When people cannot challenge your argument, they will often attack your character. When someone cannot or does not intend to help you, he or she chooses to block any attempt you make to do your work. This is often called destructive obstructionism, and it is exactly what the Democrats are doing in the United States.

The Democratic caucus, the Democratic Party and their allies at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR the New York Times, The Washington Post and others, have been destructively obstructing the Trump administration with lies and fake news stories since Trump was declared victorious in 2016. None of those entities was able to recover from their political loss and so they decided to block all attempts to improve the US as a country, as a form of political revenge.

After losing the election, Democrats have not presented, neither individually nor as a political group, a plan to improve anything in the United States whatsoever. All they have done is oppose all efforts from the administration to improve the nation; and they have failed miserably.

The Democrats turned the political arena into a race-baiting contest, where any opposition to their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), is immediately labeled as racism, homophobia, xenophobia or an anti-women activism.

The ideological war between those who hate America –Democrats impersonate by Ilhan Omar, Alexandra Ocasio Cortes, and the Left-wing media- and those who are trying to stop globalists from taking advantage of the country, is helped by the mainstream media and terrorist groups such as Antifa, which are able to operate freely on US soil.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration continues to work on its America First plan to improve the US economy, bring as many manufacturing jobs back as possible, improve the lives of blacks and Latinos, defend the country from out of control illegal immigration, unfair trade agreements and reject the rise of socialism in Europe and on US territory.

Fixing the immigration system

Part of Trump’s plan to solve the immigration disaster includes new rules, which may become legislation if the US Congress does its job.

The intention is to maintain the spirit of what has been Trump’s policy in these two years of mandate: tougher controls at the border and a system in which the professional merits of the visa applicant prevail against other parameters, such as kinship.

The president makes public his plan during a period of high tension after he announced raids to arrest some 2,000 illegal aliens who had been handed deportation orders.

The plan already has the support of a dozen Republican senators as sponsors or promoters. Trump was scheduled to meet this afternoon with party leader in the upper house, Mitch McConnell, to design the process to follow.

The text of the project expresses the desire to limit the arrival of employees with low qualification and relieving the criterion of family ties as a condition to provide permanent VISAS, among others.

The bill also includes the implementation of the E-Verify program, which would allow companies to access a database to check the legal status of potential candidates.

There is no reference, however, to the situation of the more than 30 million illegal aliens living in the United States, more than half, for over a decade.

Thus, there is no plan on the table to regularize the so-called dreamers, migrants who were brought into the United States illegally as children.

Reaching out to the opposition is an impossible task

Republicans maintain control of the Senate, but the Democrats won the majority in the House of Representatives in the legislative elections last November and Trump will have to convince part of the opposition to take forward any immigration bill at a time of special political and social tension.

The president has redoubled his hard-line speech in recent months, in the midst of the arrival of families from Central America fleeing the misery and violence of their countries.

Trump has forced Mexico, the territory they cross to reach the US border, to increase deportations, threatening a tariff war, and has approved new conditions for the asylum application that, in practice, blocks most of the requests: the majority of applicants who pass through another country before arriving in the United States will not have a refuge option. Instead, they will have to request asylum in the first country they arrive after leaving their homeland.

With social and ideological tensions at the highest level ever since Trump took moved into the White House and as Democrats begin their race to decide who will represent them in 2020, it is very unlikely that the US President will have any help from the opposition.

Democrats are too busy hating Trump and his followers, adopting strong socialist stances and deviating from their roots. All they want is to get Trump out of the White House, at all costs. In doing so, however, they have dropped the ball in terms of what is the best way of getting back into the Oval Office.

Since they cannot compete with Trump’s success, mainly in regards to the economy, they have decided to fight him on his character. Because they are incapable of presenting a governing plan that is better than the President’s, they have chosen to attack his personality. They have become destructive obstructionists. They realized that their ship is hopelessly sinking and so they decided to take the country and every American down with them.

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