Researchers from the Institute of Research and Technology of Catalonia (IRTA) have isolated several strains of bacteria from lactic acid extracted from feces and, that after culturing, were used to ferment cured sausages.

The results of the study were reported today by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment, which oversees the IRTA. With the results found by IRTA, people who can not consume dairy products could include probiotics in their diet through these sausages.

The study on this new route of ingestion of probiotics was led by Dr. Margarita Garriga, who, after purifying bacteria from baby feces grew them in the laboratory to evaluate their functional properties and ability to survive passage through the gastrointestinal tract and antagonistic activity against pathogens.

She also found its technological capacity to achieve proper fermentation – cured fermented sausages, such as salami .

Among all investigated strains, Garriga selected Lactobacillus rhamnosus CTC1679 which she used as a starter culture. The study has led to a potentially probiotic conceited with reduced salt and fat, as well as similar sensory characteristics as those of traditional ones.

According to investigators, the recommended daily intake of probiotics can be achieved with the consumption of 10 grams of this new product, an amount considered fully compatible with a healthy and balanced diet.

For the meat sector, the new sausage developed by IRTA, represents, according to the Government, “a step forward in innovation in the field of raw-cured products.”

The added value of these innovative products allows those who do not consume dairy products, which is the route of ingestion of probiotics, to use these beneficial bacteria in their diet.

The results of this research have been published in the scientific journal “Food Microbiology” and “Meat Science”, although human studies are still pending.

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