion by 2040 or 2050 and clear depopulation targets afterwards: 7 billion by 2070; 5 billion by 2100, 3 billion by 2130; and if we are still not sustainable then a further halving down to 1.5 billion by 2160.
  2. Open borders, first through a period of controlled free movement of people into Cities of Opportunity, as described in chapter fourteen, and subsequently by a gradual transfer of people from the old and unsustainable lifestyle into the new and sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Global currency to make possible closing the wealth gap between the developed and the developing world.
  4. Proportional income and equal taxation (as defined by OM Principle 1) as well as full employment (as defined by OM Principle 4) for a generation or two until we make it over the hump of the demographic transition.
  5. Wealth now used for the excessive lifestyles of the rich and famous must be taxed to the tune of 95% and used for renewable energy and the eradication of poverty.
  6. Human resources and capital now wasted on military forces must be diverted and used to build a global fossil-fuel-free transport infrastructure and to deal with poverty, hunger and pollution as the global threats to peace and security that they are.

If we approach these measures with a spirit of cooperation, universal brotherhood and self-sacrifice for the wellbeing of the planet and of our children and our children’s children they will be relatively painless. If we approach them with the attitude that all sacrifice must be borne by others and all benefits must come to us, then we will at best end up with a global police state and at worse killing each other.

One way or another, these measures must be implemented because that is the only way we can possibly reach the objectives we must reach – sustainable development, social harmony, universal prosperity, global peace and stability – justly and equitably and within the short time we have left before our planet is mortally wounded.

Nature does not negotiate with us. If we continue to damage her biotopes and exhaust her resources she will make sure that the harm we inflict on her will be our death.

It is that simple.

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