Rubbish Media Scoundrels Still Report on 9/11, Systematically Suppressing Hard Truths

Scoundrel media proliferated Big Lies about 9/11 persist, 15 years after that fateful day.

Bin Laden and so-called “crazed Arabs” had nothing to do with what happened – yet still are wrongfully blamed for Anglo/Zionist state-sponsored terrorism, the mother of all false flags, unleashing a holocaust on one nonbelligerent sovereign independent state after another with no letup.

Below are three examples of media misinformation – disgraceful rubbish responsible editors and journalists wouldn’t touch.

Media scoundrels feature it, notably the New York Times, lead press agent for imperial lawlessness, its editors headlining “A Walk Around the Void of 9/11,” painful reading for 9/11 truth supporters.

Everything important to know about 9/11 was airbrushed from The Times report, diversionary rubbish and Big Lies substituting.

Honoring ground zero victims and first responders ignored US war on humanity following that fateful day. Praising “exemplary (US) leadership” in its aftermath mocked and denigrated the millions of lives lost – victims of imperial viciousness.

Respecting “sacred ground” fails to explain state-sponsored criminality responsible for what happened.

Times editors saying go “to Lower Manhattan. Walk a block or two…reflect on” what happened 15 years ago, then imagine “what we, the living, can do to build a better world” ignores how US imperial ravaging is systematically destroying it.

Neocon Washington Post editors hyped what they called a “jihadist threat loom(ing) larger than ever across the globe” – instead of explaining it’s US created and supported.

Claiming its post-9/11 policies made Americans safer ignores what I call the most perilous time in world history because of Washington’s imperial rampaging, threatening world peace and humanity’s survival.

WaPo claiming Bush and Obama “thwarted multiple terrorist plots and achieved significant military successes against specific terrorist factions and key leaders” it utter rubbish, willful misinformation and Big Lies.

America doesn’t counter-terrorism. It creates, fosters and supports it, part of its imperial agenda for dominion over planet earth, its puppet authorities subservient to US interests, resources and populations – naked aggression its main strategy of choice.

Media scoundrels like WaPo suppress what’s most important to know, operating as press agents for power.

The Wall Street Journal disgracefully gave former neocon senator Joe Lieberman feature op-ed space to misinform readers – scandalously headlining “Remember Iran’s Role in 9/11.”

He lied claiming nonexistent Iranian “assistance to terror organizations and operations around the world.”

He lied calling Tehran “a key al Qaeda partner.”

He lied claiming a nonexistent Iranian “enabling role” in the 9/11 attack, citing the 9/11 whitewash commission’s fabricated charge about “strong evidence that Iran facilitated the transit of al Qaeda members into and out of Afghanistan before 9/11, and that some of these were future 9/11 hijackers.”

Utter rubbish along with citing the State Department’s Big Lie (featured by Israel and AIPAC), calling Iran the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

America and Israel share the dubious dishonor hands down, along with their rogue Western and regional partners in high crimes.

Iran deplores al Qaeda and likeminded terrorist groups. America created and supports them. So do NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, among other rogue states.

Bin Laden died of natural causes in December 2001, widely reported at the time. Yet Lieberman cited a “2007 letter (he supposedly) directed at Al Qaeda not to target Iran because it’s ‘our main artery for funds, personnel, and communication.’ “

Utter rubbish, Lieberman then blasting US policymakers for “pursu(ing) closer relations with Tehran,” adding:

“We negotiated with our enemy…notwithstanding its declared and demonstrated desire to destroy our country.” Truth, of course, is polar opposite Lieberman’s outrageous charge.

Arguing for holding Tehran “accountable for (nonexistent) reckless aggression and support for terrorism” is code language for supporting US aggression to eliminate Israel’s main regional rival.

Washington is infested with lunatic neocons like Lieberman – humanity’s greatest threat.

Only Damn Fools and Old Fools Still Believe the Official 9/11 Story

I’ve written so much on it earlier, debunking the official Big Lie, the mother of all false flags, citing volumes of clear evidence, quotes from esteemed independent analysts like David Ray Griffin (author of 10 definitive books on the topic), as well as other reliable independent sources.

I intended to skip commenting more on the 15th anniversary of that fateful day, then felt compelled to say something.

It changed the geopolitical landscape, perhaps forever, a Pearl Harbor-type event, with potential consequences more significant than the first one.

I believe it launched WW III like December 7 way back got America into the last global war, this time with no fanfare or anyone noticing. It’s crucially important because today’s super-weapons make earlier ones look like toys.

Bipartisan neocons infesting Washington threaten life on earth, waging multiple wars of aggression against invented adversaries worldwide, intending new ones – all sovereign independent states targeted for regime change.

They’re on every continent. If attacking them or intending to isn’t world war, what is? Brazil just went down. Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Cuba may follow.

Iran represents the Anglo/Zionist’s final Middle East frontier to conquer. Russia and China end game take down for unchallenged US global dominance is planned.

9/11 started it all – a neocon/Anglo/Zionist plot to roll over all sovereign independent countries like tenpins – heavy lifting needed for regime change in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran.

Syria proved much tougher than expected. Russian involvement against terrorism it wants kept from reaching its heartland changed the balance of power dramatically.

It would rather fight the scourge of US-supported ISIS and likeminded groups abroad than have to contend with them domestically. Its government understands 9/11 truth. So do all others worldwide and everyone paying attention.

Bin Laden and so-called “crazed Arabs,” including the Saudis, despicable as they are, had nothing to do with downing the Twin Towers, Building 7 (its collapse reported by the BBC half an hour before it happened) or striking the Pentagon.

The official Big Lie persists, media scoundrels keeping it alive each anniversary period, mourning US victims, ignoring millions US imperialism killed in its aftermath.

Endless US 9/11 launched wars continue. Body count numbers keep mounting. Fiction substitutes for hard facts in explaining how it all began and where things stand now.

World peace hangs in the balance. Humanity’s fate is up for grabs. America’s rage for dominance threatens everyone.

If neocon lunatic war goddess Hillary succeeds Obama, all bets are off. Nuclear armageddon may follow – 9/11 the fateful trigger 15 years ago, a day few around to remember will ever forget.

Nor had they any idea of the endless nightmare to follow – things incrementally worsening, heading for full-blown tyranny at home and possible, maybe likely, nuclear war abroad dooming us all if launched.

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