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Intolerant, Violent Americans ‘Burn’ Free Speech at Berkeley 

Free Speech

A group of students from the University of California at Berkeley in San Francisco violently demonstrated against free speech on Wednesday afternoon.

A group of students held what at first was supposed to be a protest, but that later turned into destroying and burning private property. The reason for this? The University of Berkeley was going to host an event on campus where activist Milo Yiannopoulos would address participants.

The protest, in which some hooded men broke glass, ended up in a confrontation with the police and the partial closure of the campus, in what is one of the most violent incidents in the state of tension since Donald Trump assumed the presidency of the United States.

Trump has reacted on Twitter suggesting a cut of federal funds to this university for not allowing the conference to go on and for not protecting people’s free speech right.

Yiannopoulos, a 33-year-old Briton, is a writer for Breitbart, an online publication that was organising the event.

The former director of this medium, Steve Bannon, is now the chief strategist of the White House and one of the most powerful men in Washington, who is often credited with the most important initiatives of President Trump.

Yiannopoulos, Bannon and Breitbart were unknown to the general public before their association with Trump. Yiannopoulos began to gain notoriety when Twitter closed his account for exercising his right to speak freely, something that Twitter has not done with users who have called for the assassination of the US president, for example.

On Wednesday, the university decided to cancel the event for security reasons after protesters threw firecrackers and threw metal barriers that police had mounted to block access, according to a San Francisco Chronicle story.

After the cancellation, the television images showed a few hundred people concentrated on campus, with at least one fire in the street and several broken glass in commercial units. The banners read slogans like “this is war”.

Donald Trump has responded on Thursday by Twitter that if Berkeley does not allow freedom of expression and practices violence against innocent people with a different point of view this could mean a cut of federal funds to that university.

It is the second time that the students of the public university of California prevent Yiannopulos from speaking on campus.

The last one was last month on the campus of UC Davis, near Sacramento.

After that incident, he decided to cancel his visit to the Los Angeles campus (UCLA), scheduled for February 2.

These visits are part of a conference tour of universities across the country that Yiannopoulos has dubbed Dangerous Fagot tour. Milo, as he is best known, is a member of the LGBT community.

The protests on Wednesday are not the most serious violations against free speech in the United States in the last 18 months. On January 21, a man was shot during a demonstration to stop Yiannopoulos from speaking on the University of Washington campus in Seattle.

The Berkeley campus and the Oakland area on the San Francisco Bay, are generally reputed to be combative.

The day after Trump’s victory in the elections, the region saw the most violent demonstrations in the country to the cry of “Not my president.” There were dozens of detainees and three policemen wounded.

These people, who in most occasions are heavily funded by Nazi collaborator, George Soros and other left-wing groups, have been attacking Trump supporters and causing mayhem all over the United States way before Trump was elected president.

About the author: Luis R. Miranda

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