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Trump’s America won’t be under a ‘One China’ Policy 


“I do not know why we have to be forced to a ‘One China’ Policy, unless we make an agreement with China that has to do with other things, including trade,” Trump says.

US President-elect Donald Trump has questioned his country’s protracted “One China” policy in an interview broadcast on Sunday by Fox News.

Trump said that he fully understood the US policy of recognizing only one China, but that he didn’t understand why the US had to abide by such a policy anymore unless it could negotiate better conditions with the Chinese.

“But I do not know why we have to be bound by a ‘one China’ policy, unless we make an agreement with China that has to do with other things, including trade,” he said.

Trump’s decision to accept a call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen a few days ago provoked an icy response from Beijing.

Sunday Trump said he does not want China to “dictate” what he should do, reiterating that the telephone communication with Tsai was very brief and was only meant to congratulate him.

“Why should any other nation be able to tell me that I cannot take a call? I think it would have been very disrespectful, to be honest, not to take it, “he said.

Trump again complained that China is affecting the United States with devaluation, taxing US imports, “when we do not tax them,” and building a “massive fortress” in the South China Sea.

He also said that China is not “helping at all” to resolve the conflict with North Korea, “and China could solve that problem.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was confident last week that Trump’s phone call with the Taiwanese president would not change the reigning “One China” policy.

Beijing considers the island a rebellious province and rejects all contacts from other governments with that of Taipei.

As a result of this incident, the official Chinese newspaper Global Times has written an editorial stating that the US president-elect is “as ignorant as a child in foreign policy matters” if he thinks he can negotiate the “One China” policy.

Trump would be “wrong,” said the newspaper – which is controlled by the Communist Party of China – if he believes he can use the “One China” policy as a bargaining chip to force Beijing to make trade and other concessions.

“It seems that Trump urgently needs to study foreign policy. In particular, he needs to study what the relations between China and the United States consist of,” remarked the Global Times.

The nationalist newspaper raised its tone and warns that if Trump were to abandon the “One China” policy, Beijing would have no reason to “put peace before the use of force to take Taiwan over again.”

“The “One China” policy is not something that can be negotiated. It seems that Trump only knows how to do business. He thinks he can put a price on everything,” the article reiterates.

The Global Times, whose publishers often take a sharper tone than the one used by the Chinese government, anticipates that Beijing will launch a “series of decisive steps on Taiwan” if Washington were to break with the “One China” policy.

The “One China” policy, by which Washington only recognizes the Government of Beijing and not that of Taiwan, has been the basis of bilateral relations between China and the United States since 1972, seven years before they completely reestablished their diplomatic ties.

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