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The “blame Trump for everything” Strategy 


Donald Trump is blamed for everything. From climate change to civil unrest.

According to leftist media, he is waging war on press freedom and on free speech.

From the start of his campaign, Trump’s accusers call him a racist, xenophobe, anti-Mexican, anti-Black and anti-Latino.

They blame him for ICE’s raids on illegal aliens and for destabilizing the world with its “protectionist” and “isolationist” policies.

More recently, according to international media, the US President is also waging a war on “reproductive health”.

According to this argument, alleged Trump’s decision to defund pro-abortion organizations and activists is a sign of violations of women’s reproductive rights all over the world.

Leftist media always use a very effective tactic when attacking Trump or anyone else for that matter.

The key is to personalize tragedy to make Trump look like a monster.

But when it is time to highlight something positive about the US president, they don’t even report on it.

“My country legalized abortion more than two decades ago, but on January 23, 2017, US President Donald Trump took away my right to write about it,” says TLALENG MOFOKENG, who wrote an article for fake news filled newspaper EL PAIS.

She blames Trump for ending funding for NGOs that, she says, “offer young South African women vital information on issues related to sexual and reproductive health, including birth control, sexual violence and the progressive South African law on abortion.”

Mofokeng supposes that it is Trump’s duty to finance NGO’s operations in her country, but that is just wishful thinking.

She claims that documents on reproductive health were censored and that such censorship is due to an American policy known as “the global gag rule”, which was introduced in the 1980s and was reactivated by all republican governments since then.

How does that make it a Trump issue?

The rule, which is a US government policy, not a Trump invention, prohibits the delivery of US international assistance to organizations that offer abortive services, or that refer patients to them.

When the Trump administration formally reinstated the rule, it did so by expanding the list of foreign aid programs whose financing was contingent upon meeting new criteria.

Like many developing countries, South Africa receives hundreds of millions of dollars each year from the United States.

In 2016, the US sent $531 million dollars to finance health and population programs.

“This help did a lot of good, but the conditions with which it is delivered tie our hands,” says Mofokeng.

Perhaps Ms. Mofokeng is not aware that funding or investing comes with strings attached and that no one will simply deliver blank checks to NGO’s unless some conditions are met.

In the case of the United States, it is well-known that Republican candidates and presidents do not sympathize with pro-abortion organizations.

Funding provided to NGO’s is usually reduced, eliminated or conditioned when they promote fake reproductive health policies.

South Africans are no strangers to the United States funding their organizations.

It is not the first time that funding is conditioned to respecting certain rules, as any funder would do.

According to Ms. Mofokeng. limiting the use of millions of dollars of US taxpayer money is a sign of a “war on reproductive health”.

“During the government of George W. Bush, there were problems in reproductive health and educational services related to abortion were decimated.”

“Health care providers receiving money from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) were prohibited from discussing abortion even with HIV-positive pregnant women,” says Mofokeng.

According to Mofokeng, access to abortion services is protected by South African law since 1996 and so any aid provided to her organization and other NGO’s should come without strings attached.

Funding for abortion and/or reproductive health is plentiful around the world.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood openly and secretly fund local organizations in many countries where abortion is legally a right of women.

As we have recently discovered, much of what is spent in Latin American in terms of promoting and funding pro-abortion groups comes directly from the United Nations.

Much if not all of the funding also gets to those organizations with conditions and hidden agendas, such as advancing policies to attack the family and masculinity, while enhancing promiscuity and pedophilia.

Fortunately, in countries like Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia, people have rejected the United Nations death agenda.

Laws and bills that sought to legalize abortion have been defeated and the UN’s real agenda has been exposed.

“Local support is as important as the backing of US lawmakers, who have the power to reverse Trump’s dangerous politics,” says Mofokeng.

Luckily for her, Trump is not the South African president and neither does he or the United States have any obligation to fund abortions anywhere in the world.

“In South Africa, all women have the legal right to control their reproductive health and make decisions in relation to it. But this right is trampled by a certain form of neocolonialism, which subordinates international assistance to the political whims of the US party in power,” criticises Mofokeng.

“The people of South Africa decided to approve one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world; It is not admissible that politicians thirteen thousand kilometers away intend to go against that decision,” she adds.

Perhaps Ms. Mofokeng should be looking elsewhere for funding, then.

Trump is not trampling or threatening South African women’s rights to have an abortion, this accusation is just part of the blame Trump for everything extreme leftist train whose passengers suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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About the author: Luis R. Miranda

Luis Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the Founder and Editor of The Real Agenda News. His career spans over 20 years and almost every form of news media. He writes about environmentalism, geopolitics, globalisation, health, corporate control of government, immigration and banking cartels. Luis has worked as a news reporter, On-air personality for Live news programs, script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news.

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