The Armed Forces of the United States, with the support of Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE have launched a total of 47 Tomahawk missiles from warships, fighter jets and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) against positions allegedly held by the Islamic State in Syria, reported in a statement the American Central Command (USCENTCOM).

“The military forces of the United States and allied nations, including Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, have carried out military actions against terrorists of the Islamic State during the night, using fighter jets, bombers, aircraft piloted remotely and ground attack missiles to carry out fourteen Tomahawk strikes against targets of the Islamic State , said the main command center of the United States.

The Pentagon has confirmed in writing that the attacks have destroyed or damaged” multiple objectives of the Islamic State in the vicinity of the towns of Raqqa, Deir al Zor, Al Haška and Abu Kamal. The attacks have reached fighters, training centers, headquarters, command and control facilities, warehouses, financial centers, supply trucks and military vehicles,” said the USCENTCOM.

The United States Central Command has said that it has used 47 Tomahawk missiles from warships Arleigh Burkeand ‘Philippine Sea’, deployed in “international watersin the Red Sea and the northern Arabian Gulf and from manned aircraft and unmanned Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps drones. In addition, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE have participated in the operation or have supported attacks against the Islamic State. All aircraft have left the area safely,” said the American Central Command.

The Pentagon has stressed that it carried out this offense pursuant to the comprehensive strategy marked by President Barack Obama to degrade and defeatthe Islamic State. The United States Armed Forces will continue air strikes against the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq while local forces continue their offensive against this terrorist group,” concluded the American military command center.

This is the first time that the United States violates Syrian sovereignty by launching air attacks since Barack Obama threatened Bashar Assad with a military intervention because of the alleged use of chemicals weapons. In recent days, the US President warned about the use of US military force in Syria, a move that Obama said, he did not need any authorization to carry out.

On Monday, Russia warned the United States to respect Syrian sovereignty and to work together with the Assad government to attack and destroy the Islamic State forces, but the United States has decided to go at it alone despite Assad’s public announcement that he would not hesitate to collaborate in any military operation against  the American-made terrorist organization.

The Islamic State is formed by former rebel groups who the United States and Saudi Arabia helped arm and train with the sole intention to destabilize the Assad government. Arms and training equipment were provided through Libya during and after  the crisis in which American personnel died at a US compound last year.

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