From the mouth of Wesley Clark to the latest stack of documents uncovered and leaked by a hacker from Britam Defense, it is clear that the United States and its NATO allies had planned to set the Middle East on fire from the beginning. And the beginning is not this year or last year, but over a decade ago.

The documents from Britam Defence acquired by hackers in January of 2013, have been made available by so that anyone can independently study and confirm that the invasion of Middle Eastern and African countries is not a matter of promoting or installing democracy, but to intentionally bring chaos and destruction on behalf of the international corporations that control western governments.

Instead of reporting on such crimes, the main stream media has sought to distract the public and make them forget about the dubious reasons to go to war.

See below a video that chronologically summarizes events that took place since the attack of 9/11, which have changed the way the military industrial complex goes about blaming its victims for crimes they commit.

[media url=”” width=”700″ height=”350″]


DOWNLOAD the original documents from Britam Defence or access them through THIS TORRENT.



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