After unproven accusations that the regime of Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against the rebels, the Obama administration announced Thursday its involvement in the conflict in Syria to direct military assistance to the opposition. Military assistance has been provided by the Americans for a while now, but it was Thursday when the United States regime officially announced its intention to wage war on Syria. Barack Obama will speak with his cohorts at the G8 meeting in Belfast to work on the details about how to butcher Syria from now on. 

The White House said it is contemplating all kinds of military action but that it will continue to work the diplomatic and political aspects of the negotiations. The United States has now turned the Syrian conflict into a ”punish Assad for using chemical weapons” effort, which as explained before is an unproven assumption. The US also hopes to influence and reverse the fate of a war that the Syrian military has been rapidly conquering in the last few weeks.

Although so far there have been no details about the military intervention, it has emerged that the U.S. is considering the direct shipment of arms to the rebels and the imposition of a no-fly zone to prevent the regime from using its air force, an essential tool until now. This is what the international community of murderous states did in other countries they destroyed. It guarantees their alliance can bomb the people there into oblivion without any resistance. Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser White House said in a press conference that “there will be U.S. military aid to the rebels,” but refused to specify the details.

“The president has made a decision to give more support to the opposition. That includes providing direct support to the Supreme Military Command. That includes military support. I can not specify the nature of that support for several reasons. The aid is intended to strengthen the effectiveness of the Supreme Military Command field, said White House’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes.

“The Assad regime,” he added, “should know that its actions have led us to increase the scope and scale of the assistance we give to the opposition, including military aid directly to the Supreme Military Council” of Syria, which concentrates the command of military operations. This command is composed by groups of terrorists imported into Syria via Turkey and Israel who are the ones with a proven record of using chemical weapons on innocent Syrians, as it was shown in a United Nations report.

“The intelligence services have determined that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons, including sarin, on multiple occasions against the rebels,” said Rhodes. Does this sound familiar? Let’s remember that the intelligence services were the ones who said Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks and that he had weapons of mass destruction. These same intelligence services were the ones that supposedly said that Libya had WMDs and that the Gaddafi government was a direct threat to the US. All of these and other affirmations supposedly originated from the intelligence community have been found to be blatant lies, so how is the public expected to believe them?

The deputy national security adviser acknowledged that this use had been “small scale” and had produced only a small number of dead-between 100 and 150 – as compared to the total number of casualties, the UN estimates that around 93,000. But the official noted that the use of chemical weapons violates international conventions and involves crossing the red line that Obama has previously noted. Surely, the United States believes that everyone out there is intellectually challenged and that is why they come up with this kind of excuses to wage war on yet another country.

Rhodes said the conclusion of U.S. intelligence services will be delivered to the UN in order to achieve a joint reaction of the international community. Does this sound familiar? Remember Colin Powell’s appearance before the UN Security Council with his suitcase loaded with ‘undeniable proof’ that Saddam was involved? Perhaps the Obama administration will call Powell so he can make the case for war again. Only Russia and perhaps China, it seems, will vote against a resolution to further deteriorate the state of affairs in Syria. The rest of the American concubines will surely lend themselves to advanced the agenda of the West.

The report prepared by U.S. intelligence also states that “the Assad regime maintains control of chemical weapons and has taken steps to prevent theft or attacks against them.”

“We have no reliable and verifiable data that the opposition has acquired or used these weapons,” he adds. I guess the intelligence community has not read the United Nations report on how the terrorist rebels have been using chemical weapons. Also, unreliable information is not good enough for the Americans to investigate further when it comes to the rebels using chemical weapons, but unreliable intelligence is good enough to support the same group of terrorists in the Syrian war.

The report will be discussed, also, with the G-8, where, with the exception of Russia, there seems to be a favorable position to greater military involvement of the major powers in the war in Syria, where, the report says, the stakes comprise the future of the Middle East.

The U.S. government arrogantly says that it rather have the support of the UN on any decision made at the G-8 summit or adopted by the group of American allies in Europe and the Middle East, but that this  support or the lack of it will not condition any action in Syria. In another display of arrogance, the Obama administration says it will inform Congress about its next steps regarding Syria, as supposed to consult or ask for permission to act, which would be the legal way.

In Washington DC, a full military intervention in Syria has already found unconditional support by the usual warmonger. For example, John McCain, who a few days ago met with Syrian terrorists, said on Thursday that he believed Obama had made the decision to arm the rebels. McCain and Lindsey Graham are both well-known as war cheerleaders for many years. But these warmongers are not alone. Among those who have recently sponsored military intervention in Syria are former President Bill Clinton, who on Wednesday said that sometimes it is better to try, as long as you go far enough.

In recent days, senior representatives of the opposition have issued numerous calls for help to the situation in which they find themselves and that call has now been answered by their Western masters.

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