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US Wants to Lift Arms Embargo to aid Terrorists in Libya and Syria 

Arms Embargo

The United States and other international powers want to partially lift the arms embargo on Libya to facilitate the flow of weapons into the hands of terrorists in that country and eventually into Syria.

After helping bring chaos to Libya, where the US helped depose Muammar Gaddafi, the Americans used Libya as a bridge to arm Syrian opposition groups who, since 2011, have sought to destabilize Syria by perpetrating an open war on innocent men, women and children.

According to US Secretary of State, John Kerry, the Libyan interim government has solicited lifting part of the current arms embargo so that the country can receive weapons from its western partners to allegedly fight jihadism.

“The international community will support the exemption of the arms embargo of the Security Council (UN) to acquire weapons and ammunition to fight ISIS,” Kerry said at a press conference in Vienna, with his Italian counterpart Paolo Gentiloni, and the head of the Libyan government designated by the UN, Mohamad Fayez al Serraj.

France and Germany spoke at the start of the conference about how the instability in Libya and the rise of jihadist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS), which the US and its allies helped create, fund and arm, poses a threat to Europe.

Al Serraj asked the countries participating in the meeting to lift or ease the embargo on international arms into the country, as well as training and assistance of the Libyan government forces so that they can “fight terrorism.”

The Libyan representative, a puppet chosen by western war thirsty countries who seek to benefit from the sale of weapons, insisted that what is being requested is support but not intervention of foreign forces.

“We call on the international community to assist us not to talk about intervention but support,” he said.

The request to ease the embargo was welcomed by participants at the meeting, explained Kerry, although he added that it is not a move to lift the restrictions on the import of weapons but to establish some exceptions.

Those exceptions would apply to military industrial complex arms dealers who stand to make a killing from the sale of weapons to Libya.

In fact, the chief US diplomat said it will be necessary to control that arms do not reach any group other than the government of national unity. Kerry’s statement is as disingenuous as it gets, since the United States itself has been arming terrorist groups in Syria for the past 5 years.

“It’s a delicate balance,” said Kerry as he tried to justify the start of a new arms race in Libya and Syria, where the US has not been able to defeat sitting president Bashar Al-Assad.

“If there is a legitimate government and if it is fighting against terrorism, it should not be a victim of the arms embargo,” said the head of US diplomacy.

Meanwhile, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said: “We are not talking about lifting the embargo, but the embargo allows exemptions”.

“We’re going to ask for exemptions to the embargo under certain circumstances,” he added.

Kerry asked the international community to support the Libyan cabinet drive to achieve stability and prevent jihadists from continuing to gain ground thanks to the power vacuum in the country. This is the same power vacuum created by the United States intervention in that country, which ended with the death of Muammar Gaddafi.

It is important to remember that US-based companies have already been caught breaking embargo rules after they shipped military equipment from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey both in 2014 and 2015.

The United States has itself violated its promises to stop arming terrorists in Syria to a point where Russia might just have to send its airforce back into the country. “Washington – in violation of its engagements – has continued to deliver sophisticated weapons to the jihadists, including Al-Qaïda and Daesh. The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov should be deployed in July,” reports Valentin Vasilescu from Voltairenet.org.

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